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Monday, January 9, 2012
2011 is the year we had accomplished great heights; is the year we contributed to our society more firmly as ever; is the year we discovered some exotic locations less known to mankind. The best way to end the year is to re-visit the ever-green memories and to crystallize them into our hearts.

Presenting the “BEST CLICKS OF 2011”

Landscape category: 
Living upto the expectation Landscape category received the best entries.
First Place: Murali Kanth who is a freelance photographer and who is very much interested in capturing the natural light through his camera has delighted us with his capture of the “Incredible cave pool”. To know more about him visit here
MuraliKanth - Incredible cave pool - 1st place.jpg

Second Place: Raj Pandian who is a wanderlust budding entrepreneur loves reading and photography, he amazed us with his click of the Bodi to Munnar trail. This picture looked like a snake lying down on the humps of the mountain. To more about Raj visit his profile here

Raj Pandian - B2M land scape - 2nd place.jpg

Third Place: Durai Murugan an avid trekker and an amateur photographer captured the mystical clouds from the Palani peak and won the admiration of the on-lookers. To know more about Durai visit his profile here 

Durai Murugan - Clouds floating - 3 place pic.jpg

Honorary Mention: Muthu Kumaran with his click of the misty kodai brought in chillness in the bones of the viewers and brought back nostalgic memories of all Kodai lovers. Visit Muthu's profile here

Muthu Kumuran - misty mountain Special mention.jpg

Flora and fauna Category:
[Visit entries to the category here]

First Place: Raj Pandian with his magic click of the western nagala pool has discovered a “space ship” for many and an “art” for the others, won the most number of likes and comments.

Raj Pandian - flora and fauna - 1st place.jpg

Second Place: Muthu Kumaran a very calm guy during treks never fails to do magic with his clicks, with his capture of the dew drops on the tip of a leaf he has won the “wooow” of many.

Muthu Kumuran - Dew drops 2nd place.jpg

Third Place: Durai Murugan with his capture of the spider web with dew drops has surprised the eyes of nature enthusiast.

Durai Murugan - spider web - 3rd place.jpg

Honorary Mention: Koushik with his click of the sun bird on the palm of a Kodai kid has silenced down trekkers imagination.

Koushik - sun bird on palm - Special mention.jpg

Adventurous / crazy moments:
[Visit entries to this category here]

First Place: RaviKanth Kurma who is a Software Engineer loves trekking and clicking, with his crazy click of the three photographers shooting each other he has won all the crazy CTCians heart. Visit Ravi's profile here 

Second Place: Om Prakash who loves capturing people and kids, especially joyous and decisive moments has done the magic of clicking a trekker diving into the water without any clue for the viewers what is happening keeping them spell-bound. [Visit his profile here

Third Place: Rajeswar Krishnaswamy who is an amateur photographer has realized that CTC guys are the craziest people he has ever met and he acclaims this picture reflects what he has realized for himself. [Visit his profile here]

Rajasekhar - crazy moment - 3rd place.JPG

First Place: Manoj Kumar Natarajan who has realized the skill set within him for photography from his CTC seniors is a passionate photographer. His Witcher studios never fails to reflect Chennai’s different life. With his click of Mother and kid on a CTC trek he has not only won the hearts of Dudette’s but also all the Dudes. [Visit his profile here 

Manoj - mother and kid - 1st place.jpg

Second Place: Om Prakash who loves capturing kids has brought the innocent smile and peace from the eyes of the kid and won the kindness of CTCians.

Third Place: Manoj Kumar Natarajan bringing in the brightness in the face of the gal has made the gals of CTC throng for a picture like this.

Manoj gal with black BG - 3rd place.jpg

Discovery Category:
[Visit the entries to this category here 
First Place: RaviKanth Kurma who has Art as his passion from childhood has realized that Photography is the medium which lets him express himself. With the capture of bats flying inside a cave he has brought in thrill in the minds of the viewers.

Rest two places in Discovery category were dropped and allotted for other categories as Honorary mention. 

Winners of CTC Photography contest, 2011 will be provided with T-shirts each with their photographs printed on them and also a certificate of appreciation.

All those CTCians who are interested in sporting with the coolest T-shirt displaying these pictures along with CTC logo hold on for further updates. 


CTC Photography Organising team



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