Road Trip to Yercaud - Oct 8th and 9th 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

12 Beasts - 24 Energetic souls - Curvy Roads in plains - Steep ghat roads with many hairpin bends - Scenic Campsite - 803Kms of biking in 2 days - Unforgettable Experience at the Shevaroys  


The crew assembled in front of Chennai Trade Centre at 3AM, where we kick started our dream ride.The beasts marched their way out of the concrete jungle in an orderly fashion which made all the eyes on the road glued to us.

We had a blistering ride through the highway and we had to refresh ourselves with a tea break at Vellore.

After a lightning ride in the Highways, we took the diversion [2- laned road] to Tirupattur , which was a treat for the drivers with a lot of bends and curves. After a refreshing ride we reached the foothills of Yercaud at Kuppanur.


We grabbed the attention of everyone on this road with our Easy Rider Formation.


The Kuppanur ghat road welcomed us with a lot of steep curves and ascents and again this was a feast for bikers and also photographers.


We visited the Ladies Seat view point, and then to the Shervaroyan Temple which offered mind blowing views on the plains below.


It was the time to recharge our souls and we had a yummy lunch at Hotel Shevaroys. After that we proceeded in the Kavripeak road to reach Manjakuttai view point, an awesome view point amidst the plantations. We were enjoying this place with the cool breeze and few people went for a mini-trek down the hill while others were busy capturing their moments.
From there we further proceeded towards our campsite, which was near a temple in a village called Sengalathupadi. As there were rains that evening, the mud road was very tricky adding up to the challenge. 


We reached the campsite at around half past 6 and it was getting dark. The locals were very helpful and we started setting up the campsite in the grasslands around the temple in the middle of the estate.Then we started to make our yummy yummy Noodles for dinner on one side, while other side we had people setting up the tent with the tarpaulins we had since we were expecting rains during the night. After our dinner, Some spent the time near the campfire while others crawled into their sleeping bags to rest their bodies and get ready for the next day’s ride.


As we expected , there were showers that night and the tent helped us to sleep peacefully.The next day morning we followed a small trail path into the plantations, and it led us to the top of the hills and offered us a mind-blowing 270 degrees view of the shevaroy hills and the bommidi plains below.

Then we proceeded towards the Kiliyur waterfalls to refresh ourselves. We got the breakfast parcels from a hotel on the way and reached the falls.We had a steep climb down to reach the falls and the falls greeted us with cold water. We immediately splashed in to water and enjoyed it. After a good bath , everyone were hungry and we opened our breakfast parcels and fueled ourselves.

We chose the least known Ghat road to ascend from the shevaroys through its rear end. The road was very much scenic and challenging as there were hairpin bends for every 100-200 mts distance. 


We also had a full off-road track for some distance with filled with rocks and gravel. Some of our bikers made stunts in this off- road: P:P .


We reached the foothills at Bommidi and from there we proceeded to the Chennai highway via Harur , Tirupattur and by the time we touched the highway at Vaniyambadi, the clouds started to shower. Then we had our dinner at Vellore at around 9PM. Our last checkpoint after that was the SriPerumbudur toll booth at 10.30PM, where we re-grouped the bikers pillions according to their areas and bade good bye to each other. We carried very nice evergreen memories of the Shevaroys in our minds and reached back to the concrete jungle to start the next week’s Routine.

A-Team has completed yet another venture successfully and keep waiting for the next one form us.

Thanks to Sahaya Joseph , Jothivel Moorthi and Vignesh for Co-ordinating and helping me in making this trip an unforgettable experience.



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