CTC 4th B'day Social Trek 36 - Feb19 - SIP Home

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It was a awesome Social which we enjoyed the most
Lets listen about the ST through Gayathri Ravichandaran’s  write-up
Feb 19th, was the Day I was deeply touched by the resilience of the young kids living over there in SIP Home. We gathered to celebrate CTC's Birthday
CTC baby entered its fourth year on Feb 22nd!!! Members planned for 22 different treks  to Celebrate it on the Feb 18-19, nearest weekend...where I was engaged in Social Trek...
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As already known to regular trekkers, Social Trek has been organized by great Thilak. We Volunteers were waiting in usual pickup points, while Thilak Started from SIP HOME along with the kids. After few hours of waiting & expecting, the trip actually started around 7.30 am from Tidal to hit the road.
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We travelled in 2 Cabs and few cars, where the Kids eagerly splitter into different groups as they wish. Cars & Vans started with a mixed group of Kids and Volunteers.

I was in a Van along with cute Kabilan, Marimuthu, Priya, Mary, Sangeetha, Lavanya, Sara & Harish (Jaya's Son) and bustling volunteers Siva, Dhana, Sasirekha, Thangam Ji & Jayachitra...
We were entertained by Mary, Marimuthu and Siva's dance, our first 1 hour journey ended soon. We all assembled in a Park in ECR, for morning Break Fast where we met the rest of the kids & Volunteers who came in other vehicles.

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Though the Kids started early and more than an hour's journey without starving for food, they started playing with full delight and great smiles, Where the fun freaks Siva, Jagadheesh, Shibu, Nandan, and few others too joined the kids for maximum fun and excitement.  While Kids and Many Volunteers were busy in Playing, Thilak – The Organizer was much concentrated to serve yummy food for us on time.

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Asha, Arun, Gayathri Chandrasekhar and few others helped a lot to serve food for our empty stomach. Idly & Vada, served by them was too yummy to eat and it’s even more pleasure to have in a road side Park, facing Palm trees near the beach.

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From there the actual trip started around 9 am. After having breakfast and few funny snaps, lovely moments we headed to Alamparai with unforgettable moments. The 2nd session of our travel was funnier than the first... We divided among ourselves into two groups and played Anthakshari, a common game among the Cute Little Kids & Grown Kids too ;-)

Finally, around 10.30 am we reached the destination – Alamparai Fort. While few are interested in reading the history of the Fort at the entrance, Kids and many volunteers started walking, running & playing... The first view we visited was the Fort Wall, which was about 30 Feet height and enjoyed the sightseeing.

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In turn Few Volunteers Thilak, Nandan, Shibu, Nivya, Lakshmi and few others assembled near the boat with the Kids... As usual Sweepers team took us to the point. After few discussions two boats started towards the beach. First boat started with the Kids who got ants in their pants, while the second one is moderate and the trip was delayed for such a long time that the Kids were champing at the bit.

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The moment we reached the beach, we Volunteers have to go the extra mile to control all those Enthusiastic Kids. The game is on!!! Everybody wanted to have some fun in the water... And when kids are around, can’t escape without getting wet... All of us Played, Rolled, amused, enjoyed and drenched too.

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Few Kids with full of energy started again to build Sand Temples in beach with the help of their close to heart Thilak annaand few other Volunteers. Then Few Played Kabadi and the Final touch to fulfill the game was Rakesh. Few Mischievous Volunteers Siva, Gayathri, Shibu and cute Kids pushed Rakesh down and covered with Sand for final photograph. It’s the time for us to back to the Fort for lunch. Finally Kids & we started our boat trip...
As many Kids were in hunger we sent them in first two boat trips. Few Volunteers, Siva, Shuba, Dhana, Padma, Sasi, Shibu, Jagadheesh and I along with Nandhini and few Kids was in a condition to listen to Rakesh's mokka stories  as we were the one to start in third Trip.
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We had Yummy Biriyani once we reached the Fort again... Post lunch, where few were resting we started playing game... The game has been conducted by T. Lakshmi, the group leads were T.Thangaprakasam, T. Siva & T. Sasi and our main duty is to divide the kids equally as T.Siva has maximum Kids in his group. Then the actual game started when T.Thilak cross checked with T.Sara.... The game was quiet fun to the kids as they have to say Tomato for every question, kids questioned and answered smart.... The game came to an end with the distribution of Watermelon to everyone.
It's time to startAs kids wished we again took them near to Fort Wall and rested there in cool breeze for some time and started back to Chennai. Finally, it’s the time to say bye to Alamparai. We assembled in front of the great Alamparai for a snapshot!!!
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While in return journey our Van actually filled in more number of Kids than in the morning. As most of them in the Van was tired, Energetic Kowsalya, Sangeetha, Shanmuga Priya and Siva entertained us from the beginning by their lovely dance and smiles.
We reached the Park again for regrouping to head towards Chennai. We played for some time. Few had hot coffees and all had Yummy Yummy, Tasty Tasty Fruit Salad. I am sure we all started back to home with a smile knowing that we had the unforgettable day with the kids... I am happy that I was part of this team and special Thanks to Thilak a lovely Organizer, Volunteers where everyone became a grown Kid to see the smile in the faces of those Kids!!!!

- Gayathri Ravichandran

Thank you volunteers to bring a million dollar smile on the every kids face.
Hats Off to you guys.

Special Thanks: 

Asha Kranthi Nandigam: For sponsoring Food for the kids
Shiva: For sponsoring Drawing books, Note book and Sketch pens.
Most of the members: for Chocolates and biscuits.
Not last but the least: 
All the volunteers, who brought a million dollar smile on these kids face.

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