Nagada Historical Expedition, Nov 5-7

Friday, November 4, 2011

Explorers of the past,

Get ready to travel back in time this weekend!

We got a lovely climate out there, rain is pouring down, the 100m high majestic Tada falls will be brimming with water, the water currents in the streams will be strong to give us a wonderful massage, lush green forest will appear more lush and vivid then before, prepared to get soaked for 3 days and 2 nights this weekend.

I have been detailing our mission map -

I geo-referenced an old Soviet army map of the Chittoor district to identify the exact position of several interesting human constructions (Tada fort & jeep trail, lookout post, Nagala forest bungalow and ancient road, ...) and indicated periodic reference points on our Google Map. We will download these points in our GPS to more accurately located  these various human artifacts in the field. 

1 - old jeep trail leading up the ridge along the Tada falls till the 773m peak
2 - old Fort at 250m altitude overlooking the area
3 - lookout post towards the East/Bay of Bengal
4 - clear horizontal East-West lines crossing the entire Nagada plateau, signs of old jeep tracks
(note: these lines are not present on the Soviet maps)
5 - old forest bungalow
6 - ancient North-South road connecting the Eastern and Western plains of Nagala
(runs above the North-South valley/stream dividing Nagala and Tada plateaus)
7 - 300m falls offering views on entire Nagala range






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