Social Trek/34 - Udavum Nanbargal Illam

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

one more awesome social trek. wanna share the trek experience via Aravind's version
As always, was very enthusiastic regarding the Social Trek. Was woken up midnight to see that it was raining helter skelter. Doubts kept running through my mind whether I'll be able to go for the trek, whether the kids will be able to join, whether the trek will happen amidst the showers.?

By the time I started from my home at 4.30 AM, Weather god was so kind as the rain subsided and was slightly drizzling. And by the time I reached CMBT, my Pickup Point, I saw that there was not even drizzle, and the 2 Leaders of the Trek were already there( Peter and Thilak). Went to park vehicle in the nearby Parking lot and by the time I cam back, found that almost everyone have assembled. After few formalities of checking whether everyone have reported, and looking for dropouts, everyone were shown the Cars they need to be seated in and we started towards the Home in Thiruninravur. I was given a seat in Prabhakar's car with Thangam and Preethi. We reached the home to see fresh and happy faces of kids who were eagerly waiting for us to turn up. 


Deva, kid from the home told me that there are few puppies at the home. I went in to explore them and found that they were perfectly nurtured by their mother( all 7 of them). Then we were called to collect the breakfast from the Caterer. Me, Prabhakar, Thangam and Vijay(Kid from home) went to the caterer and were greeted with Hot Idlis, Vadas, Sambar and Chutney to be taken. We took it to the home, 


The Kids were ready with Plates when we reached home, we immediately started to distribute the kids with Idly, Vada, Sambar and Chutney. Idly by me, Sambar by Prabhakar, Chutney by Thangam and Vada by Preethi. Also the Volunteers soon joined the Breakfast Party. By the time, everyone's tummy was full, we were alerted to pick the Lunch Packets. 

Again we started, this time me and Prabhakar went to the caterer with another Kid from home to help. The packing was in progress, and I was lucky enough to taste the Potato Fry which was prepared as Side dish for the Lemon Rice. Prabhakar was getting envious on me, as I was pretending to taste the Potato fry and eventually ended up eating almost 300-400 grams of the fry. 

After all the packing was done and the food was loaded into the car, we proceeded towards the home and picked up Thangam and Abhishek into the car, started moving towards our destination, the Nagala. On the way, we heard some weird noise from the car, and slowed down, only to find that the noise was not from car, but it was Abhi snoring in his sleep( Poor guy, has came directly from work-very committed to Social Treks :) . We reached the base camp, was given the teams to play, I was assisted by Preethi. We were also given the Glucose Packets and Food Packets were distributed. After all was completed, we started moving towards the Dam. I was joined by my Team and Peter was leading. 

We walked in Hot Sun, and was surprised to think about the fact that it was raining in the morning. Was the weather god really kind to us or was he testing our mettle, it was so hot, that the kids were getting tired of walking in Hot Sun. Then came the welcome Stream where everyone started drenching themselves and after a little bit of rest, proceeded towards the 2nd Pool. As soon as the kids saw the pool, they were running haywire in search of tubes, filled with air, and jumped into water. What a scene it was to see the kids enjoying themselves in water. 


Sinu had other plans as she had opened the food packet and started gobbling the food, justifying that she needed some energy to entertain and enjoy with the kids in Pool. Slowly I moved into a corner with my lens and started clicking photographs. Found that apart from us, there were 8 trekkers who were there on a private trek and one guy was in a near missed chance of drowning, promptly saved by Our Team and also his fellow trekkers. Slowly the kids were feeling hungry and Food packets were opened and Distributed, everyone started enjoying their food and some even took a nap after the sumptuous tasty lunch. Few were still playing in water with throw ball and other games. 


At last it was time for us to start back and we didn't want to take any chances with the Weather God, hence started back by 3.30 and walked at a brisk pace towards the base camp. On the way back, we heard that one girl from the Home  had a bad fall and was bruised. Thilak was there to take care of her. And First-Aid was provided immediately and she was ready to walk back.IMG_3880.JPG
We reached the base Camp, one of the trekker brought some sweets for the kids and it was distributed. Then the formality of Group Photo was completed and everyone started their journey back home.


On the way back we stopped at the Dam to have a scenic view of Sunset and another chance of a Group Photograph cannot be missed, everyone posed for the cam. 


We moved back to our cars and I was accompanied by Thilak, Prabhakar, Thangam and Sarathy( The caretaker of the home). Stopped Midway at Uthukottai- Chakravarthy to fill our tummy with Badam Drink and Channa, then started back and reached Home, dropped the kids, and then Started back to Chennai. From Home, Thilak moved to another car which left me, Thangam and Prabhakar to reach Chennai. Thanks to Prabhakar, he dropped us back exactly at the same place as where he picked us up. And Finally I reached home by 9.30 PM.

Another day with kids, another day of fun, another day of new experiences... What more to say....Thanks to all the volunteers for their time n efforts to bring a million dollar smile on the kids face. 
Thanks to akash narayanan and Marimuthu sponsored for one kid each.
abishek for handling accounts
Ilango, arun and vinodha for giving pen, colour pencil and stickers
ilango for the chips, ramya for sweets, neetha n krithika for snacks
Volunteers share your experience in below mentioned link.



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