Post Trek Write up by Kids - Kids Trek to Nagala, 14th and 15th April - Kevin Angelus

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The trek to Nagalapuram was one of the most enjoyable experiences that I had. Our enjoyable adventure started on Saturday, April 14th . After a long hassle, mainly for buying potato patties and the other food assigned to me, we finally set out to Guindy. In Guindy, we met other CTC trekkers, and after waiting for everyone we decided the travel arrangements like who is going in who’s car and stuff. It turns out that one of the parents had backed out, and dad had to drive someone else’s car. I carpooled with Mr. Srikanth and his daughter Harshitha, after a while, we reached Koyambadu,
and met up with the rest of the trekkers from Guindy and Tidel park. After receiving a slip that we had to sign which said that we can’t sue CTC for any damages,We left on our way. By this time,more people had joined, so I went in Mr.Shanmuganathan’s car with some other kids, including little Brijesh who is mad about cars and kept talking about them all the way to Andhra, and Adith,who held his neck all the time to make him silent for some time J.
At about 8:30 at night,we stopped at the side of the highway for dinner number one (idlis with meellaga podi and sambhar rice with chips). Then, we set off again.We reached the base camp first and were searching for Mr. Chellaababu, our organizer. We found him, ready with cooked biriyani (dinner number2). We got down from the car, took our torches and searched for fire wood to make fires for the chappatis,paneer butter masala and heat the biriyani.
By this time, the rest of the trekers had arrived,and we started to play a game called Queen of Sheba, While some adults went for a midnight trek.
We had lot of fun and finiushed only when the adults called us to eat. We also played  games called dog and bone and number game.later after dinner and games we went to sleep,at around 1;30am.
In the morning,after sleeping,I was surprised to see people going around with neem twigs to brush their teeth. Before breakfast, me and two other guys Adith and Krithi decided to climb to the top of the dam to take photos.
We had a bit of a tough climb and took a few photos. We were shocked when we saw that all the small kids had seen us climb and followed us. We spent the next half hour helping them up and another half hour helping them down. We got down in time for breakfast number 1(chocos and boost). After a small base camp clean up we all got jelly,  lolypop, chocolate, a hat, and a bandanna.
We then set off with Rakesh, our guide . I walked really fast, which caused other people to tell me  “stop running”. Finally we reached the base, and were relieved to see a pool of fresh water.
 We filled our bottles and then set off again.we reached the second pool after a long time,( 60% of which was spent waiting for parents because they were slow J)we went swimming and got out only for lunch/breakfast number 2 .
After Brench, Rakesh took some of us to the third pool,
 a forty feet deep ,AWESOME pool where we swam to our hearts content.after coming back to the 2nd pool again and had lunch number 2(biriyani,mushroom gravy,veg salad,and cauliflower fry.).
About 4:30pm we started trekking back and  returned back to base,
where we reintroduced ourselves,and got chocolate and pens.i really enjoyed this trek and hope to come for the next one as well…. :) 



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