CTC Members birthday celebration at SIP Home 12 Feb 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It was an awesome day not only for the birthday kids but also for all the other members who were present.

A wonderful poem by Srila Ramanujam

A Day In Paradise Again.....

CTC'ians welcome a day in paradise again....
            With all the warmth n vigour of their spirits!

Just as usual we are one family just in a moment's breath,
            And need no intros to anyone or anything;

We are together, we are together
            Just waiting n wanting to have a good time.

Oh was it just another day in paradise or what,
            With tiny ones, all the more joyful

With full of love in their little hearts,
            Did they steal the show or what!

We thought we were there to give,
            But just realized all that we got...

Joyful, smiley faces knowing no bounds,
            Always wanting to bond with one and all....

There may be no other way to explain this,
            Than to join in and experience it!!!!

We had competition like stamping the balloons, were the kid has to safeguard his balloon at the same time try to burst others.

We celebrated the birthday of our members Aravind, Deepak, Sunitha and Vadivel along with the of Joe and sangeetha who’s birthday falls in due course.

Then we played Hide n seek

Usually the kids entertain us by their dance. This time the volunteers entertained the kids by their amazing dance talent. Especially Sambhavi’s who volunteered first, Siva’s dance, Ganga’s ‘The Don’ style walk for ‘Billa’ theme music...

We had a yummy Biriyani. Usually a kid never gives what they have with them but see these kids who fed the volunteers. The food cost was shared by the birthday babies

We thought the event is over. But the kids wanted us to take them to the nearby park. Few members stayed and took them to the park. The kids enjoyed it at the most.

Shambavi Sponsored ice cream for the kids.

After taking back the kids to the home we departed after a group pic. But carried the sweet memories in our heart


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Siri on: February 22, 2012 at 1:34 AM said...

Cant see images here also.


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