CTC Social Trek 35 on 4th December SUNDAY – New Life Vision, Charitable Trust Children's Home

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


For a person who never plans anything, registering a trek on time  with CTC was  quite something.. And from the time I registered I was looking forward for the 4th of December.. A day when I can have utmost fun with a gang of like-minded souls by being one with nature. . And adding to it we were also having kids coming with us from New Life Vision… Anticipation began to set in on the eve of the trek.. I started worrying about the checklist, the weather, my alarm clock.. and alas lost sleep.. but made to the pick-up point on time only to find out I was early.. It was quite a realization when I felt the early morning dew…!! Pheww.. wish the city sleeps all the time.. Ok.. getting back to the trip.. we finally started our journey towards Nagala with just a stop in-between for breakfast (which was yummy indeed.. especially quite a lot of fans for Pongal.. :) )..

When we set foot on the base.. the sun was smiling happily at us.. but even the sun can’t stop you when you see nature at its best.. That was motivation enough for us to tread along in the sun with our backpacks filled with lunch and snacks… We were happily yapping all the way.. running with the kids and pulling each others legs..with photo ops at regular intervals too..  We seemed to be walking on and on but where is the first pool?? We can hear the stream but it refuses to show up.. Our eagerness went down a bit when our muscles started to work after being lazy in the city for quite a long time.. Then when we really thought that the pool is not going to show up.. we came across a part of the stream where we could literally go and play..
And that is it..!! Nobody needed further invitation.. Everybody wanted to have some fun in the water.. And when kids are around, you got to know that the game is on!! You can’t escape without getting wet.. All of us where drenched and full of energy to start our trek again in search of the first pool.. Thanks to the regular trekkers who always gave a lending hand to those who weren’t nimble enough.. All of us were safe and made sure to help out whenever required.. And then we came across the first pool..But considering its depth..we just moved along..

The path was a bit tricky towards the second pool..but thanks to the regulars who ensured that all of us made it safe.. We just trudged further in the woods.. Some kids who felt tired cocooned themselves in the arms of our sturdy trekkers.. Some were quite eager to find out what every little thing was.. I even heard a story about magic boots from a little one… :) And alas.. we found the most loved second pool.. A haven for non-swimmers and swimmers alike.. And it was then when I realized there is no point learning swimming in swimming pool when you can’t enjoy it naturally.. but yeah there were swimming tubes to save us..
Some went to rejuvenate themselves in the pool while some made sure their tummy had its fuel before hitting the pool.. And then it was just mad rush for some time as we encountered two other groups.. Nobody could leave the pleasant pool or its surroundings but we had to trek back before it was too dark.. So all of us started to retrace our steps back towards the base.. While the lead took the kids and other trekkers.. few of us stayed back to ensure that we leave the pool in its pristine form.. The sweep party gathered the left out things and cleant the place and started to retrace the trail..
It was super fun even though we were tired a bit.. We were making the maximum out of it.. Always joking about someone or other.. The team had the right spirit and everything was taken in a light manner.. Thanks to Omi who was part of the sweep team for the above shot.. Maybe being part of the sweep gives you the added advantage of having some more fun and some more photo ops.. :P

And yeah.. finally.. the time to say bye to Nagala came.. and rightly it called for a snapshot moment.. !! I am sure all of  us left with a smile knowing that we had the best time along with the kids who enjoyed with us.. I am happy I was part of this team and yes.. I do look forward to my next trek with CTC.. Till then adios..!!!

Ishwarya Charan



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