Diwali Celebrations 2011 with a social cause- 26th OCT

Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear Member,
It was a happiest day for many both the members and the inmates of the homes celebrating Diwali.


All the dresses, crackers, sweets snacks were delivered to the homes 3 days prior to Diwali. We also exchanged the dress which didn’t fit few of the kids. 


On the day of Diwali we divided into groups and went to all the homes to which we have sponsored for the festival. 

we shared food with them...


We bursted the crackers


Few of the volunteers sponsored for dress were few bought sweets, crackers,etc. 


Happy to see the kids enjoyed our company and we enjoyed theirs. Thanks for all the volunteers for making this happen. 

We will be sharing the account details in couple of days.

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Special Thanks:

All the members who donated for the cause

Zeba: for organising the event replying the quires.
Vadivel: Organising & generating a fund of 50k from his friends for the event which made a huge difference. He also helped us in distributing the materials to the homes and taking care of event at Nalmanam.
Gurumoorthy Dandapani: Generating a fund of 10k and taking care of events at Udavuam Nanbargal Illam and Home of Hope
Hari Kumar Venkataramani: taking care of events at Udavuam Nanbargal Illam and Home of Hope
Request all the volunteers to share their experience in the following link.


S. Thilak raj
98408 73859



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