Social Visit 3 - March 13 - Saranalaya Children Home[Post Visit Mail]

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello Everyone,
I would like to thank all the volunteers who made it to the social visit. Special Regards to Mr. Karthikeyan and Mrs. Soumya Karthikeyan and Arvindh Selvaraj for taking the initiative to celebrate their special occasion with the underprivileged kids. Arvindh had to go to USA on Friday and had gladly accepted to sponsor his half of the costs. Thanks a lot and god bless the couple and the gentleman.

Mr.Arvindh Selvaraj

Mrs. Sowmya Karthikeyan and her brother Sundar.
The trip had started the usual style with all the volunteers assembling at their respective pick up points on time. We had to wait in Porur for 15 minutes and Neetha, known for being an adept artisan did not waste any time in buying Chocolates for the kids and Frooti for the volunteers. Nirmal had duly collected all the empty frooti boxes in a cover and was last seen carrying them in Thoraipakkam area, close to his house at 1530hrs.
We reached Saranalya Children Home around 1015hrs and immediately set out to different activities with the kids.

Some played volleyball, while some played in a swing.

Post a brief singing session, we decided to cut the cake. Eat some of it, spread the rest on Rakesh's face. We had a top secret story telling session, wherein a couple of our regular members shared their love stories. This was exclusive for social visit participants.

We had our lunch at around 1300hrs, post a small prayer and Thilak choose to eat from anda

while a few of us were waiting for plates.

As per CTC customs, a Group pic at the end.

Does anyone want to spend their special occasion with underprivileged kids. Please register in the link given below. There is one more social visit coming soon to celebrate birthdays of 2 more registered members in March.
Amount donated by Mr and Mrs. Karthikeyan: Rs.2000/-
Amount donated by Mr. Arvindh Selvaraj: Rs. 1000/-
Amount donated by other overwhelmed volunteers at the end of the visit: Rs.1900/-
Cost of Cake: Rs. 900/-
Cost of lunch: Rs.1700/-
Donation made to the orphanage: Rs.2300/-

(Exempt from IT  \m/)
Maruthi Raj M



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