Mid-sea swim @ Kovalam, Jan 7

Monday, January 9, 2012

What can I say... when I am offered a chance to bob in the Bay of Bengal with like-minded souls.. It was a definite YES!!! I wanted to do this sea-diving for quite a long time but never found the right company or time and now thanks to CTC.. I have done it and enjoyed it immensely..!! Moreover.. I would love to do it again!!! Unlike the treks there was nothing to fret about because you did not require check-list to play in water!! The whole group (some freshers and some seasoned CTCians) headed towards Kovalam in the evening.. a perfect time to happily laze considering the water's warm temperature!!! 

Everybody was super excited to get to the water.. It was just a few minutes before we all got into 5 different boats with our life jackets on  and started heading towards the sea... It was like being on a lull mode.. as we are always used to steady ground below our feet.. To be on the safer side.. most of us did not attempt to stand in the boat but as in most of the cases some were trying out the famed "titanic" pose ;)

Once we were few kilometers away from the shore.. we were asked to jump into the water.. and most of us were just more willing to do so..!! And then you see so many heads bobbing around you happily.. All you want to do is join them.. It was quite a sight with so many orange vests that anybody viewing us from shore would have started wondering what it was all about!! But as the happy souls we are, we were in our own joyous world totally in sync with the sea..

We did not have to exert much as the current was just willing to help us float easily... Some were using this chance to pull pranks on their buddies while some were just too happy to pose for the shutterbugs..!! Overall it was good fun to have a salty soak for nearly 45 minute or so.. And thanks to the vigilant fishermen who ensured that all of us were safe at the end of our playtime!!


Vinod on: January 13, 2012 at 11:14 PM said...

where is this place exactly??? how do we get there and nay details on whom to contact?


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