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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Before i start the writeup, i would like to thank the following members for making it a memorable night.

Rupesh, Deepan.S, Rakesh Chandrasekaran, Ram, CHANDRABABU, Aravind R, sathish G, Shibu Alexis, Shanmuga Raja(AKA, Rocket Rasa), Peter, Sinu, Gokulnath.S, Chandrika R
Guru, Zeba, Radhika, Sujai and any other unregistered participant i might have missed(Rare but just in case). Personal regards to Sunita, the birthday girl and Thilak, the pioneer of social activities in CTC.

This CTC trip started of in pretty much the grand tradition of trying to get everyone together in a timely fashion. We finally collected near the Vinayagar temple next to the Anna Nagar West Bus Depot. Unfortunately the birthday girl could not make it with valid personal reasons. The convoy then took off towards the orphanage. After many twists and turns we arrived at the destination. The thought did cross my mind to suggest the next CTC navigation class be held in finding the way and getting back from the orphanage or may be a maze game to find a way to find SIP Home from Retteri:-)

Our arrival was eagerly awaited by the kids at the orphanage. As kids want to be, they were much more at ease with the new adult faces and better prepared in breaking the ice. With big smiles they asked our names and gave theirs in return. It was rather overwhelming to try and remember all the names! We broke out the sweets and chocolates we had. One of the volunteers got 'Bhuswanam -- aka the Hershey Kisses'. Some of them wanted to fire up the "bhushwanams" -- and they claimed it with serious faces.
Photos coutesy Ranjith; Write up courtesy: Ram with a few additions by me

The highlight was playing some sort of clapping game with the girls in which they claimed boys are lazy, the male participants too happily recited the sentence in the flow . We were amazed to see the young girls realize such complicated truths at such a young age. Brilliant, i say.
True to the CTC customs, we settled for a group photo, except for the poor photographers.

We cut the birthday cake along with an extended version of Happy Birthday. Sunita would have cried, had she listened to the young kids wishing the best for her. Suddenly, the cakes were missing from the plates. Um, where did they go?

Cake cutting was followed by some dancing. The kids had oodles more talent than the shrinking violets from CTC. Soon it was a mish mash with everyone dancing to the tunes set by a self appointed DJ.

Our founder made some hip moves, that were more like hops.

This dude Rakesh was ditto Bhagyaraj, the one at the back was MJ reincarnation. Million dollar question: Who do you think wrote this?

Sujai, a veteran member, is a super singer.

What a feeling, pinita machi.

But why are you having a anda in your hand?

We ended the night with a sumptuous dinner. The smaller kids were half asleep and some of them were fed by the CTC folks (that was a very very very nice gesture y'all!).

The kids all wanted to know when we would be back!!!

Some of us got to hear the difficulties faced by the numerous orphanages all around Chennai. There is a definite need for food, medicine, money clothes, toys -- you name it! Out of the 10,000 CTC members it would grand to have more folks sign up to spend a birthday with these kids. At the very least your personal burdens will feel lighter when you realize how much a little giving can go to lift up these young spirits.

Please join us in the future. We would like to thank every volunteer who made it, special regards to those who absconded from work. We do not encourage such behavior, but it was nice of you guys.

Lastly, we would like expose some shy volunteers who seldom turned up in pics. Most of the pics were occupied by regulars, as usual.

Maruthi Raj M



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