Workshop on first aid, July 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mr Suriyanarayanan K J from St Johns Ambulance impressed us with his amazing style of interactive teaching and was able to get our undiverted attention for 6 continuous hours.

Below a few presentations and videos which he shared with us. I also included my personal notes taken during the session which I feel will be useful for common issues we face during treks.






CPR // facing some difficulties to upload - will share shortly

My personal notes

Priority - Breath => Pulse => Bleeding => Burns => Fracture => ...

DR - danger, response
ABC - Airway, Breath, Circulation

Not breathing - check breathing, mouth to mouth (16/minute), tilt head, lift chin backwards to open airway, look for obstruction, remove obstraction,..

No pulse (check neck pulse) - both hands interlocked on lower chest bone, press 2-3 inches (steady rythm)
Heart can survive for 12 minutes, 2 ventilations folowed by 15 compressions at the rate of 100 compressions per minute

Cut/bleeding - apply direct pressure to stop bleeding, keep wound higher, restrict movements to the injured area
Heavy bleeding - tie off blood flow, release after 2min or body part will die

Salt water best to clean (best anti-sceptic)

Snake bite - reduce blood flow => calm down, keep higher, no movement
Insect bite - clean (soap, salt), wash and wipe throughly

Fracture - immobilize, don't move body part (causes pain)
two people - use interlocked hands, take wrists, carry person out
three people - lie flat, put hands underneath, interlocked hands through bending fingers

Sprain - keep cold + reduce blood flow => keep higher, apply pressure
if cannot move fingers, toes => fracture instead

Cramp - take fluids + increase blood floow => keep warm, rub/massage

Choking - bend forward, hit upper back, grab from behind and pull in stomach

Fitz - outburst of electrical activity from brain, body can't absorb => body tries to release it
disconnect between brain and body
45-90 sec max, temporary mem loss
do nothing, can't change it, relax
provide warm, sweet drink
giving metal piece is myth

Generally - support victim psychologically - relax, talk, calm

Burn - cool for 10min (cool water, ice), reduce heat
best: continuosly poor water - stop fire, cool down, prevents infection
next: wrap blanket (cut fire) and immediately remove (do NOT trap heat)
stop running, drop, roll

First aid kit -
aspirin => less pain, less anxiety, thinner blood, max 1/day
wash and wipe (soap, salt)

Dehydration - after feeling thirsty
=> do NOT gulp, one sip every 15min (1 bottle => 2 hours)

Contact Info

Suriyannarayanan K J
Additional Commissioner
St John Ambulance
Tamilnadu Brigade Wing
94446 72020



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