Post Trek I - Freshers trek to Nagala West - Varsha Sriram

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My First Trekking Experience

Finally I could see it all fall in place, a trek with my brother, bestie and her sister - Nagala on 22nd April. This was something I really was looking forward to, as Nagala had been waiting for months now, procrastination being my virtue.
We were asked to assemble at 5 10 am at Guindy and were on time, half asleep and groggy.. All of us were looking forward to joining the rest of the group as I was rest assured, fun was on the cards with Rakesh and team.  Having stood for a while, we were joined by other members of the group from the Guindy pick up point. After some quick exchanges between coordinators, we finally left much later than our scheduled time. The four of us, bro, Padma, Geetha and I joined Sudhir Sir in his car. Sudhir Sir was our guardian for the day :)
A very friendly and jovial man, we were amazed at the energy levels one could possess at that age. Conversations started with introductory sessions   and went on to experience with CTC and trekking as such by when we had to stop at Motel Highway to be joined by rest of the group. We, the group from the Guindy point had a quick dose of our morning beverage while waiting for the rest of the group. On arrival of the rest of the group, it was decided we'd complete our breakfast there as we were running late. There were some introductions, hand shaking and hogging that transpired for a while before we all jumped into our respective vehicles for the day en route to Nagala :)

We reached Nagala about quarter to nine making up for all the lost time.. Before the rest of the cars reached the point where they were to be abandoned, we decided to go and get a taste of Nagala, the dam and what was awaiting us for the day. Now there was no looking back, we all climbed over the dam and in my attempt to get to the water,  there was a fall, now I knew it was definitely Welcome to Nagala.. After some photos and enjoying nature we decided to move when we saw all the cars approaching us.We walked further towards the end of the dam where we waited for the entire group to join us. There was a group introduction which kept me wondering how amazing it was to see people from different walks of life come together to enjoy nature for a day.
We then began our ascent towards the welcome pool traversing through the boulders/ thorns filled path.. All of us walked along calling each other names, making fun and as a family to ensure we did not stray from the actual path..  We were constantly motivated by the organisers to buck up to try and reach the 2nd pool as fast as possible so we could have a lot of time to enjoy the water. The path was lovely, filled with all the beautiful things nature could offer.. We finally reached the welcome pool and it all started - splashing water at each other. I was thoroughly excited and looked forward to reaching up as early as possible.
It was the first pool now. We relaxed for a bit and just moved on quickly to the second pool... We had made up for all the lost time...This was it... The place was very beautiful, with clear water and all of us just wanted to jump in... People slowly parted with their bags and plunged into water. I walked slowly and was happy sitting on a boulder with my legs in water, as my water phobia crept in by then.. Well, that could not be any longer knowing the enthusiasts we have at CTC.. From back came a push and all I know was I was completely in the water screaming my lungs out.. The entire team was in water, with different colour tubes and some really good swimmers trying out their stunts.. It was wonderful being there, a feeling beyond words. Rakesh and team ensured all of us were a part of the fun and were dragged or had a feel of the water at least once.. Then came the cameras from all those talented people who were kind enough to make sure the entire team had some wonderful memories captured.. Some of us were busy posing for the photos while the others enjoyed water.

It was lunch time now... The ladies were asked to make maggie, so we reluctantly got out of water and started our preparation but before we could go any further, the water was CALLING! Who would be able to resist something so beautiful? We just had to give excuses to get back in to water and making lunch was now up to the men. Ha ha.
The lunch was eventually ready and just what anyone needed after hours in the water.. After lunch, some of them decided to move on to the 3rd pool while the others/ non- swimmers stayed back in the 2nd pool.. It was more fun, splashing water, dragging and pushing each other into water. AMAZING! All the fun was had as a family, that's the BEST PART... Eventually after a while, we had the group come back and explain the 3rd pool and all their diving stunts.. Photography sessions and more water fun continued before we could hear 20 mins as our deadline to be out.
Aah, it was time to part with mother nature back into the monotony of your city life.. All of us dried ourselves and eventually began our descent. This time it was a different path that we took down, all very interesting and beautiful. Some of them had troubles with worn out shoes, bruised feet, but yes, we had other members of the family to help. What else can you ask for :) 
We reached the welcome pool and it was time for the group photograph. Omi, one of our super talents, ensured our day was beautifully captured in a moment.. It was time we continued walking down.. The sun shone bright upon us with some of us turning pink, anticipating the tan that awaited us and cursing the heat.. Some of them just ran down to the cars to escape the heat… Finally all of us were back to where we began… near the cars…. Rakesh had some biscuits for us with milkmaid… Ever wondered that such a combination existed? Its discovery from Rakesh….. HAHA

Few members of the family quickly parted us while the rest of us were relaxing and a group of them busy fixing one of our vehicles that had a puncture… It was all done soon and we had to leave behind the mountains that housed us for the day…. We were again to regroup at a vada stall in a nearby town… All of us had our share of vada, water and tea….. This was it… It was time to say good bye to the rest of the group and jump back into Sudhir Sir’s vehicle, to head home back into monotony. On the way back, Sudhir Sir ensured all of us continued to have fun engaging us in Anthakshari and singing himself for us. It was close to 8 pm when we reached Guindy and dropped Padma and Geetha after which Sudhir Sir ensured he waited for my parents to come to hand us over back in safe hands. Thank you Sudhir Sir. 
I can’t quite sum up the brilliant day we all had as a family.. To all those brilliant talents, Thangamji, Karunya and Omi for some amazing photography and all you amazing people (the entire group) who made every bit of the day worth it. CHEERS  ….
Enough said my end. I’d let the pictures do the rest of the talking



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