Post trek mail - WoMeNs dAy CeLeBrAtiOn” - Nagala West - 04 March 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012
Completed a Women's day celebration @NAGALA on 4th MARCH with 27 Dare Devils!!! 

My hearty thanks to everyone who made this trek as more memorable. Really appreciate the energy level that you had in this trek.Again we proved the women power.
Thanks to Saravanan for the proper guidance through out the trek.Vicky & Rajavel for navigating us.And Cimbu & yoga for helping in food and photos

Write up by Ammu: (8yrs - the youngest in our gang!) 

I was excited when dad said to me about this trek. We woke at 3.30AM and I was very
happy. Dad took us to CMBT .There lot of people were waiting, mom & dad started to
talk with them. I was asking dad when we are going to start.

After some time two white vans came and I, Mom & dad got into a car, we drove to
a place called thiruvallur. We were very hungry, we stopped at a hotel called Hotel
Akshaya. Yoga anna bought be a lot of chocolates and biscuits, There we ate our

After that we went to Nagalapuram after sometime. Cimbu anna & rajavel anna gave us
a lots of food like cream bun, frooti, apple and pears. Then we went walking through the
jungle, we saw many birds in that walk. After some time, we all reached a stream where
we relaxed ourselves. Some ate the cream buns. Then we started walking through the
woods, it was getting denser and denser…. All were tired

We took some rest and started walking again. We reached the first pool. We saw lots of
fishes in the water. One of my friend named pavithra exclaimed, What a beautiful pool,
and started to get ready and jumped in the pool.

Others did the same and I also jumped in the pool after putting on my jacket. After
swimming for a long time our captain subhashiny akka asked us to finish. Then we started to
walk again. We crossed a narrow rock and Vicky anna helped every body to cross that.

After walking for some time we reached the second pool. Every body jumped together
in the water. I had bought a ball to play and we started to play with it. Now again subhashiny
akka stopped us and we started to walk again.

Then after a long time we reached the third pool. It was big. All the people started diving.
my daddy too dived into the pool. Ladies dived into the pool using swimming tubes. My
mother also jumped into the pool. She was very happy.

Then a strange thing happened . When my mother jumped again, she failed to hold the
rubber tube. She drowned inside the water. My dad swam straight to my mom and saved
her. My mother said, she would be suffering if my father wouldn't have saved her.

Then we ate our lunch, chappatis with Jam and pickles. Now Vicky anna told us to walk
back. We walked talking and took some photos in the middle. After a long time we
reached our cars and started We ate our dinner in the same hotel. We went home by a van
arranged by our captain subhashiny akka. The trip was very nice.  I am asking daddy when he is
taking me again. 

Write up from Vijee: 

It all started on the fourth of March. This was my first trek with the CTC and man was I excited. After
a few hours of travel from Chennai we reached Nagalapuram. We began our trek on flat land. It
was hot and soon under the intense glare of the sun all of us were sweating. But the sun gave way
to cool shades as we delved deeper into the forest and trees began to tower over us. The forest
and the mountains were so picturesque. But we did not have time to admire the beauty of it all.
We were walking along rarely travelled trails and the path was full of rocks and thorns. It was the
beginning of an adventure, I could tell.

We were pretty soon sweating it out. But our spirits were high. An hour and a half later the sound of
gurgling water welcomed us as we came upon a stream. A bit tired from all the walking we dipped
us hands in and scooped the water in our cupped palms and splashed it across our sweat caked
faces. It was surprisingly chill and refreshing. With our energy rejuvenated, we continued our trek
up the mountain. This time the murmur of flowing water accompanied us as we continued our walk,
encouraging us to trudge on even when we faltered. Our slog uphill was soon rewarded when we
came across the first pool.

The sight was too beautiful. The pristine waters set in the middle of lush green wilderness, isolated
and unexplored, beckoned us. We were only too glad to dip our tired legs into the cool waters and
bask in it.

A few of us did not stop with merely wetting our legs. We jumped in!

The cool caress of the water sent shivers down my spine. The water was cold and ticklish, a welcome
sensation after the searing heat of the sun. I floated on my back lazily for a while staring into the sky,
hidden behind the green foliage of the mountain. I closed my eyes and let the sound of water drown
my senses. I was at the zenith of peace.

I swan a bit and even lay under a waterfall, relinquishing the feel of water tumbling down on top of
me. It was amazing.

Later we trekked some more and came across a second pool, a shallow one.

If the first was beautiful, I have no words to describe the second. It was exquisite. Here I lay lazing in
the water, lounging, with my back resting against a boulder, letting my legs float freely as little fish
nibbled on my toes. The non swimmers enjoyed most here as the water was shallow.

After the second pool the treks got a bit more serious as the path was more steep and difficult to
climb. But I was so full of energy and enthusiasm that it hardly mattered. The tougher the better was
my attitude.

The third pool was by far the best of my experience. The pool was set in a much wilder panorama.

With rough cliffs surrounding it on all sides, the pool was set sunk beneath ground level. It was not a
large pool albeit a small one but it made up for its lack of size in depth. It was by far the deepest.

Intimidated a little I confined myself to simply staring at the water for the first few minutes. But
most of my new found friends have jumped into the pool, non swimmers even. Encouraged by their
bravado, I dared to take a dip.

A dare I did not regret.

But soon I was challenged further. Exceptionally better swimmers than me took a chance and
jumped into the water off a cliff.

I was in awe.

They had jumped into waters rumoured to be fifteen to twenty feet deep off a cliff. I could feel the
desire the do the same swell inside of me. And though my legs were shaking from fear and though
my body was frozen in fright I did the unthinkable. 

When i hit the water my assumption was it would take me less than a second to surface and maybe 
it did take me less than a second but under water it felt like an eternity. I was in longer than I
expected, long enough to begin to doubt if I would ever surface, maybe it was the fear that I might
drown I don't know but I panicked. The cold coupled with the panic caused my lungs to freeze for a
second and when my head did pull out of the water, the air did not flow freely into my lungs. I had to
take large, huge breaths before I could properly breathe.

I was gobsmacked! 

I jumped off a cliff into a water pool and came out alive.

It still is one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.

And I hope to relive it again sometime soon.

After a few more minutes of lazing under the sun, rejoicing under the cool caress of the water we
decided that it was time to head back out. We made our way down the mountain and came to sit
on a hill overlooking a dam. Here we introduced ourselves to each other properly and shared a few
jokes and some well deserved laughs.

As we made our way back to the van i turned to take a look at the mountain we had conquered and
I was spell bound. The mountain set against the cool blue skies was unlike anything I had ever seen
before, like a picture right out of a postcard. She stood tall and proud and indomitable.

We got back on the van and made or way back to reality. But this little respite from the city will take
a special place in my heart. My first real adventure!

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