Social Visit - 25th July 2011 Gurumurthy's Birthday

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Post Social visit Mail- Guru’s Birthday @ Prema Vasam
First I would like to thank Gurumurthy for celebrating his birthday in a home.
The social visit is an opportunity for us to understand what a kid from such a home – Love & affection. And to know what is their requirements food education etc., which we can fulfill.

As soon as the kids say us they were so happy which we can’t explain in words. They still didn’t forget us after all the 2 social treks and couple of social visit. They were asking by name about our members who joined us on the Social trek. For many of us, we feel happy in spending time with them but for them It’s a great impact. Impact, that creates a strong bond.
We gave two print and laminated photos of the social trek. One is a group picture and other a collage of clicks. Thank to Hari Balasundaram for the click and print.


Home people had bought a cake for Guru. He cut the cake with the kids singing the birthday song


Then the kids shared their wishes by a bite of cake to Guru.


Initially we thought of making the kids who have birthday cutting a cake along with Guru. We had bought a cake for that. But as we don’t want to disappoint the kids we made guru cut the cake they hav bought. We asked the kids cut the cake we bought.


All the members who joined had a yummy food along with the kids. Feed them as well.
A big thank you to all members who attended the event and made it as a grand celebration…
If any member who want to celebrate their birthdays and wedding anniversary or want to help in any other means please get in touch with us.

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