Social Trek/23 - Nov 14 - Arumbugal Aalayam

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sharing a few moments from Sunday's 23rd social trek - one of the best we had so far - I will let the photos and participants speak for themselves:

[Volunteer 1] First of all a heart full of thanks to the organizers who made the day a very very very special children day. Sharing things with ur close friends makes u happy but yesterday i learnt that, sharing things with people whom u know for just 4 to 5 hours has more hidden happiness.... it was crazy and more funny.Right from transport, breakfast, helping each and everybody to jump over the rocks, the yummy Maggie in small boxes, buffet dinner with hot hot fried rice.. parathas.. roti dal and the mind of everybody to make those cute pasanga(Chidren) happy... everything was shared and enjoyed to the most. This is my first trek with CTC and its was special as it was a social trek. The smile that we brought in their faces will long last for years guys.... both in our hears and theirs. And to say abt CTC members in one word... WOW... Energy,Enthu and at the same time safety and the care for the children never lost the josh.. i have been to outing with many groups but this group was amazing.... and Nagalapuram was a treat to my third eye..... just a two hour of drive from Chennai and a two hour of trek... I am sure 50% of Chennai's population will never believe if you say this...... When you get a perfect place to use your DSLR and an stunning people who never get tired of giving pose to the lens.... then it means your gifted with something special...... Who in the world will miss this opportunity...

[Volunteer 2] I have been many treks with CTC but this is my most enjoyable moment. Bcoz “CUTE KUTTI PASAGA” I enjoyed lot. That too “SWATHI” so cute girl. She call me like “MOTTI BOSS” I like very much. And guys you know one thing after finish my night shift and came to join Tidel park to organize the people’s I was so sleepy. Whn I seeing CTC’n in Tidel Park and they all r so “ENTHUSE” I forgot everything. And when ever we start trek from 1st pool only we have start enter into water. This is 1st time from the starting point DAM itself till the end point DAM water fabulous ending. And sharing with unknown new friendz.

[Volunteer 3] My first thanks to organizers for shortlisting my name and gave me this wonderful opportunity.This is my first trek with CTC and I never enjoyed like this in my lifetime.
To be honest, even in my sleep , i felt like climbing the rocks , falling in water :)
Thanks to the kids of arumbugal alayam who showed me so much of love and infact they were keep on telling me "akka pathu vanga"(to walk carefully). This trek taught me so many things out of those one significant incident i would like to mention , yesterday after the trek i got into one share auto to reach my home, i was giving my hand to a woman who found difficulty in getting into that share auto, i was wondering how suddenly i gave my hand to her which i never did before whenever i go in a share auto. Thanks to all volunteeres who taught me this tendency to help others without any hesitation. I got many wonderful friends and to name a few are Sudhir,Rakesh,Abishek,Charu,Nandhini,guru,raja and so many other friends without them i would not have enjoyed much.Last but not the least , thanks to everyone who helped in transportation, serving food, leading the kids, taking photoes which made the journey an unforgettable one. Though I did not bring any camera, i am happy to see those wonderful moments in other's cameras.On the whole, it was worth spending a day of my life with this cherishing memories. Hope to see you all in the next trek.... bye for now.

[Volunteer 4] One of the most memorable days of my life( The pain all over the body), makes me remember the day over and over again. A bunch of enthusiasts all of us am sure enjoyed every moment of the trek.

Thank u CTC. GOD BLESS U GUYS I am sure the Kuttys also had a great day as well.

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