Namma Bangalore 7 [Makalidurga One Day Trek] 8th Jan 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

The first trek for year 2012 near Bangalore to “Ma Kali Durga” with 27 brave souls to conquer this fort, 7th trek in Namma Bengaluru series.

27 CTCcians, 4 from Chennai and rest from Bangalore, started our journey from the yeswanthpur railway station through the crowded passenger train towards “Ma kali Durga”.   We reached the destination on time for a change.  We started from the railway stations towards the small peak , with no trial and the steep climb.

Inline image 1

The path was full of rocks, small, big and even bigger ones which made it interesting for many us and even few of them asked me are we sure about climbing these steep one : ) 

Inline image 2
After, conquering this peak I showed them the next destination

Inline image 3
this was one of hottest Sunday’s we had trekked, in the namma bengaluru series.  Guys started to get ready for the second mission.

Inline image 4
For the second mission, we had to completely come down from the first peak and start off this one.

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I decided to take a easy trial, instead of exploring a new trial due to heat.  Many of us, were draining out including the experienced ones.

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After, the reaching the top showing strength and stamina to the sun god.  We took a well deserved rest and food at the top.

Inline image 9

Then, we started back with the satisfactory feeling of conquering two peaks

With the group snap…

Inline image 10

Overall, it great experience for many of them to go beyond their limits, fear of height, etc., & also realized the value of water.  One of the trekkers, told me he would drink 5 liters of water once reaches back : )
CTC rocks!!!!
-- Damodaran

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