Post Trek Email I - Freshers Party @ Nagala East, April 21-22

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Write-up: Balakrishnarao

I Joined CTC more than a year back. After so many Disappointments at last i got my chance . So a special thanks to Venkat and Vinayak for considering me. It was worth the wait.

Reaching Nagala:
               The day started with a police constable enquiring me at 2.30 A.M about my whereabouts and i was left only after i showed my photo ID. Then I had to wait for saravanan's car to pick me up from chromepet as gokul(family man) had asked me to be there at sharp 2.55. I waited for so long and finally they arrived at 3.30 . We were on our way to CMBT as we introduced each other. At CMBT people got into their respective cars as per the plan. Stopped for tea at oothukottai and headed straight to Nagalapuram base camp. The food items were distributed and we started to move slowly in groups.
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DAY ONE:        
              After few minutes of walking our gang (Mr  & Mrs gokul, karthik, riggy, myself, youth) was lost and had no clue how to proceed. Thanks to RAJ for putting us back on track. It taught us the necessity to keep up the pace. We continued and reached the First pool. 
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There were a lot of happy faces as it  was a great relief from the scorching heat. After a Brief stint at the pool we started to walk and reached the Magic pool.Everyone went crazy and people were diving from all parts of the pool. Thanks to Geoffray and Prashanth for being the life guards which made it possible for the non-swimmers to give it a try. Then it was time to try the tortillas. We proceeded to the dead end pool.
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Ferried across the pool, climbed over huge boulders and walked for a few hours non-stop and finally reached the camp before it got dark. 
Cook Eliza Made Delicious soup and a new variety of rice which is yet to be named ;). It was time to catch some sleep and soon the whole place turned silent with just the sound of water flowing. 

               The day started with just 5 people going further up to the 50m falls while rest of us enjoyed in the little falls nearby and there was a tube race too which was won by Butterfly Mohammad. Hot tea was served and then Rava upma for breakfast. Around 10.30 we started our walk back to the base camp. A few stops on the way and then came the most exciting part of the trek. Climb down through the gorge using the rope. Swim across and reach the dead end pool. Helped each other out in crossing the boulders and then the ferry across dead end pool. 
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Continued walking for a few hours and then stopped for lunch. Chappathi and paratha with vatha kuzhambu mix, pickles and jam. Started to walk again. This is wen i decided to walk fast and nonstop to test myself. I was ahead of the group and had taken the wrong path. Thankfully Peter was there to guide us. After a few mins we reached the dam. Waited for everyone to come, had a nice chat, clicked a few snaps and proceeded to the base camp. Paneer soda and bonda were ready and waiting for our arrival. Had a snack. Got into the respective cars and drove towards the dhaba for dinner. After the dinner it was time to say good bye and each of us headed towards our respective destinations with lots and lots of memories.
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                 Big Thanks to Geoffray for being the physio and helping me out during cramps. Prashanth, geoffray and Riggy for helping me out in the pools. Elizabeth for cooking us delicious food after a long day under the sun. The car owners. Mr &Mrs. Gokul for keeping me good company. Vinayak and Venkat for organizing it so well.

                It was an awesome trekking experience with a great bunch of people. Thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it!!




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