Diwali Celebration Mail with SIP Kids

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hi all,

Diwali the festival of lights… This year 26th October, 2011 we could experience the glittering beam of lights in our heart when we started our Diwali celebration at SIP with all lovable kids. The day began with a rain and followed with firing of crackers. Kids were enjoying the “Dammal Dummels” of the crackers and so excited to fire Sangu chakkram,Mathappu,bhusvanam, saravedi etc., All Kids were in their Diwali dress looking very beautiful in their attitude and approach towards each one of us and wishing everyone ”Happy Diwali “ introducing themselves and getting along with everyone well. Really enjoyed each and every moment we spent at SIP. We were 12 member team from CTC and IIT Madras. Excitement was filled in each kid’s eyes when it was their turn to fire crackers.
Here comes the most exciting part adhudhanga namma cultural program. Cultural program is inseparable from SIP. It was amazing to find each kid being prepared to play his/ her role in entertaining each other and making this Diwali a special moment that can be cherished throughout. It started with Josphine’s and her friend doing couple dance for song from a tamil movie it was a mind blowing performance which was a Diwali new release from SIP:). To add more color into the celebration Anandhi and Suganya  did their solo performance for 2 Songs. All of us joined together for a dance and had real fun and to add more fun rain too joined us. All the kids hurrying into their shelter was worth watching. We could feel their unity there helping each other to enter inside by not getting wet. Kids were enjoying even in the rain with their sound laughter which actually replicated the crackers sound.
When rain almost stopped we all went downstairs and gathered in a room to continue our celebration. Gathering was led by Sunita . She encouraged the kids to dance and bring out their various skills and talents. Mary and Princy sang for us. Special moment of the gathering was when Srinu started off with his gymnastic skills. It was awesome!!! Cannot stop mentioning it. Really Awesome…J  Kids are blessed with so many talents and our Diwali with SIP kids was really filled with lights. Each kid at SIP we would rather call them “Entertainers“ who made this Diwali very special. It was their love, affection and unity and above all their attitude that made this Diwali an enlightening event.  Though we really do not want to end, we came to the closure of our Diwali celebration greeting the kids”Happy Diwali” and started our way back to home. On the way there was an incident where on of our friend lost his gold chain and we had to go back to SIP to find out if it was there. For our surprise,  when she(jo) saw him there, without even asking for what he has come said Anna your chain is safe and here it is. So sweet of her and the values the Kids at SIP hold in their heart.

Diwali celebration with the kids at SIP was really really really fantastic :):):)
 * Courtesy Shiji Violet



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