Diwali Celebrations with a social cause Nov 5th

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The colourful Diwali CTC had this year.
4 teams of CTC members visited 4 different homes in and around Chennai bringing million dollar smiles in many faces who is actually in need of it.
We met…
Anbu Illam
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Namrutha Children’s Home
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Udhavum Nanbargal Illam
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SIP Children’s Home
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We Played…
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We ate…
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We Danced…
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We burst crackers…
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Happy to see the kids enjoyed our company and we enjoyed theirs. Thanks for all the volunteers for making this happen.
Few of the volunteers sponsored for dress were few bought sweets, crackers, games etc.
Special Thanks:
Jean Ellefson: Rs.13000/-
Gita Rao: Rs.10000/-
Dhana: crackers worth Rs.1000/-
Nivya: Rs.1900/-
Manish: Rs.1000/-
With this fund of Rs26900/- we were able to provide:
Anbu Illam Dress
Namrutha Dress
Anbu Illam Crackers
Udavuam Nanbargal Illam
Balance of Rs.3700/- will be given to Anbu Illam for buying cloth rack.
Donations to the Homes:
Sasirekha: sponsoring special food for Udhavum nanbargal Illam
Kavya: Rs.3750/- (given to Udhavum nanbargal Illam as donation)
Arjun: Rs.1000/- (given to Udavuam nanbargal Illam as donation)
Sunitha: Rs. 2000/- (given to SIP Home as donation)
Rs 3000/- towards food to Anbu Illam (share by the volunteers visited Anbu Illam)
Rs. 3100/- towards food to Namrutha (share by the volunteers visited Namrutha)
Vadivel: helping me in purchasing and collecting donations. He also helped generating funds through his friends.
Request all the volunteers to share their experience in below link.



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