Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Was waiting near Anna Nagar bus depot looking for the other MTB to join and finally realized that I am late and people are waiting, few meter ahead in a tea shop. As usual CTC type intro and chit chat but the route and started to pedal towards Thilak’s’ place.

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Thilak was waiting for us with all the necessary items (snacks water and puncture kit and pump) excepting flat tyre and got cycle for Uday, who was on a first trip with CTC. In the meantime my bag was filled with all the common stuff, as usual which became too heavy.
So now the team was set Thilak, Gowri, Uday and I started with full energy, after few kilometers of ride we reached Redhills reservoir. The climate favoured us where it was dull shady which was totally enjoyable. The view over the reservoir was simply amazing, we were able see some stunts, fishing stuff, people breaking rules and swimming in reservoir.

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And we were expecting Britto at any moment, as expected he joined with in few minutes after few confusion in the route. As our official photographer and sweep arrived started posing and shared some snacks.  As soon as we started Thilak’s’ cycle got puncture and we got into action.

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Shortly we started from there, headed towards the reservoir gate. We started enthusiastically with our sweep vehicle towards the hotel for breakfast: D
After breakfast it was so hard to pedal, was feeling sleep and lazy. But still we continued in the busy roads and took diversion into village mud road, where it was full of bumps.

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With few breaks and chit chat, the ride continued for few more hours and finally reached a shop for refreshment. Where we and our bikes rested for a long time and we had royal food and fresh fruit.
Thought of taking a small dip but it was already occupied by other team, so sadly we headed back for next round to eat: P
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Finally we started from there, heading towards home with loads of fun and pain (butt was hurting) and it was hot sun around 1.30 PM. So we were just thinking to reach to have some rest, in mid way Britto said bye to us and we continued towards Thilak’s’ home.
With a short ride we reached the destination, Thilak’s home and started discussing about the cycles and upcoming trips. After one hour of discussion and little adjustment in my MTB we bided adieu to Thilak and headed towards home.

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And In the night around a text popped on my mobile stating “ Happy birthday “ has mentioned in one of my photo, was surprised to see that it was Gowri’s’ birthday but he didn’t inform us.
So singing loud now “Happie Birthday Gowri “

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