Western Ghats Bike Trip, March 18-20

Friday, March 25, 2011

Total Distance Covered: 1600kms
Places visited and route: Chennai-Trichy-Dindigul-Theni-Meghamalai-Surli-Cumbum-Ramakalmedu-Idukki-Munnar-Top Station-Munnar-Eravikulam Nation Park-Marayoor-Chinnar Wildlife Sactuary-Udumalpet-Tirupur-Salem-Vellore-Chennai
Common Expense: 635 rs
Other Expenses: Petrol for individual bikes
Photos: Jason
1. Naveen in unicorn
2. Jason in R15
3. Gururaj in New Karizma,,,,
4. Sandeep with Kaushik as pillion in his Royal Enfield
Visual cues:


Well , what actually seemed to look like a dull weekend turned out to be really interesting. We decided to visit Idukki lake and ride in the beautiful ghat roads. Here is a brief notes abt the trip.
5 members from CTC decided to visit Kerala.We started on Thursday evening and rode all the way till Theni. The route taken is Chennai-Trichy-Dindigul-Theni. We camped by 3 30am in trichy in a marriage hall.
After just three hrs of sleep, we kick started the bike and rode and reached meghamalai. Though nothing fascinating there, the roads will really test ur skills with the craters it has. We reached the top and after getting scoldings from Dam Police, we thought its better to ride back. Once down on the plains, we saw Surlli falls was just 20kms. The roads were good with yellow and green looking agri fields on either side. After back to the main route, we reached cumbum. The road from cumbum to cumbummettu was jus too good.. pretty cool air and nice ghat road. Myself and Kaushik were the first to reach there. The plan was to camp in idukki. Gururaj, Jason and Naveen reached after 30 mins. And some one told guru that Idukki is 300 kms from here and that poor guru was shocked that we had to ride all the way to idukki. But Idukki was just 40 kms away. But we decided to camp in Ramakalmedu in the open grasslands. Its also called as Cradle of Wind. We reached the top of ramakalmedu and started the photo sessions. Jason with the camera was simple too good. It turned out to be really chilly night. Dew drops drenched us but all were fresh the next morning.
The roads were decent all the way till idukki. We visited the famous Arch dam. It was really hot. But regular lime soda helped. Then we went to a nearby small peak and had aerial view of the Idukki Lake. Its truly fascinating. The surrounding Western Ghats formed a kind of barrier and the water was in between those mountains. We stayed up for sometym and went in search of a tunnel which actually takes u to the lake. Atlast we found it. Was kind of marshy. Pitch dark and abt 500mts in length. We started walking towards the other end. We saw few bones and with poor torches, we decided we wil leave it for next time. Trust me, it really looked scary. Munnar was some 80 kms away. After filling our tummies with couple of orange juices, we rode till munnar. While doing so Guru and Naveen got separated. After more than hours of waiting, me and Jason decided its better to reach munnar and try to call them as in the ghats we dint have any signal. As usual these guys already reached munnar. Now the job was to look for a camping spot. We decided to camp above munnar in top station. The locals prohibited us in going as they said elephants would be on the roads during night. It was interesting so we started the engine and rode. It was too chill. We found a beautiful church next to the dam and camped

Next day we went to the final point in Top Station and reached munnar again. Then the plan was to ride thro Eravikulam and Chinnar National Park. The roads were amazing. With huge mountains on either side and chill breeze, we enjoyed the ride. We also saw Ghilli like Kabaddi match and few Gaurs in the game as well as in the National Park.
Finally we reached Udumalpet. The question now was whether to parcel the bike or ride all the way again. Since we were there by 6, we thought we can ride back. So the journey began again.
But it took us nearly 9 pm to come put of Tirupur which looked like mini Las Vegas with lights all around. Pretty confusing. Then on, it was just the ride. By 3 30am we could see that Vellore signboards. We were pretty delighted abt the distance we covered. We were fighting sleep. Jason and Naveen after having tea. Me and Kaushik came up with all funny songs and dance movements on the bike to stay awake and ride. It definitely made us be awake but we never moves because of flat tyre. The wish to go home by 6 am and sleep for couple of hours before office was crushed. We found a shop with phone number of a mechanic. The guy on the other end said he wil be ther by 6 30. So we waited and waited. Finally after patching the puncture we rode on and reached by 9 am. It was amazing 3 days with new friends.




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