Nagala Treasure Hunt, May 28-29

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5 competing squadrons, 5 dropping points, 5 challenging missions, 1 common target hidden deep inside the mountains - welcome to CTC's first treasure hunt!

This combo-trek aka treasure hunt is open to everyone with a good physical fitness level and active trek experience (in or outside CTC). A treasure has been hidden deep inside Nagalapuram mountains @ latitude 13.513164 North , longitude 79.801598 East. 5 compact squadrons, each lead by experienced field commanders, will be dropped at 5 different streams around the Nagala mountain range. Objective of each squadron is to proceed as one unit as fast as possible and locate the hidden treasure -


Battalion A - Mountain Kings
Commanders - Guru & Pradeep
Drop point - Western Eastern entry #1, frequently visited Western Entry (Southwest)
Trail - gradual climb from 180m till 600m, steep 200m climb over kutralam falls, moderate


Battalion B - Warrior Princesses (open to girls only)
Commanders - Ashwini, Sailaja, Meena
Drop point - Eastern Eastern Entry #1, well known Eastern stream towards picnic pool
Trail - gradual climb from 100 to 350m, various deep pool crossings, moderate


Battalion C - Eastside Warriors
Commander - Rajanna & Thilak
Drop point - Eastern Eastern Entry #2, less known Eastern stream (Southeast)
Trail - gradual climb from 100 to 600m, steep descent into stream, 15m vertical rock climb, tough


Battalion D - Pirates of Nagala
Commanders - Alex & Karmu
Drop point - Western Eastern entry #2, less known Western stream (Midwest, mission Ex/1)
Trail - very steep ascent from 150 to 600m, initially dry, gradual descent to 350m, awesome views on Western plains tough


Battalion E - Chennai Trekkers
Commanders - Vikram & Brijesh
Drop point - Nagala Western Entry #3, less known Western stream (Northwest, picnic/1)
Trail - steep ascent from 150 to 500m, initially dry, steep descent back to 250m (stream), steep climbs, awesome views on Western plains, tough




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