One Day Monsoon hike to Nagalapuram Western Entry Peak – November 20, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Write-up by Rohit:

Amazing/Thrilling/Fun/Adventurous/Scary/Exhausting/Demanding/Exhilarating/ Panoramic. 

These are the adjectives which come to my mind when I think of this trek. 


It was one of the best days of my life so far. Earlier I used to only fantasies about Jungles, water streams etcetera, but this trek gave me an opportunity to live them in real. I am very pleased that CTC gave me this chance. Being a fresher, I was very much excited when I heard of CTC. Lucky I was to get an opportunity so quickly and that too in a medium + trek. Thanks to Vadi and Durai and the entire team for making this trek a wonderful experience. 

So, this all started when I got transferred from Mumbai to Chennai. Thanks to the web world I quickly got to know about CTC. And thence my excitement level shot up. I applied in couple of treks but dint get through. This was the third trek to which I applied and luck knocked at my door. I embraced it with open arms. 

On the day of trek, I reached Koyambedu at 4.00 am in the morning and was waiting for the people whom I never met before. Isn’t it exciting? This is one very interesting part of CTC treks. One meets new people and spends entire day or two with them in the woods, helping each other without any wants in return. These are some very fine life lessons we learn on such treks. 
Entire gang kicked off from koyambedu at 5.00 am in the morning only to halt for breakfast. We reached base camp at around 8.15 am (Courtesy to the road condition. It took 3.5 hrs to drive 100 kms). We quickly distributed the chocolates and biscuits brought by volunteers and marched towards our destination, the 800 mts. Peak. 

Right after ten steps I was amazed with the scenic beauty of the lake surrounded by mountains. It was my first moment of awe. We quickly got the group in the lens with the lake in the backdrop. 

We started following the trails and dint stop till we reach the third pool. Some fellow trekkers could not resist and jumped into the pool. 5 minutes of rest and we move to our next stop, the 4th pool. Here, even I joined others in the pool. Earlier I only swam in swimming pools; this was a real good experience. People were diving, posing. There was fun all around. Some even showed their gymnastic skills on a branch of a tree. Once everybody is satiated we packed up and moved to the fifth pool. This was the last water body on our way up. We filled all the water bottles and headed to the 800 mts. peak which would bring fore the dense bushes, rocky boulders. It was a tough terrain (given the time constraint), but we reached to the top by 2.00 pm. 


I must appreciate Durai, he was constantly pushing up the spirits of the entire group. 

At peak, the valley looked so beautiful. Some even took a power nap on the rocks. Later, we posed for the group pic and started our return journey. 

Medium + trek crossed its level when we lost the trail on our way back. There were some very steep ascents and descents terrains which we fought over. We were running out of water and food and on top of it we lost the trail. It was getting dark. At one point, we thought  we might have to camp for the night. But, thanks to vadi we found the trail without losing much time. I was so thirsty and out of water, desperately waiting for the 5th pool to show up. We could hear the noise of waterfall, it was such a relief. I filled the bottle and dude that was so satisfying, waited so patiently for this moment. Till the time we reached the fourth pool it was completely dark. Torches are out of bags now and we are trekking in dark. So much fun in one single day trek. We trekked 2.5 hrs in dark to reach to the base camp. 

Accounts settled and we bid farewell to that amazing place at 8.30 in the night. Now, our next target would be the CHicken Biryani. Unfortunataley, we got the the biryani without chicken in it. But, at that point had they served anything we would have surely loved it. After dinner, we bid farewell to the fellow trekkers and marched towards chennai with sweet memories. 

It was a great group to trek with. Hope to see them again in future treks. 

I would like to thank the organizers, Mr. Vadi and Mr. Durai. They have executed this trek perfectly. We enjoyed thoroughly. 
In the end, I must say words describe not even half of the experience. To feel it, you have to be there. 

Thanks and regards, 
Rohit Singh

Write-UP by Srini:

Dear all 

This is my second trek in ctc When the invite came without any second thought i registered immediately. I knew the abilities of Vadivel and Duraimurugan  In my first trek vadivel lead the team in a great manner and ii read a lot of post trek write ups by Durai which motivates me a lot to take part in moderate+ treks 

When i saw my name in the confirmed list i got so much excited then on i have been eagarly waiting for the day I am happy to see omi senthil ponpandi in the list who were my fellow trekkers in the past trek 

On 20 we started from koyambedu around 5 am we reached uthokottai and had break fast and reached the base came around 8 30am and people distributed fruits and energy bars we started our trek around 8 45  we took a group photo   Vadi instructed he would be going in maximum pace as this trek has to be finished in a day with out food and he added if anybody find difficult he got alternate plane for that   

we started marching towards the mountain  everyone moving fast to some distance i could maintain my pace with them after that there was a big gap senthil was accompanying me in the  middle we got confused and lost the trail then we came back and went ahead there durai was waiting for us at the welcome stream we started moving 

Again i slowed down my speed senthil was slow because of me then we reached 1st pool  we saw no sign of our group but still we are moving towards second pool after some time moorthy and vasanth came to rescue from there we four started moving towads second pool after some time we reached 3rd pool 

From there we have to move towards minikutralam when i see the rock which has to be claimbed i was not sure weather  i could claim or not but senthil and moorthy motivated me to claim up and then we reached minikutralam that time luckily vadi got through vasanth mobile  vadi came down to take us 

As i am slow i dont want to drag the other people so after the discussion with vadi i decided to stay back at minikutralam  until  they return . I felt bad that i could not maintain my pace with the group and i envy about them then i sat for sometime  lots of thoughts going through my mind finally a thought came that let me be in a let go state then on i felt afresh 

I took bath in falls and rest in the rocks whatever the movement urge me to do i just followed that sometimes i sat silently ,sometimes watching my thoughts blabbering in my mind, took bath in the chill falls,lying on the rock , enjoying the sun , so i was in complete let go. 


Suddenly a group of 7 people came there . They are not from ctc they or on their own they took bath in the falls Here i saw the difference between ctc and other groups . This group after their bath they eat their snack which they carried and left the remaining s their itself . But in ctc treks people collect every piece of waste materials and carry with them in order to not polluting the place   

It is around 5 pm vadi return back and others are following . We started climbing down as usual vadi helped us in  difficult places to safely claim down  always he is a energy booster . some people took their final dip in the welcome stream then   around 8 pm we reached the base camp 
we started our journey to chennai  on the way we had spicy biriyani  at a small hotel . I was told that usually  it is a 2 day trek but our group(except me)able to finish in one day hats off to u guys   
A lot more thanks too Vadi and Durai for organizing such a wonderful trek . Thanks to my fellow trekkers senthil,moorthy,omi,ponpondy and each one of u. looking forward to trek with u guys   

D Srinivasan



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