Happy 4th birthday CTC - 498 members went out to 21 locations across South India this weekend

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The numbers are finally in - 498 members participated in our 4th birthday weekend treks - a total of 21 treks were organized by our volunteering organizers.

Note that today - exactly 4 years ago - on Feb 22nd 2008 we set up the CTC web site to allow like minded outdoor souls to connect with each other.

Now, 4 years later we have exactly 14687 in our Google group (mailing list) and connected thousands of like minded people through 300+ memorable trek experiences, run by the selfless efforts of countless active volunteers. Hip Hip Hurray for CTC !


Below shows the heart beat of CTC - total members (blue, left scale) and monthly inflow (red, right scale) up till last month -



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