Post Trek - TrEk AnD RiDe WiTh TuSkErS - 18th & 19th Feb, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
TrEk AnD RiDe WiTh TuSkErS – 18 &19 Feb'2012

 I take this moment to thank every one who helped me in completing the trek succesfully.
Special thanks to Shantimon for putting his effort in getting permission from the Kerala Forest Department.

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Writeup by Elangovan V.
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How this Happened…
This cute little multi faceted baby called CTC has turned four, and its time for a big gala. Twenty teams heading to twenty different parts of India…… And that’s the plan….. and my favorite team of organizers choose to move somewhere deep in to the woods, covered with wild grass and canopy of dense tropical rain forest, infested with blood thirsty leeches…. somewhere inside the western ghats…… nobody of us had any clue about which direction we are heading into…..that’s awesome right….. the day before I guess, there was a clue provided…..a temple tank with a small structure in the middle……I guessed it right….it belonged to srivilliputhur, down south Tamilnadu… I started a little investigation as to which place has a tusker population near Srivilliputhur….rude shock came by, as most of the places near it (Kerala, I’m talking about) was having a considerable amount of tusker population. Dejected, I started to wait for the D Day. Unlike other treks, a group had already been formed in FB and at least we knew who’s gonna accompany us. There were numerous requests to reveal the location from the group members but saravanan remained a hard nut to crack.

The previous treks to Nagala had a usual early morning start, but this one, as we had to travel deep south, it was a evening start. The preparatory mail suggested that we assemble at their respective pick-up points in time. For me it’s CMBT Omni bus terminus, 6:30 PM….as I had to make some last minute purchases, I was bit late to reach home, late to start, late to reach……at least I thought so….it was 6:10PM and there came the call from Aditya the CMBT coordinator, I was nervous and thought I was the last one….and frantically called aarthi and gokul who were supposed to join me at this pick up point. Gokul’s call got terminated but aarthi picked….asked her where she was and to my utter dismay she was still in her house, packing……...good I thought J. Reached the point of meeting, the Parveen travels office, Aditya and Srividya were already there… I Heard from aditya, that Sri was camping there to avoid being late, from 5.30PM. Super punctual Sri J…... Slowly  everyone started trickling in, as usual Aarthi was the last head to be counted J, As I said before, the bus wasn’t starting by 06.30PM and instead it was 7.00PM, and it was a prank played by the organizers to pin down the members at the pick points at the right time. It was already 07.10PM and there was no trace of our bus in the vicinity. Vicky received a call from Rajavel, who was waiting at Perungalathur, told that, the bus has been waiting for us for quite a long time, as none of us had the presence of mind to go to the local office and enquire…..enough said we stuffed ourselves into the bus and it started rolling….only then, aditya told us that one of the member is yet to reach….my great friend, gokul was the black sheep and all calls to him dropped. Finally after several attempts we were able to pull him into our bus from the auto he was travellingJ!!!! After picking our fellow trekkers from Perungalathur the journey continued towards the “Pal kova” capital. The Next morning we got down, had a nice hot coffee, boarded a tempo or whatever, and rode towards our most longed destination called…… what? No clue yet…., the suspense continued, and lot of speculation was going rounds. We stopped at shencottah, a scenic border town en route …… stuffed enough idlies and proceeded.

Kerala, God’s own country…. 
After crossing the town, the ghat road started, and there upon the uphill journey…..But this time god had taken a little vacation I thought, as the usually green Kerala wasn’t that green….…and the streams which always accompany us, hesitated………well I thought, this is already early summer here. I switched on my GPS (it still works Sri J ) to track the trail…..we headed to a small humble town south of thenmala called Madathara. There we changed our mode of travel to Jeeps as we are heading into the jungle. Five jeeps including the “PADUA” jeep J (it was a real thorn in our flesh all trip). The commodities required were stacked into our jeeps, All were prearranged by saravanan’s pal and Sri’s dear J Mr.Shantimon (the name was a big debate as every one called him chandy or shanty  even candy) who’s an inmate of kerala, great work friend..…

Into the Jungle
 Now it’s time for the real journey….teams were formed and jeeps allocated….. I was given a task by Vicky & Rajavel to carry a special surprise thing (a cake for CTC’s B’Day) which they said should not be revealed to anyone. I misunderstood the “anyone” as fellow trekkers and wasn’t aware that the plan was to surprise Saravanan the organizer. As I boarded the jeep I was searching for Vicky & raja to give me the package, as they have already started, as a true volunteer went to saravanan asked for the special package. He had no clue about what I was talking about, and got the message from me….grinned cunningly and uttered a thanks, I was….. what ?  I don’t know…..i felt bad, knowing this Rajavel divorced me (that’s what he said to me…haha)

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We reached a small but scenic sastha temple, paid our respects, spent some time and proceeded further, the journey was bit hectic as it was the dry part of the season and water was a rare commodity….the roads….no no…..the mud lanes were dry and we were turning red……every kilometer, we came across a tree obstruction and the mud roads were dug to facilitate the jeep to pass by. That was really awesome to experience….finally we reached a spot, which had a river or may be a stream we can call….nice little sand bed with good tree cover……… our camping location for that night was chosen. We quenched our thirst, unpacked our lunch, the usual CTC’s readymade chapattis with jam/pickles. Energized, we started our journey further into the jungle, heading to a gorgeous falls called choondipara. Jeeps roared as usual, and ten minutes passed by and our not so friendly PADUA was reluctant to climb the trail. So that was it….. everybody was on our foot…….it was really refreshing to walk after hours of treacherous travel……so we walked and walked and walked………quarters turned to halves and halves turned to hours……. Everybody slowed down………and a whipping voice “c’mon guys speed up” roared Vishnu….. sure nobody can forget that voice… one by one started asking shanty their when’s and where’s…….. Shanty had only one answer to provide…….. ivida straightaitu poi right thirumbi pathe nimitil Falls Varum “  . Midway when we were walking Srividya screamed for help, and rajanna & I rushed to find saravanan holding his foot with a clear two dotted blood mark, which resembled a fang dip of a snake, I was astounded….. but our herpetologist saved the day for us and declared it as some other injury due to thorns and not snake. But saravanan wasn’t panicking at all…. Great composure, the excitement vanished and we were back to our back-breaking episode, what else, climbing…..

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Sri and swetha were hiking together and swetha was swearing somebody and it was a known buddy who had encouraged her to join this trek…..sri was at her best just getting the most wanted energy from cracking little jokes about the GPS and the triail. So after a while we hit a place where everybody thought its time we get a break….but shanty suggested to continue our hike through a shorter route….when we continued, we found fresh elephant droppings… of the local guys who accompanied us suggested not to proceed as we may bump into an elephant herd, head on……that interested me a lot….but our organizers decided otherwise…….again we had to take a circular route………the same old, back breaking exercise continued…….swetha continued her swearing J and sri her jokes….my GPS took the maximum damage…J

The famed leaches were no where to be found as most of the vegetation lacked moisture and it took away my enthusiasm ………I was longing for its bite, but miserably missed it……finally we arrived at a place were there was some marshy terrain and people stopped there for want of water…..not aware of leaches getting on to them…..vicky filled water from a small “spring kind of thing”  which tasted the tastiest of all waters in the world……so its been four hours of continuous trekking yet we were not within reaching distance of our famed destination…..and it was getting dark as well…..and saravanan thought of calling “it quits”….when the Energy packed” Vicky and rajavel took the responsibility and went in search of the falls nearby….just 30 minutes they were back and with the happiest of news that we heard all day…..that the falls is just a 15minute walk away……these guys are  real super volunteers, as they went running to find this and came back running to tell us to give us the maximum possible time to enjoy….. I love u friends……and before, as we were waiting, saravanan’s saw his fingers bleed, as was aarthi and few others in the group….. it was leeches and what a lucky guys were they, fortunate to experience the wild…..

Now we reclaimed our energy from Vicky & rajavel’s words and reached the final destination “ “CHOONDIPARA FALLS”. It was awesome to finally see a falls, absolutely inhabited and was exciting to see loads of elephant droppings,…….we enjoyed thoroughly and me and some fellow mates dived into the pool……spent some good time and  finally it was curtains as it was already 6.00PM and pitch dark… the torches were out and busy… a  middle of  a dense, wild forest, with lurking nocturnal around, with virtual presence of elephant herds, not to mention the slipping snakes under our feet…..we started our journey back……enroute uphill we saw a Pit  viper, under a uprooted tree……that disturbed my mind unnecessarily…..but that walk back was a real dream one, as I was mesmerized by the wilderness….the only disappointment was we didn’t hear a single trumpet………it was exactly 1 hour and 20 minutes, coz it was downhill without stoppage, we sited our jeep……high fives all around……we boarded and reached the camping site.

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Dinner & Camping
As soon as we reached, all were trying to find some thing to eat…..and exhausted whatever stocks that were available with…..and still the boiler belly wouldn’t relent… thought when its going to be the dinner… the dinner was delicious chicken brought live and prepared at the camp site with boiled tapioca (Kappa kilangu) , and its only for pure non-vegetarians, and the poor vegetarians had to cook sambar and share the tapioca……before we started eating our dinner, vicky called all of  us to assemble near the cooking spot, and there came the surprise package........a yummy chocolate cake......after all its our favourite  babies birthday........everybody started singing happy birthday CTC...........  the passing by elephant wouldn't have heard a birthday song ever............must have given a strange dinner was delicious to the core.( the chicken, not aware of the sambar, Oovae HAHA), It was resting time and swetha had already into her nap…the local mates suggested for a bigger and multiple camp fire and we had three…by the time I was finished, as usual lost for place and had to take a space whatever was available. Found Srividya, Pradeep and Vishnu sleeping without a sheet or a mat….just laying on their sides without any cover….it was already chill….but they didn’t showed any signs of that…..Into my sleeping bag, I was into a deep slumber, not before rajanna intimidated me and anu with his usual snake and bear stories…. It was a pleasant and undisturbed sleep and unlike nagala I wasn’t  bothered at all… I had overcome my fear for snakes…..anu has no hold on me hereafter…..i suppose J. The next morning heard that sri, pradeep & Vishnu suffered from the cold and was sleepless the whole night…poor guys, it was 6AM, one of the mates went to pee.....when he returned his sleeping bag was missing……as sri had already slipped into it………haha…poor guy lost the constituency. Now tea time, as usual a super tasty black tea was prepared and tasted heavenly…….the breakfast continued and it was my favourite………saravanan’s special AVAL UPMA……..i had a belly full. So the organizers declared that it is time for us to move to the next location, we packed, cleaned the entire camping site(as it was essential for us to do coz we had obtained the permission by declaring ourselves as forest cleaners......, so we cleaned whatever possible at our camp site and a site near a bridge and the Sacred Sastha temple,  the entire Cleaning session was photographed for substantiating our claim, It’s a miniature a CFC, CTC Forest Clean-up, HAHA)....then we boarded our respective jeeps, and was out of the jungle….a brief stop at Madathara for refreshment….we had a glass of a unique Juice called Mutti kai juice (I think I am correct with name), tasted like gooseberries, it tasted superb, and i had to pay the bill, I froze to hear the price, it was absolutely expensive, Rs.1 / glass!!!!!!! , did inflation hit this area at all……….

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Mankiyam Eco Reserve
We settled our jeep contract, changed the mode back to tempo, and set our direction towards a scenic location called MANKIYAM ECO RESERVE, which had some beautiful waterfalls…..reached the place in a 30 minute drive, went on to have great swimming and photo session…….even in this dry summer patch, it had a considerable water presence and it didn’t disappoint us for sure…..we enjoyed thoroughly.

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As usual a swimming session would trigger a fire in your belly right, that’s what we felt and saravanan announced that we are gonna have yummy biriyani, when we reach PALODE, another 15minutes drive took us there, and the hotel was stormed and ravaged by our CTC herd of trekkers. There was no limit as to what to order and whatever food that was ordered by the nearby table had to be supplied to us, we insisted. After a great (lacked spice I thought, typical Kerala recipe, but no complaints) lunch, we had to start our journey back towards srivilliputhur. Oh!! that was it, the trek was over….. it was really disappointing, but the craving for such trips would definitely drive us back to one such location in the near future, I Thought…..

The travel back was slow and steady L (Ah the Driver!!!) and we choose a better way to pass our time…. Abilesh lit the fire when he said about a Wiki leaks data, suggesting a ruling politician having a Swiss bank account, which had lakhs of Crores of rupees, so a fiction started brewing, Rajanna suggested we hack the account and soon the world was his and he was the PM….and Chennai was made the capital of India, and I was the Tamilnadu CM ( Generous rajanna )  and I have to shift my capital to Thanjavur as Chennai has been taken over. Vishnu (sambar) J  was the Transport minister, Aarthi demanded, she be given Goa ( strange), Henry was CM for Kerala & Karnataka, Saravanan was given Thailand ( I cannot reveal why J ), Sri wasn’t responsible!!!, to take any portfolio and was left to go J, As Vishnu (chicken) was feeling sleepy, he was handed over Lakshadweep (ha-ha), Swetha - Rajasthan, and all the buses had a second seat made in gold and no “men” will be allowed to sit in the first seat to enable vishnu (S)!!!   (reasons can be clarified with Rajanna & Vishnu (S) haha ).

With all the fun we reached srivilliputhur and our bus was waiting for us, since we were 10mts late, we had our dinner en route and hit the bus cushions. May be around three in the morning I promptly woke up everybody with a big loud shout, nightmare……, as it involves my family members I cannot elaborate it here, Vicky pacified me and turned the environment soft saying “Kanavula Elango-va yanai midhichidichu”….that was spontaneous and really funny………we reached Chennai, our mates bid as all adieu and finally the fun ended.
It was great fun with you guys……..Saravanan’s Organizing was impeccable…….especially getting the permission to enter the forest……… Kudos, Rajanna (the co-organizer), Vicky & Rajavel (Men full of Energy and enthusiasm), Mohan (Our chief cook and Photographer), we salute u all….u were great.
Looking forward to more trip with u guys………..

Writeup by Subramaniam
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இயற்கை தாயின் மடியினில் தவழ்ந்திட,
 இன்முகத்தோடு இளஞ் சிட்டுகள்..
 மலை ஏற்றக் குழுவின் மற்றுமொரு அரங்கேற்றம்,
 எழில் கொஞ்சும் ஓரிடம் எதுவென்று தெரியாமலே,
 தலைவனின் கட்டளையைத் தாழ்மையுடன் ஏற்றுக் கொண்டு,
 நான்காறு (4 * 6) நன்மக்கள் நல்லதொரு பயணம்,
 தூங்காமல் சில பேர் "காஞ்சனாவை" கண்டிருக்க,
 சிற்றாறு பல இருக்கும் பேரருவி தானிருக்கும்,
 நீங்காத நினைவுகளும் கனவுகளும் சிலருக்கு...
 செல்லுமிடம் தெரியாது ; சேருமிடம் அறியாது...
 வில்லிபுத்தூர் சென்ற பின் vanuku மாறினோம்...
 வில்லில் புறப்பட்ட அம்பாய் கதிரவன் எழுந்தான்...
 தென்மலையின் தென்பகுதியதில் திகழும் மடத்தரா...
 பின்பு நாங்கள் ஏறியது மலை வாகனம் JEEPu தனில்...
காட்டிற்குள் பயணம்:
 1000 ஆண்டு பழமை வாய்ந்த ஆலய தரிசனம்,
 அய்யன் ஐயப்பனின் ஆனந்த தரிசனம்,
 பொடி மணல் புழுதி கிளம்ப,
 புறப்பட்டோம் காட்டு வழி...
 போவது வனமா? பாலை வனமா?? புரியவில்லை !!!
 மழை காணா மலை பூமி மாறியதோ புழுதியாக ?
 வழி மறித்து கிடந்தனவே வானுயர மரங்கள் சில...
 மந்தியின் மைந்தர்களாய் மகிழ்வுடனே சில பேர்...
 குந்தியிருந்தனர் கூச்சமின்றி JEEPin மேல்...
அடிவார முகாம் :
 ஓடை ஒன்று கண்ட பின்பு உணவருந்த அமர்ந்தோம்...
 கயிறு அறுத்த கன்று போல் களிப்புடன் கழித்தோம்..
 கேரளத்து நண்பருடன்(Shanti)  கிடைத்தனர் இரு மலை வாசிகள் ...
 சாளரத்து நிலா ஒளி போல், சரிந்து வந்த பகல் வெளிச்சம்...
 ஆளரவம் அற்ற அந்த நடுக் காட்டிற்குள்,
 ஆறுதல் கூறியது அழகான பறவை சப்தம்...
 காய்ந்த சருகுகள் கம்பளம் விரித்திருக்க,
 தொடர்ந்தோம் நாம் இலக்கை நோக்கி...

 பாய்ந்தோடும் நீரை தேடி பயணித்தோம் காட்டிற்குள்...
 ஓயிந்து விட்டனர் ஓரிருவர் - பின் என்ன?
 ஒரிருமணிக்குள் வருமென்ற பேரருவி,
 ஓடி ஒளிந்ததுவோ தேடுவோரைத் தவிக்கவிட்டு...
 ஆற்றின் ஆரவாரம் கேட்க ஆவலுடன் அலைந்தோம்,
 குளிப்பது மறந்து குடிநீருக்கு ஏங்கினோம்,
 நீருக்காக சென்ற நெடும் பயணம் இதுதானோ?
 மாலை சூரியனும் மறையப் புறப்பட்டான்,
 ஐந்து நண்பர்கள்(Vicky,Rajavel,Mohan, Adiya & Vimalesh) நல்வார்த்தை நவின்றனர்,
 கண்டோம் அருவியை கண்களால்...
 சென்றோம், வென்றோம்,நின்றோம் அங்கே!!!
 ஆனந்தம், ஆனந்தம் , ஆனந்தமே !!!!
 சந்தோஷ ஆறு கரைபுரண்டோட...
 மகிழ்ச்சி வெள்ளம் மனதினுள் சூழ...
நமக்குள் நாம் எழுச்சி காண...
விடை பெற்றோம் அருவியிடம்...

பிறந்த நாள்....
இத்தனை மகிழ்வும் எதனாலே,
எங்கள் CHENNAITREKKING CLUB பிறந்த நாள் இந்நாளே...
இனிய பிறந்த நாள் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்...
                         -க .செந்தில் @ சுப்பிரமணியம்

Writeup by Srividhya
Inline images 13
Some stray incidences:
*      The bus usually starts at 7 30. The driver informs the organizer it’s 7 00. The organizers inform the appavi trekkers it’s 6 30. My supposed ‘friends’ ask me to start early and I reach the pick up point before 6 00. Not a soul from CTC in sight.. Dammit : D But Adithya Prasad, guy in those glasses, seemingly the intellectual kind, serious looks, is all set with a pen, paper, check list phone numbers, calls up people, enquires whereabouts, volunteering for CTC, me thinks: … enna maturity, enna responsibility, apppappa..ayyayooo ….. too much..’neenga enna sir pannarel’ …. ‘just passed outta college.’…... .. Kidddddd   : D :  D : D
*      Swetha: One of the first people I start talking to while in the trek… 10 min of our getting introduced to each other, she gets a call and starts off on a long and detailed conversation – giving an update to one friend on the gossips going around in her friends circle. At one point, I stopped listening to what was being played in the bus and started listening to her, as they get more and more interesting and with time….and I can put together more and more pieces of the puzzle : P : P. While the lady is talking into her phone, and while I keep listening slying : P suddenly her phone rings. ???? ? ????? 1!@@!!!!!??  She goes ‘Ooo phone cut aiducha.. .. ennakku teriyave illa pa.. enga varrikum kettai.. ooooo.. onnume kekaliya..’ : D : D I burst out laughing and I knew it was going to be a fun journey with her.
*      Rajavel: We are all sitting in her bus and a lean and quiet guy sitting in a dark corner of the bus moves about hoping to go un-noticed by this boisterous gang from CTC. Suddenly Swetha blocks his way and exclaims.. ‘hey nee Rajavel thaane’.. The guy is obviously shocked, especially at this sudden conversation from a pretty pretty gal, shakes his head vigorously for a no and runs away. So that is the picture Swetha had of Rajavel and the one that she gave me. And then we see the actual guy enter,.. non-stop prancing, hyper active, running around, talking to everyone in the group, unable to sit in one place,.. and usually sitting on someone or the other’s lap … : P and then I could hear ‘enna ya.. poone maadiri irundhaan ya ivan first trek le.. ippidi maaritaane : o : o ‘ : D : D
*      The Sillicon gang: At dinner the first day, I sit a a table where there is a seat empty and I see 4 guys from the same company and they do something related to Silicon (inspite of getting a 20 min lecture on it, I am just unable to recollect what :P ): .. one (Azhar)  wearing the company uniform : P, one still in formal shoes (mohan) – even in the forest, over the hills, under the falls and inside his blanket; venkat (who has a separate story - later) & Arun; I ask and all try and give gyan about what their company does. I quickly refresh my learning from self help books which say, ask more questions about the other person and get them interested in the conversation - All curious I become and ask some more about what they do. ‘idi kooda teriyaada… makku ponnu’ they think;  quietly I slide off : D : D  damn the books : D : D
*      I sleep
*      The inverse reaction: I come and sit inside the bus to go towards an unknown destination and was scanning people sitting around me and making harmless instant judgments on what people’s personalities would be like based on the first few minutes of observation. Vishnu Kumar in a seat before me and I note ‘composed, laidback, calm guy without much ado’. All are in their excited state, with their kadi jokes, and the guy is all relaxed. Fast forward many hours, midway uphill, most people are exhausted, wondering where one will find the so called falls, unable to talk and we hear one voice getting louder and louder and that is our dear Vishnu in a hyper excited state. Energy streams from all seem to be draining from all and entering him…. The more people are getting tired, the more this guy starts shouting and shooing. At one point quite some were devising their own quirky ways for a night revenge : D : D Its strange he has finished the trek alive and kicking : D. Sure enough on the way back, people eat and drink and gain their momentum, and there goes Vishnu all quiet and sinking into his seat. More study needs to be done on this species : P : P
*      We climb up sleep paths to reach the falls and after a while, I hear a voice from behind..’’’good news guys,.. my GPS says flat terrain from now on !!..’ We clap and thank him for the news. We were just half way uphill. : / : / Now that is Elango for you. He also gets the credit for:  ‘My GPS device doesn’t  show a route further ahead, I  think we have reached the end of the trail …’  And now you know why there is a GPS bashing.
*      Ralph: Dear Ralph, I know you haven’t come to the trek and that I have hardly spoken to you or met you or even heard anything about you or doubt if I will ever come in contact with you. But for all the fun we had, using your name, you deserve, and I for sure owe you, a mention in my post-trek write up. 
o   In between the trek Elango & I hear a strained Swetha curse her best friend ‘Andha $*!!**XXF@@!!  Ralph irrukaane…. All bad words coming for ya..’  for encouraging her to register for this difficult trek; With the crazy brains that Elango and I were, it had to catch on!!.. Any time we had curse someone, abuse someone,  put the blame on someone,  or were just plain bored we would go…’andha $*!!**XXF@@!!  Ralph irrukaane.. ‘ much to our amusement and naturally to the bewilderment of those listening to us.
*      Aarthi: Day 1 is winding up and the cooks have been given their kitchen. A mat with all veggies on it. Onions, garlic, tomatoes, etc etc are being cut. All are either busily working around in the kitchen or atleast pretending to work….but this one gal is throwing dirty, unapproving stares. She is super upset. I wonder why. Is it because it is only vegetables and the meat is not yet started with the preparation, is she unhappy with the quantity of garlic being cut or the spices being used, is it because the tomatoes have got squished, or maybe because the onions sliced too small ?? what could be the reason….?  And then someone whispers, I was her sleeping mat being used as the kitchen table …Ha !… now wouldn’t you like to be sleeping in a forest, rubbing your body on tomato juice and amidst strong and romantic scents of garlic and onions…: D : D : D
*      Venkat: Every time I ask a question, I am not sure why but I find Venkat around… for example
o   Scene1: people are discussing some movie in tam.. I join the conversation in between.
Me: idhu endha padam
They: kaal
Me: Kaal ni oru padama ? adenna kaal ? kai ? kayithu ?
OOOoooo adhu Hindi kaal aa
Enter: dirty stare from Venkat
o   Scene2: Tired souls walking uphill. I am with a group that is contemplating, if the team is going to walk ahead or will we return back when I see a bunch (the Silicon gang) sitting mid way, obviously I want to know why
Me: Neenga yen inga okkandirukkel ?
They: Aamam pa..200 meters solli 20 km nadakka veccha ?…. Kaal valikarudhu okkandirukkom
They think: Idikum oru kelviya ?
Enter: dirty stare from Venkat
o   Scene 3:
Unable to find a blanket/ sleeping bag/ empty place in a jeep/ bed/ hotel/ warm room/ forest heater/ sunshine and the likes, that night in the forest, I stay awake till 6 am. That is when I blurredly see 2 guys walking around and I wonder where they slept, if they found some warm spot last night… so that I can also make home there for the next few hours
Me: hey! Neenga engerende varel ??? (hey.. where are you coming from)
They : Paaru da.. Ippa varikkum ade trek la vanduttu,, ippo nambu engendhu vandom ni kekara !  (we are in the same trek as yours :  o : o : o )
  : P : P>
Enter: dirty stare from Venkat
o   Scene 3  part 2
I decide they have either got up to spot early morning birds or they themselves are early morning birds and I pick up their sleeping bags and have a sound sleep. I get after some time to find that all have packed and it is time to leave. I get up slowly and stretch myself only to be told by someone that I had stolen a sleeping bag from one of the guys who had gone for a short break and wanted to come back to continue his dreams in peace. Shocked I turn around and see Venkat again, waiting for his sleeping bag!
Me : na madicchu vekkatama
He: .. parravaillai.. naane madichakaren : P <… just buzz off : P>
Oh yea.. . dirty stares all along : D : D
*      The guy on top : p  - 6 of us inside the deep that I was travelling,.. 2 in front (excluding the driver and 4 behind).  At the end of the journey a guy drops down onto the earth from nowhere!  Before you let your imaginations run as wildly as mine did…. he was sitting on top of the jeep all the while.. : P : P That is Vimalesh for you.
Shall not bother describing the more popular figures like Rajanna / Saravanan etc…  : )
So long and thanks for all the fish ! : )

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