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Thursday, March 29, 2012

  ~ Women in the Wild West ~
Write Up by Krithika Kesavan:
I wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and I was longing to go for an outing. It was the right time I received a mail from one my friends who is already a member in CTC and has been to many treks. My sister and I registered for it immediately. It was between 9th March and 11th March to Kerala arranged by CTC especially for women. This is my first trekking and I am sure it is once in a life time experience that I had. It was more of a picnic kind rather calling it as a hardcore trekking and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was my long wished desire to go for a trekking and I am happy that have made it this year. 

We were 15 members out of whom 11 were women and 3 men organizers who were extremely supportive. Surprisingly most of the ladies who joined were married having kids. But then they were looking so charming and undoubtedly they were the ones who were more enthusiastic and enjoyed the trip to the core. Each one of them were different in their own ways, by profession but were united in the thought of making the trip memorable leaving behind our personal commitments.   We started from Koyembedu on Friday night in a minivan and reached udumalapet on Saturday morning. We travelled towards munnar from there. On reaching munnar we started our journey in the jeeps in which the paasamalargal ( sis & myself) were separated. We were all thrilled sitting on the top of the jeep while climbing up the mountains.  
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We headed towards the Thoovaanam falls which is in Maraiyur. Kavita(Our sweet organizer) ,the Driver anna’s  were sharing about their previous trekking experiences while walking down the hills. I was listening to them but at the same was little concerned while walking down the steep places. I still wonder how I was able to walk through such a long distance in mountains without a bit of tiresome or frustration. It was all possible because of the guidance given by Jothi in taking the proper path and support of caring friends. While heading towards the falls we clicked some pics on our way holding rocks & trees. There were few courageous champs who dared to climb up the boulders to get their snaps. I enjoyed the scenery around me the massive mountains, trees of different kinds, soothing breeze, the uneven pathway, clear sky, birds chirping and so on. After walking through a long way all of us were feeling so thirsty and were hunting for a place where we could find some trace of water. And there appeared a stream flowing across to drench our thirst. We got our bottles filled up, refreshed ourselves by splashing the cold water on our faces and moved on with our trek. We were all separated walking with our own speed but still each set of people who were leading waited for others who were lagging behind a little. Finally we reached our destination spot the amazing Thoovaanam falls. It was a heavenly feeling that I got looking at the lovely waterfalls the sounds of water flowing was an added beauty to it. The experience that I got after soaking myself into the waterpool was something which cannot be expressed:). I was also envious of Sunita who jumped into water and swam across to the other end of the walls. After having refreshment at the waterfalls we trekked back in the same route to the place where our chariots(Jeeps)were parked.

After our lunch we had a trailer version (full padam on Sunday) of offroading in the evening , halted at the top a hill for sometime dancing and giggling. We then started to the place called Kandhalur a peak above munnar hills where we camped for that night. Thanks to the guys who came along and the jeep drivers who helped us making our shelter for that night. We were in a place with no electricity, no luxuries, and no toilets but still enjoyed every moment there. We prepared our own Maggie (though I dint cook I helped in holding torch while Suchi & Suni were busy cooking ;)  ) and it was the tastiest food I ever had gazing at the stars in the sky:). The only enjoyment which we missed on that day was the camp fire. Hoping to have one in the next trip. 
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We all went to sleep and one thing that I was lil concerned (scared) was to identify if it was a sleeping bag or a snake lying around in the tent at night. But then we all had good sleep and people snoring at their level best:);). It was Sunday morning 6.00 am, the day which I need to mark in my calendar as I saw the Sunrise after a very long time:P. Our photographer Sahaya clicked the snaps of 12angels there and we had a group photo session on the top of the mountain. We got ready to experience the most awaited terrific off roading.  The whole day we travelled in jeep through mountains, across terrains crawled over rocks. It was one of the best experiences that I ever had in my life. Also I need to mention about the extraordinary drivers who had actually gel so well with us just like another friend. They were so friendly and simply superb in driving. 

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During the journey I could not stop laughing at few funny things that we spoke about like Vivek who had completely drenched by sinking himself into the tank while helping us in fetching water. Madhvi and myself falling on each other every time when the jeep bumped up and down and I was almost jam packed while off-roading. It was almost like a roller coaster ride in the forest. I cherish those moments of singing together in the jeep and van with Harini, the stories that we spoke while off roading . It was a lovely night journey we had amidst the dark dense forest while returning. One of the most obvious bonus was the double the off roading experience. (Thanks to the most sincere KFS guys!!:D). 
After a rejuvenating trip we started back to Chennai in the same van. Madhvi (EQ of our group) made our day complete singing lots of our favorite numbers.
Walking through the jungle, getting wet in the waterfalls, peeping out to see the majestic mountains, jeep ride were unforgettable moments.  I thank god for giving me a chance to meet a bunch of such beautiful people in a beautiful place in my life.

Write Up By Harini Krishna :

Did I do the right thing? Was the trip really gonna be wild? Is it safe??? A thousand questions seemed to rake my mind after I registered for the women in the wild trek. My first ever trek with CTC... I awaited for the evening to meet up with hte other women who were to venture into the wild, with much eagerness and speculation. 
 It was only after I saw Kavita ' the organiser ' that I seemed to relax a bit. [Well, thats the truth, kavita. i seemed to gain confidence ;)] the participants trickled in one by one, but that seemed to give us more time to get to know each other. Each one a different personality, unique in their own way yet all shared the same spirit of adventure in them.   
we started our towards udumalaipet. Never realized the tiredness of the travel thru night with all the chatting and sharing of funny experiences going on.
 The late breakfast we had before our trek to Thoovanam seemed to give life to our famished tummies. the sound of a stream from somewhere behind the tree and the water tricking down from the rocks around brought in a sense of rejuvenation. I was initially petrified at the thought of drinking that water to quench my thirst. (What?? No mineral water?? What if I get sick???) But, I have never tasted water so sweet :)
 The walk in the hot sun towards Thoovanam made me think if it was worth all the trouble. But the very sight of the pool and the waterfalls erased off any such speculation from my mind. A dip in the cool pool proved to be nothing but ecstasy. More laughing and giggling with others and posing for Sahaya's camera was all the more fun! We never felt like leaving the place :( Well... there were more miles to cover.. The journey had to continue. it was off roading next  to the top of a mountain. The serenity it was ready to give us and the joy that it brought knew no bounds. The view from there was breath-taking. The soothing breeze and the dancing trees filled the soul with happiness. And again.... had to tear myself away to continue with the journey, though for a few minutes time seemed to freeze and the chaos of the hectic world we left seemed so far far away. 

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The camping @Marayoor was a totally out of the world experience for me. The maggi we all cooked and shared, the slight drizzle, the full,  bright moon and thousands of stars staring down at us, sitting around the campfire was the best ever maggi i'v tasted. I never believed I’d have a good sleep in a tent, cuddled up in a sleeping bag in an unknown place. I would really like to appreciate Sahaya for his quick thinking and the way he, along with Vivek and a few others made a simple tent with just 2 tarpaulin sheets [ quick thinking guys!! was surprised. shows ur experience and control over any situation] when we realized 2 tents wouldn't fit us all. The dawn on the next day was so beautiful and we quickly packed off for our off roading from Maraayur to Kovilur. The one of a kind experience riding up the wild path. Terrifying yet thrilling. the ride on those rocky paths, bumping into each other, holding on to whatever we could get hold of, made our bones scream for mercy.

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Back on the normal roads, we had our lunch and i, my coffee for the day.[ the longest time of 6-7 hrs i had stayed off my cup of java] thanks to Sunitha. The drive through the dark forests as we headed back to Chennai along with Madvi, Kavitha, Krithika and Vivek ( with his stupid scary stories)  was great. [ vivek... don't ever ever do that again] .
 we reached koyambedu the nxt morning with nothing but smiles and loads of good memories to cherish forever. This trip wouldn't have been a succesful one but for the excellent oraganisation and the handling of situations by Kavitha, Jothi, Viviek and Sahaya. And the drives who made sure we all were atill alive and kicking :P . The 1000 questions that raked ma mind no longer lingers as I wait for the nxt adventure. the people i got to meet made me learn a lot. the team work we did, adjusting to and with things around us, though actually seems to be a trivial matter is a life skill to learn. 

I realized that ' None of us are strangers in this world, just friends we haven't met yet ! '
Getting away from the maddening crowd, escaping into the wilderness, throwing ourselves into the arms of mother nature, appreciating her beauty, cherishing her,  truly brings out A New U  :) 

                 THE TEAM

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Regards and Best wishes,

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