Post Trek - CTC Kids trek to Nagala WEST - Day 2

Tuesday, April 17, 2012



Wow……. The trek to Nagala was awesome. I thank Mr.Chellababu uncle 
and Krithish for organizing the wonderful experience. My pickup was at 
Guidy near the Toyota Showroom. We were the first one to reach
there and then we saw people carrying huge bags and walking towards 
me and my mom. Then we were sure that they were coming to the
trekking with us. By then we met so many people with the cars and we 
left from Chennai. Myself and 4 boys were in a car and the adults
 occupied three cars. Mr.Shanmuganathan was driving our car. All of us 
started introducing ourselves and then we started talking about cars
 and cricket. I found that a young boy named Brigesh was so 
enthusiastic about cars. All of us were talking and talking. Then
Shanmuganathan uncle bought us some chocolates and chips(Hippo).

After a long journey we entered the village, and further in there we 
 found the hero “ Mr.Chellababu” and then all of them arrived. We got 
settled and the kids were trying to light up the fire. We went to
 collect twigs and then we lit up the fire. We made the Veg.biriyani hot 
and on the other side they brought a grill and started making
 chapattis. At that time all the kids were playing games like “Queen of 
Sheeba” where we disturbed our parents. It was fun disturbing them.
 By that time the elders finished cooking and all of us including parents 
and children played “Dog and the Bone” . My team won. Then we had a
 skip counting game where I came till the finals but my friend 
Harshitha won. I was happy for her. After that all of us went to have
our dinner. The dinner was so good and my mom got a new name called “ 
Panner Butter Masala”. Then all of us got our sleeping mats and went to
 sleep . The elders went for a night trekking. 


The next day in the
morning we got up and all the girls and ladies went to the nearby
 stream for brushing. We got a brand new natural brush (twigs) . Ten 
we came back by that time all the men together made boost , chocos
 and black tea. On the other side they were distributing swimming 
rings, life jacet, goggles. All of us had our breakfast. Then Rakesh anna
 and Arjun anna we explaining about mountains. Then all the kids and 
parents got our “Chennai Trekking Club” caps, two jelles, one lollypop,
 hankies and we took snaps with the cap on and a thumps up sign. 

 all of us left from the village and we were on our way for trekking into
the forest. We then walked for some time and then we took a 5 
minutes rest. We shared some glucose. Then we were back, walking
 where we found so many species of plants. I liked the policy of “ Go 
Green” which all of us followed. Then we reached a stream and the
 water was crystal clear so we filled up our empty bottles and had fun
time there. After sometime we started walking again. I spotted a lot 
 of thorny bushes. On our way we had few steepy areas which were 
Successfully crossed. Then we reached the first pool but unfortunately
 we could not get down. 

So we continued our walking experience and 
reached the second pool. We blew up our swimming rings and got into
 the water. The water was so cool and Arjun anna took our underwater 
pictures. Few of us went to the water fall ,where we had a good back


All of us had good time there and the fishes gave us a good 
 pedicurecure. By the time we were enjoying Chellababu uncle made
Soopy Noodles which was really yummy. After sometime a few of our 
group members went to the third pool. They said that the third pool
 was so good. Then the elders started cooking. They made Veg. Rice, 
Gobi fry and Mushroom curry. Then all of us ate our food and we were
 packing our things and walking our way back. We went to a spot were all 
of us gathered and took snaps. 

Then we reached the village and we had 
a small introduction again. Then all of us got chocolates and pens. We 
packed up our things and left the spot. We all met again in the Dhaba
 where we had delicious food and we headed back to Chennai. I thank 
Chellababu uncle and the volunteers for taking good care of the
 participants. I also thank the participants for being so cooperative. I 
wish all of us will meet in again in another trek. 



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