Post Trek - Nagala East Apr 7 8 - Write-Up GokulaKrishnan R

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Post Trek - Nagala East Apr 7 8 - Write-Up GokulaKrishnan R

First of all I really thank Vikram Krishnakumar & Jayanthan for organizing this 2 day medium trek. Obviously the flawless trek ever I enjoyed a lot. One of the main source of attraction being the water pools along the way we trekked, spent a lots of time chilling out there and enjoying that even I didn’t realize we all are sweating all the way, magic pool being the one of the interesting place where first time I got the opportunity to dive from such heights, 
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thanks to all my friends for encouraging me. Its a really happy time for non-swimmers in this trek using their sleeping mats as life jackets, then comes after the magic pool, the dead pool from where the trekking became more interesting as the rocks along the stream grew bigger and jumping around the rocks is a great task as some of them are slippery, actually as this time many are fresher’s to CTC we learnt about working in groups and about every individuals role. 

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The most thrilling moments are the route taken just before the picnic pool which I will never forget where we walked through all types of terrains like steep climbing, cliff hanging etc., and last but not the least the camp fire which we took only few minutes to lit and cooking is lots of fun, a special thanks to our doggy for accompanying us all the way till return. 

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This is a nice time to trek with different people from different fields and making friends,I am not able to mention them as I enjoyed everyone’s presence there. Just in 2 days, all sorts of fun and a great adventure, I feel this experience will surely motivate us to go for more treks in CTC, so dudes keep in touch with future treks hope we all meet soon in the upcoming treks......
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gokulakrishnan R
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