Chennai Coastal Cleanup/3, Feb 5

Monday, January 9, 2012

CTC Mega Coastal Clean-up Update

Earth Mother says: Clean up your mess!!! We in CTC travel to sea coasts, the mountains and her valleys every week all over south India from Nagala to Palani to Javadhi! Our weekends are made bright through our forays into the deep secrets of Nature. We make community on mountain tops, pools, rivers and seas. It is time for us to give back what she has unhesitatingly offered us.

Yes, CTCians—Time to team up and clean our coast from Marina to Injambakkam. On Feb 5, we social trek for Mother Earth! Join the groove! We have conquered many a peak -- can we climb the heights of Giving?

Share this information with your friends on Facebook, SMS, Twitter, or on your website or mailing lists! Ask them to join the Cool Clean-Up Gang! Make this Chennai’sLargest Clean-Up Event of the Year!!! 

Exciting Progress so far:

Registrations:120 and increasing by the hour.

Schools - 40-50 students are joining us from D. G. Vaishnav College. What about other schools and colleges out there?

Less privileged – Our social trek organizer Thilak is finalizing 2 orphanages to be participating in our cleanup campaign. We would be arranging transport (available) and breakfast for the kids (need sponsors).

Companies – Have you told your company’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) about the CTC Coastal Clean-Up? If you have not, then please do! Several members have contacted me saying they have done so including CTS and HCLIn the last 2 coastal cleanups participating companies and external groups made up 50% of our strength.

Sponsors - a few individuals and companies have stepped forward to sponsor in order to keep the event free for volunteers. We basically require around 500 largebio-degradable bags (11Rs/piece) + 500 reusable gloves (20Rs/pair). We welcome sponsorship for any part of this amount. Companies are also welcome to sponsor caps or t-shirts with the event and company logos.

Awareness - We require volunteers to put up the attached posters in public places - web sites, profiles, Facebook, mailing lists, public places in the city (Landmark, company notice board, colleges....). Let us start rocking Chennai—we do more than trek—we serve while we trek!!!



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