Fresher's Party 2011: One day Trek to Nagala Eastern Entry on 25th Dec 2011

Friday, January 6, 2012
Write-Up by Asha:"Challenge yourself and you will be surprised by what you can accomplish." 
For the past 3 months since moving to Chennai, I had been looking for every opportunity to push my limits with respect to my Physical fitness. And trekking fulfilled double purpose of pushing my fitness limits and being close to nature, trees and wide spaces that I grew up around. And still at 4.00AM on 25th morning I had hazaar reasons telling me "maybe Asha you cannot do this this time. There are treks every weekend. You can go for one of those." (Vadivel has already called me twice earlier before asking about my confirmation for the trek.) And somehow I pushed myself to make it to Madhya Kailash albeit late by 20 mins. Just before 5.00 we reached Koyamedu and after completing the formalities started around 5.00PM. We were around 31 people assembled there and I had mixed thoughts of excitement, apprehension of the trek ahead and determination to make the best of it. 


On the way stopped at Poondi reservoir for few mins and while starting from there requested Sudhir that I want to drive pillion on his bike. After returning from US driving/pillion on 2 wheelers has become a tough thing and I would prefer to avoid it as much as possible. Throughout the bike ride I held to the bike tightly with the fear of falling down ;-). Around 8.30 we reached T.P. Kota, had a quick breakfast of Poli(Sweet as breakfast? I think only possible at CTC treks) and started for the trek along the reservoir edge. I ended up amongst the last people struggling to catch up with the people ahead and the hike uphill made me stop every few minutes to take a breath before continuing.And when we realised we have to go down the way we have come up, it was mixed thoughts of happiness that I skipped a little part of uphill trek and apprehension how I am I going to make it with my knee which has started hurting already. We walked downhill, enjoying the views again. 

We walked for another hour along the water, among the boulders, shrubs grabbing at whatever is available to stop from slipping, lending each other a hand to cross the water and boulders. At 10.30 we reached the first pool and the surprises seem to have just started. The cold water welcomed all of us for a refreshing dip and we enjoyed the dip thoroughly. In an hour we started from the first pool and reached the second pool. Had a quick lunch of chapathi and again plunged into the water. 

I had been scared to enter into water if the depth is more than where I can stand properly. With a swimming tube, I tried swimming and after a few attempts had crossed the pool all by myself. And surprises awaited us at other end of the pool in the form of a waterfall. 
With help from vadivel, gandhi, kiran and others crossed the shallow waters till the water fall which provided us with a good massage.  You got to be there to know what it is like to swim in pristine water with about 100+ feet high vertical rock cliffs with trees on top on all 3 sides and sunlight playing luka-chupi(hide&seek in hindi) with you from between the trees. And this is what I think pulls people again and again back to Nagala and where I also want to go again and again. 

And the walk back from the pool to the base again was a nightmare made easy with the bunch of people I was with.  Every other minute I was asking those around me to lend me a hand and I found out jumping is not the only way to cross boulders. You can roll on them to the other side, slide down them. And great conversations flowed throughout the walk back and the last surprise was the hot food waiting for us at T.P.Kotta. We gorged on it like hungry wolves, cleared the bills and drove back home with beautiful memories and new friends. 


Thanks Vadivel for organising the trek and for the extra effort you put in helping me. Thanks Raghavan for the extra distance you came to pick us up. Thanks Gandhi, Shyam, Kiran and others for lending a hand whenever I asked for, staying behind me to make sure I was fine. Thanks Padma, Aishwarya, Lavanya and Rashmi for being in the trek. Your being there in the trek ensured me permission from my parents to come for the trek. 

Write-Up by Raghavan:

Hi all, 
I have never pushed myself to this extend and its just the beginner trek. the trek was wonderfully organised right from the beginning. and although i met everyone for the first time, by the end of the trek it felt like i knew them for a long time. 

The trekking experience was really wonderful, when you look at nature it looks like god has placed everything strategically for a reason, at the beginning we were reluctant to step to little puddles of water but half way through you begin to look forward for those little streams to cool down your sore feet. and towards the top, nothing can be more relishing than a refreshing dip in the cool picnic pool. 


I was definitely exhausted towards the end and made the rocks my bed. The travel downhill sure did seem endless. and the fun of trekking is in losing the way, which we did most of the time! By the time we reached the bottom it was 6.00 p.m, and just when you think it is over there was this long walk from the hill to the cars, and boy was i tired, thanks to some good friends, i made it. After all this what stays in your mind? Bonda and Tea :) !! 

And I did bring back some souvenirs - Lot of photographs, good memories, new friends and oh ya! two broken toe nails!! 

Lets do this again!!



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