Nagala East, Dec 3-4

Friday, January 6, 2012
[Written by Shanta]

Hi Folks..., 

Its all about our Flying birds Trek to Nagala East on Nov - 26,27,Lead by Raj&Raj..Which was planned to be moderate. But ultimately a day before our Journey  made this Trek as Awesome Adventurous one and scaled up our team Spirit throughout the Trek.. 

Am a rookie to the CTC Treks..It was 3weeks back i come to knew about CTC through one of my friend (Thanks ARUN), my subscription was initiated on the same day, I fall prey to my email check every day til i receive the first Trek email from CTC Groups.I was in Cloud nine.. Trek mails was keep posting but r moderate/difficult/social treks.. Awaiting to pick up my EASY Trek mailer... My craziness made me to decide to push my registration for any of the next trek, It was fine Invite -  “Invitation to Nagala East, Nov 26-27” 

 In my over enthusiasm I was the first to be  registered and assured myself that surely i would be part of this Trek..My Curiosity made me to keep read blogs about CTC and Nagalapuram. It was First Shock in a form of the post , it  stated the participants will be shortlisted, then confirmed, Few would be in RAC and Even waiting list too..OMG..Is it this CTC a kind off, an other IRCTC Reservation Type..On Wednesday there was an announcement “Registration gets closed by Tom(Thu) by 5PM and chart will be prepared and released by NIGHT”... It made me too nervous. 

Will i b the luckier to get into Nagala..???  That day was a sleepless night for me, as I keep refreshing my inbox for Confirmation mail for every one hour. No emails Till Next day Rainy Friday Morning, I prepared myself to question the organizers "When will you be releasing the List" and made it. Second Shock awaited to be served on my plate , Yep.."Madam, we don’t have your name in our registration list". I become like a broken coffee mug. As it was rainy day, the luck was drizzling on my garden; I was announced as one of the confirmed participant. No words for  my excitement. Now, its time for packing up and all purchases. 

Every Event should e a Hat-trick to add spice up for the beautiful things. Here comes the Third Shock - Due to heavy rain , Few candidates has been dropped out ,so.....whats up..?? Lyk crazy kid, NO...NO...No...There are no limits. Just I have to go for it... Reach out the marvelous land of Nagala. 

Day 1: The Fresh EArly morning Coffee near koyambedu added Sweetness to Our Journey towards uttokotai. Hey guys, really it was amazing that we became friendly in the couple of Coffee shops before we start our trek. 
Once we reached the base camp Village, which was the launch pad for our NAgalapuram Eastern Trekkers, the Foods were distributed and we reloaded our stuffs with xtra 2kgs of food in our backpack and ready to explore the nature and refine ourselves with new spirits. 

We prepared to wrap up our day, the rainy clouds and Cool Breeze also takes its bow. We were astonished by the Great invite of the Greeny bushes and water streams and range of mountain peaks , they LOOK EXEMPLARY BEAUTIFY.Its nature dude!! It has evrythng...every damn thing is admirable.. 

For Every Trekker, the sun is a big deal and everyone adores. Owing, perhaps to the temperate climate, sunshine means energy and vitality.In contrast, what excites us in much the same way is rainfall . it’s invariably because the sun is out& Being a beautiful day. The rain is a sign of good fortune.  Our Rainy day ,shows that there is hope for more good things to follow. 

We Started out Quite well, with WAlk through the DAm Site , Had Few Photo clicks, and traversing  through the  Wet LAnds  and Greenaries in Terrain Forrest..To Start with our east Trek, we need to cross the first "Stream Bed"(Its an Earlier version Till a day before). Unfortunately today due to flooding by heavy rains, we were  standing near a "Stream Bank" which carries the clearwater in a rapid or fast-flowing manner. 

Our CTC Organisers take cues from the Steam Currents to plan out their operations. They identified a spot where the crossing will be easier and Thanks (Vijay,Prakash,RAj & Raj, SAM..), they set as a forerunner and tied the rope on both ends of stream, and spread across river and helped in crossing it successfully. 

Walking along the river stream, we reached the First Pool...but we couldn’t step in for a DIVE or FUN or  REFRESHNESS , because of heavy water flow.Our Further Trails turns to be muddy and slippery, which made us to opt to choose the Water surface as medium to ferry .Then we catch up on some climbing skills on the nearby cliffs along the Ferocious water. It was gradual climb, full of boulders and Slippery rocks. 

We reached the second Pool (Dead Pool),and decided this location as our Night Campstay..It made as wonder,, "Are we going to stay here..?" Everything was just wet, wet, wet... It was drizzling throughout.It was really scary about this spot; it’s a Small cave lyk structure along the river stream. 
We jam packed ourselves in two sections within that area. Dinner preparation was started in one section by collecting few dry woods and igniting them. Our Chief Cook Mehul made the  Cheesy yummy 2mins maggie noodles and it was ready to be served for the starving hungers. WE all transformed to our dry clothes, Stomach full and ready to Sleep State. 

The sounds of gushing water, silent dark nights presented some pleasant beauty infront of our eyes with our flashy Torch lights. Within a couple of hours, the drizzling rain created a ‘domino effect’ of  heavy down pour, rapid increase of water level and sudden waterfall in the vicinity(In front of the the camp stay of our cave).The gushing water entered into the Sleeping mats of some of our friends, and they relocated and we all managed and confined our coverage with in our existing arena.Missed our Light cooking utensils in the heavy water flow beautifully :-( 

It made the adrenaline pump for many of FRESH Trekkers.But Our Cool Organisers does not matter what our circumstances and their remarkable attitude and leadership gave  us affirmations dat tomorrow morning we will have more luck.WE were on the lap of NAgala hills within the warm hug of cool breeze and felt fall asleep til our better morning woke up with Smiling shine on our faces. The Sudden Night Waterfall was a Mirage in the morning. 

It was time up for our return journey which was set up 9AM in morning. Planned for a little uphill climb and down through the mutty slopes to the First pool..The Day nights heavy rain added slipperiness on the greasy carpet with loosen stone rocks and bushes too.   

These steep and lofty cliffs turned out to be Slippery Rocks a and made a small twist of operations and decided to traverse through the water stream again..,The River walk was as delightful and serene now. Today the rain and shine was in favourable measure. 

And I had numerous falls and slippages. Thanks to my friendly folks (Raj,NAveen,Surendar,Muthu, prakash, Rishi...etc... ) who helped me @ every pitfalls. Most of time I was crawling, sliding, shot jumps, pushups and frnds drag me up , Hope I didn’t do any sort of Trekking  in re-route. 

All our yesterday land trails was now a water float. But all of us enjoyed our water trek.Now we came to our final crossing, The river was still ferocious and it doesn’t permitted us to ferry over it; It was Our mission to have a vision of the eco-path again. Our Swim Leaders started to set path against the stream with the rope. Our Rope crossing was a adventurous one for most of us and some people struggled but it was all worth it. But for me..,Oops..!!!! Its Life thrilling event and made me so nervous..But the tricky ideas and exemplary approach of RAJ helped me a lot to make Slight water moves and drags made me to accomplish it. Finally we all feel a sense of personal accomplishment when your team’s efforts result in something positive..,Hurray!!!! We made it guys..!!!! 

Then our trails was smooth cat walks along the bushy plants,throny shrubs and known flat wet paths till we reach our Camp village. Finally say Good-Byes and departed with our satisfactory souls on Awesome Trekking. 

Here comes our Snacks Foodie of the DAy near to uttokotai.... A small byway shop roasting the BONDAS and RAW Bannana Bajji's.. Am sure Shopkeeper would have high turnover of the year within a 20mins time. BONDA's cost 1re and Bajji's @ 2Rs with hot and spicy KARA Chutney and Coconut Chutney was DAmn Delicious Combinations few added sweetness with Groundnut Chikkies...No limitations so we break through our tasty counts...,Followed with small dine out @border Highway dhabbas with parotas and Dosa's. We progressed to our destination on busy roads, big industries and bright hoarding boards welcoming us back to our city life. 

It was with a slight sense of pride and a cautious sense of adventure that we plumped. 

I want to add a Thank note. 
1) To RAJ & RAJ (CTC Organisers/Emperors),For giving a Wonderful opportunity to be part of CTC and cared for us in each n every aspect throughout the trek,. Gave a lot of hopes, confidence and exceptional support which are the attributes of great leadership march. 

2) All Trek mates was lyk a bird of same folks which fly together with same spirit,pace,energy and speed.And Kudos for Team Co-operation and Co-ordination and made it as pleasant trip.. 

Thought to make a small write up but I couldn’t stop nowhere in between til I reach this final line of happy moments. 

Love to see you all once again in CTC....Happy Trekking.... 



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