Social Visit/2 - Nethaji Mercy Home - Feb 13

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Members,
First of all, I would like to thank all the participants for making a memorable night. Special regards to birthday boys Vadivel, Koushik and Deepak for their intent to celebrate special occasion with the underprivileged kids. Thank you boys. We had chosen an orphanage within the city limits for the first time and there were no problems in finding and assembling close to the place. Barring a few late comers, most of had assembled at the Sangeetha restaurant at Velachery 100 feet road by 1800.
We went to the orphanage and started interacting with the kids. I had earlier told Peter, when he asked whether we had enough transport that, we had enough to take them out for a social trek. It hardly took him 5 mins to realize that we could actually take the kids to the beach. Being a CTC event, volunteers immediately jumped on their feet on the idea. Kids were wondering what was wrong with these 'annas and akkas', who were they more excited than the themselves.

Once, we reached Thiruvanmiyur beach, the group split into three and started building sand castles. Beach Goers were curious as to what was happening, and appreciated the initiative when i told them about social visits.

The kids soon diversified itself into other different activities.
(Zeba, did you notice the piece of plastic water packet, Location: Thiruvanmiyur Beach)

Some of them supervisory.

We cut the birthday cake and used the same to apply some facial to the birthday boys.
Peter had built a huge castle along with a team of volunteers and kids, including boundary walls. We took a group photo along with the castle and later demolished it.

We left for the orphanage and reached there around 2030 and had a sumptuous feast with the kids involving fish curry, fish fry, prawns, chicken fry. I should probably ask a vegetarian to update their menu, but i did hear that there was a vegetarian menu as well. All i remember was post a small prayer, during which i was focussed on the banana leaf below, after which i dug in.

CTC is not just a trekking club that also involves itself in social and community activities, it also a club that helps you build a larger network of friends and a few ever lasting friendships. These gentlemen had just a few hours before.

We took a group pic before or after our dinner, as i said, i was too focussed on my banana leaf, to remember the sequence of events around it.

Thank you participants for the wonderful evening.

Do register yourself in the link provided below if you want to celebrate your special occasion with the underprivileged kids.

Maruthi Raj M



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