The Fresher's Party 2011: One day Trek to Nagala Eastern Entry on 25th Dec 2011

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Write-Up by Gandhi:

All the members of the trek assembled near the familiar Nathan's cafe around 5.00 AM. There are 6 cars which would be carrying all 30 trekkers to Eastern Nagala. The usual get to know questions raised and answered. 

The interesting parts of this trek are about the people with various walks of life joining together with a common interest and are roaring to go... 

The Chief Marshall of the troop Vadivel explained the route to all drivers in his own flair.  We started from there around 5.30 AM. Expect the unexpected is what is expected of a trek, and this trek is no different to that. 


Even before reaching the base camp, we welcomed the unexpected. The tyres went flat in one of the cars. The Marshalls got into the act swiftly and asked the group to move forward and took care of the situation in their own hands. 

We reached the base camp at around 9.00 am. The snacks were quickly distributed, had a bite of it, packed our bags and started moving in a slow pace....We walked in the lines of the dam enjoying the beauty of it and started gaining the pace slowly to keep up with our commanders. 

The endurance of the group was put to test by the steep trail and the scorching heat. Couple of us got dehydrated very quickly but rejuvenated themselves even quicker and started moving in pace with the group. Vadivel soon realized the steep trail that we took is going nowhere and we walked back till a small stream and moved in a different direction. 


We walked for another 30 min and reached the first pool around 11.00 AM. To our surprise the group which came in the car that had technical snag was there before us in the first pool. The entire group throng into action and thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in the pool for about 1 hour. 

We packed our bags and started another strenuous journey towards the second pool. The path had lot of small streams. We lost our track couple of times and waited for the Marshalls to show the way forward. We reached the 2nd pool around 2.00 PM; everyone was exhausted by the time we reached the 2nd pool. In a whisker of time all started unpacking their bags and had their lunch as if they had not seen food for a while :-).  


The real fun started in Pool 2 after gaining the much required energy.We spent about 2 hours here. The time spent in this pool would etch in my memory for a very long time. We started from there by 3.40 and came back to pool 1 by 5.00 PM. A quick intro to the group and then we headed back to the base camp. Another 2 hours of casual walk and finally reached the base camp by 7.00 PM.  Hot coffee and Bonda were served to all the needed souls. 

After some chit chat and exchanging pleasantries, we departed our ways and headed back to the brick jungle. Our mind is still in Nagala and is craving for more. 

Write-UP by Balaji:

It was really amazing experience for all freshers including me. 

Vadivel ,our captain headed us .He is like a army commander with lot of stamina.He climbs the steep mountain very fast....everyone wants to improve the stamina like him.Because i tried to follow him with his fast in the steep trial..but very soon i got dehydrated...soon i recovered because of my good friend Gandhi,Kiran,Asha...with their tremendous activities like Giving glucose,water,orange,Tango to me. 


Vikki alias Vi-Akram was also headed some of the groups.Always having fun with our Romeo Krishna...because of him only, return to base camp is easy to everyone.... 

Krishna-----Name itself told that he is GokulaKrishnan...always helping others....only girls...also few boys....:):):):) 

When we come back to the base camp bonda with spicy chutney and was really tasty time.. 


Guys...we will meet u the next trek.

Write-Up by ShyamSundar:

This was my first Trek with CTC, a memorable one indeed. The day started with a bit of doubt of how it would turn out as I knew no one in the group before, that’s was only till we all meet. 

I should say my first lifetime exp that on a Sunday morning or rather nite I woke up @3:30AM for something, My first meeting point was in Guindy I reached (around 4:15) there were couple of people already waiting I could easily say that they were form CTC as everyone had a backpack and the SLR hanging on their shoulder, we had brief intro and Vadivel our organizer also joined and suggested people in bike to move to Nathans café to meet the rest of the team, and they would follow. 


We had the bikes parked in the CMBT bus stand, and moved to Nathans Café. The Plan was to for 30 people trek and we had 6 cars Set and our Fav Krishna had to join increasing the count to 6 cars and 1 bike, We started at 5:30 and it was a ½ hour delayed start, our First stop was at Poondi Lake, where we had our First Group Photo there. 

The Climate was awesome, and a good sun rise effect. By the time we reached Uthukkottai one of the cars had a flat tyre, and organizers came to the rescue, Viki and senthil helped in getting the car moving while the others started proceeding towards the our next stop TP Kotta Village where we parked our vehicles and had our breakfast, we had delicious Poli’s and collected snacks and lunch and started to trek, and I should mention by that itself I was familiar and felt very comfortable with the group.  Then we reached the dam, had few clicks there.


Then we had to go up thought a steep trail after a while Vadi had to find out that the trail go no where, then we had to get back and follow the stream thistime trail was much easier compared to the steeper one, few of us couldn’t catchu up Vadi’s Pace and had to wait for him to return back for us, then by 11AM we reached the first pool. Had a great time there, I  took leap of faith and swam across to the end and I should thank Vadi for saving me out there J we spent around a hour there and then started towards the 2nd pool. The trail was good, had to cross few streams.

Then we had good lunch, few started a small cam fire to get the getting roti’s heated. Then was the challenging part getting the the swimming tubes inflated… the 2nd pool was awesome. Had to swim across a boulder, this time I took a swimming tube, and crossed the bolder to my surprise found out that  there was small but most beautiful waterfall .  we spent some quality time there, few had their personal trainer to teach them swimming . 

we started to trek back by 3:30 reached the first pool back by 5, then we had formal intro kind of thing among the entire team. Then we started back to our base camp. When we reached the base camp we had Hot Boondas, Coffee and paneer soda waiting for us. And before we could realize the trek was over, had to part in different ways with a note that we would meet for another trek shortly. 

Thanks Once again to Vadi,Viki and Sentil for making us experience such a nice trip. Thanks to my new friends (fellow trekkers I but prefer Friends) for making it a spl day of my life.

Write-Up by Arun R.S:

The trek to nagalapuram hills - eastern entry commenced by the early morning hour of 4, only CTCians and tea stall vendors were actively engaged on their independent mission, after gathering from the various pickup points throughout the city we all finally assembled in CMBT, before starting for the nagala mission, 31 of us in 6 cars and 1 bike resembled a CM'S convoy , a fact to mention our car were in the middle of it , inside the car each of us had our intro and talks continued on various issues. 

We took the long route through thirumazhisai and poondi rather than the periapalayam route as the former roads are comparatively ok than the latter one, we were able to enjoy an aesthetic  view of the poondi reservoir. 
While in the border a car got punctured so organisers helped them out. After the dawn set , we all were there in the nearby hamlet having polis and biscuits. Around 8 we all started the trek, a hour later by the planned time. Some of us waited for the car sent for repair.


We passed through the beautiful dam there and enjoying the mind-boggling morning scenario. The trail we followed was very steep and only after reaching the top we came to know that it was the wrong route, vadivelu came there to reroute us to follow the stream, by then almost all of us were completely exhausted by the long walk from village to hill bottom and then to the peak. 

On the way we all had to scream whenever we encountered dead end  and vadivelu came to our rescue, after the walk that lasted for nearly a hour and stalling for many artistic photoshoots from the expert shooters amidst us, we catched up with the gang who reached the first pool very early. Here we found  the water more soothing despite its chillness because of the exhausting walk under the sun. 

On the way I had nice chat with shyam and gandhi. Pradeep and Prabu both kept on bullying rashmi and made good jokes. Organiser vicky surprised us after we came to know that it was his 49th trek to nagala alone. The one-liner from vicky and his timings were pretty awesome and made the trek interesting By 12, we all started to pack to the dead end pool, as soon as reaching there we started to heat and eat the readymade chapathis and took a dive in the pool. 


Non-swimmers aided with the swimming tube managed to get near the small water falls on the other side of the rock. This 3 hours we all enjoyed to the core and dint know the time is passing until vadivu asked us to pack up. On the way back we sat for a moment to know interesting things about each other. Arun siva and organiser vikram captured our emotions and all the beautiful scenes in a spectacular way. Many had their shoe soles pulled out after the trek - romba nadandutaangayaaa. By 4 we all continued walking with one aim, to go back to village and eat all the bondas ordered for us.   

We had two people joining the trek in the last minute. One is krishna from bangalore and the other one is the cute little dog accompanying us even during the photoshoots. The entire lot after settling the account and eating hot bondas started to retreat back home. The trip will be leaving an eternal mark to cherish in the mind of  the trekkers. Special thanks to organisers (vadivel & vicky) and also to the cool photoshoots by Arun siva, Vikram , Kiran , Dr.Raghav , Gandhi and shyam. We all found great pleasure for being in the trek and were expecting similar trek next year from the organisers. 

Lets meet one more time GUYZ........... 

Write-Up by Viki:

That was good trek which brought memories together. I would promise with Vadivel there will be more treks coming months. The group was fun to be around :) 


This is the power of trekking in CTC to gel together in quite span of time.




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