Namma Bangalore Trek - 6

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Write up by Damodar:

25 Registered, 23 Turned up, 15 Merged, 31 splited, 8 survived 1 Night/day trek around Bangalore to Chikballapur on last weekend

23 CTCians started towards Chikballapur town around 1500hrs on Saturday 17th Dec from Bangalore in different KSRTC buses.  After, reaching Chikballapur, the hyderbad team of 16 joined us.  We started walking towards first destination directly form town’s main bus stop. We camped at Shiva Temple on Kaurav-kunda hill by avoiding the simple steps and did the rock-climbing in the night; For a change we had an expert cook (Ramjan’s Ammi) with the rice and vegetable curry… with potato, cauliflower, peas, etc., mouth watering food
 : ) 
Then we started climbing the peak, due to the extreme chillness few of us camped below the peak and others on top, had a campfire at top. 

The next day, started with splitting the team hyderbad team moved towards other direction, we had our morning tea and started with the plan of exploring the different streams.   (23 remaining trekkers)
We started with no trials, steep mountains, killer thorns, ditches…. After climbing down this mountain around 12 noon… (4 more trekkers moved out of the mission)
Continued, with our mission in search of the streams, with a break on top realized the shortage of water : ( so we changed our plan to move in search of water and landed up in the farm house where we had our lunch and some break
After, the lunch 15 trekkers moved out of the mission…  as we expected the trek to continue till 8 pm in the night.. many of them were from Chennai
Then 8 brave soldiers went in the mission of exploring the different streams, 
wherein we explored the new campsite with water with 4-5 feet depth and flat rocks for camping, waterfalls, caves….  
This was a great finding after the 5 waterless treks happened around Bangalore
Then we started back around 5pm running, walking, climbing, through different trials, with one of the trekkers cramping his leg and leading us, other trekker motivating us with the sound “OOH LA LA… “, one trekker totally focused on the direction, one sleepwalking and sweeping at the back with the ultimate pace (covered almost 15 km in 4-5 hours time) reached the chikkaballpur busstand around 8:30pm and reach our homes around 11 pm night…

One of the best weekend for us in  Bangalore trek, WITH a powerful CTC trek ka experience

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