MONSOON CHASERZ ~ Bike Trip 22,23 & 24th October 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

what will ya do when ya dont get tickets for a destination that z 350km awayyyy?
simple.... drive all the way.... ohhhh yeaaaaaaaah thatz wat i want. (dz was the reaction when changed from ~PlaN A~ to >PlaN B<)


what will ya do when u r tierd aftr riding 450km aftr a heavy days work without any slp? n u couldnt find ur comfy bed?
simple.... slp on da road or on a platform, nothin can match that pleasure.


what happens when ya drive down the toughest roads?... wait did i say roads? sorry some random path where in which only suv can be driven with bestefforts... n u find ur self lost in unknown land n itz raining like crazy, rain drop is like a snow flake n u feel like ur skin z bein pierced, wat do u do?
Simple... we came 4 riding letz ride dsnt matter whr we go lets see whr dz path leadz...

What happens when ya finaly rest covering 550km of NH road n 120km of unknown path filled with 1ly sand & gravel?
Simple... feast on yummy local food. njoy the icy weather, laugh on all d incidents happened from the start till the point n finally snuggle inside the
sleeping bag.
what happens when ya skid on hair-pin bend n find urself on the road with injury in ur leg? or ur get a flat tyre?
Simple... get urself & ur saddle fixed n start to ride again.

What happens when u r dead hungry n all u culd find z a smallest tea-stall aftr a tiering ride?
Simple... eat everything n drink anything u can find in a tea stall n finally pay only Rs:248

what happens when u find 'kambli poochi'(gypsy moth larvae) hanging like spider man from the tree tops n ready 2 attack you when u drive ?
Simple... drive n dodge jst like neo does...

What happens when it rains non-stop n u have 2 ride?
Simple... njoy da ride, thatz y we are called ~ MONSOON CHASERZ ~

11 deadly machines... pushed to itz max limit,
19 brave men... saddled up n rocked da NH n GHATS like never before,
24/7 non-stop ride, 24/7 non-stop rain, wet cloths, wet shoes, slippery roads, freezin weather, numb fingerz, accidentz, flat tyrez, nothing can stop us...
Every show stopper was only making us to push ahead hard n lively,
Every road was warring us not to ride but we never stoped...

Engines roared... Hills trembled... Roadz ditched us... Forest put our nevers to test... Only weather welcomed us with rain...


our heartly thanx and hugs to Peter who has been a source o inspiration to every1 around.

let CTC live thru the age o Earth

let Nature b as b e a utiful as it z alwayz

let us pay her da respect for da joy it givez us

Our fellow brave warriors we salute u & thank you once again for make this trek a goooooooooooooooooooooooood1. we luv u all n gonna see you all soon again...

Pradeep M
Ashok R
Hari Sathiyan
Saquib Aslam
Rajinikandh Manoj Kumarviki

n hey, oops yeah d pictures... find in the below links... click, watch n get ready 2 ride with us next time :)


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