Post Trek Write up by Kids - Kids Trek to Nagala April 13th and 14th

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Hi - I am Aadhi. I along with my parents Rekha and Selva went for this trek.
We travelled by car and reached the campsite late in the night. We all walked around to collect wood to make fire. We played a lot with our new friends after dinner. Then we slept under the sky. There were many stars - big and small in the sky. Moon also came after sometime. I could even see the hills. 
In the morning, we all climbed on top of the branches of a large dead tree that was lying near the campsite - we had good fun.
 After sometime, we started to trek. There were many thorny bushes - it hurt us while trekking. But we continued and then trekked over some rocks. I fell down a few times too and hurt myself. After some more trekking, we reached a small stream. All the kids entered the stream and splashed water all around - we all enjoyed it very much.
After sometime, we reached a large pool. It was a deep pool so we put on our swimming tube and jumped into the water. I even made attempts to swim. After spending some time in the pool, we trekked back to our camp.
Overall, I enjoyed the trek very much. The food was also tasty (noodles was my favourite). I want to do many more such treks in future. 


As narrated byNiteesh

I was asking my mom to take me for a trek during this summer vacation. Finally my mom said ok!! We then registered for the kids trek to Nagalapuram. We prepared well for the trek and started from Koyambedu. We reached Nagalapuram at midnight. We collected some firewood for dinner. First we drank soup, then ate burger, chapati and paneer butter masala. We slept at 1.30 am after playing some games. The next day we woke up at 5.30 am in the morning, drank tea and boost(kids). We took some photos on a large tree lying there. 

At 9.30 a.m. we started our trek. We walked through a dry river and then we walked around 1 km in the fresh water stream. We climbed down a 70 degree angle steep mountain. Then we reached the first pool. But Chella uncle told us that we have to go to the second pool. We had to climb a very small passage to reach the second pool. This was the best part of our trek which I liked very much. At last we reached the second pool. The water was as clear as a crystal. It was also very cold. 
There were fishes that ate the dust on my legs. It was like tickling me. We started our journey down at 4 pm. We reached back our start point at 6.30 pm. We returned home at 11 pm. It was a wonderful trek and I am asking my mom to take me for another one.



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