Hampta pass trek, Sep 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Total participants - 15
Start date :18 th sep to 26th sep 2010
Day 1 18th September Saturday Morning flight to Delhi and night travel to Manali by A/c Volvo Bus
Day 2 19th September Sunday Manali - Due to rain and logistics issues stayed at Manali
Day 3 20th September Monday Pandu Ropa to Chikka - via Prini to Pandu Ropa - Jeep / Trek
Day 4 21st September Tuesday Chikka to Balu Ghera - Trek
Day 5 22nd September Wednesday Balu Ghera to Shiragoru , over Hampta Pass - Trek
Day 6 23rd September Hampta Camp to Chattru - Trek
Day 7 24th September Friday -Chattru via Rohtang to Manali - Jeep / Trek
Day 8 25th September Saturday - Morning Rafting at Bias river,evening to delhi by bus
Day 9 26th September Sunday Reach Delhi in the morning and fly back to Chennai

Poem by Mrs Gikkie Ponnuchamy.
I would not let go, my heart for behold,
I never ever by the side of my kith
Mad would I become if I get attached...
Where am I to find my affection and love?
Can the colour of the fruit show out side
Is true or a mirage?
But I find real love and affection without any trade
After. All. I really loved, missed u all.
Understand in hampta pass
Gained my endurance , love& will power
Looking best and best of human
Again understand in my life
I have born to love people.


The Himalayas - land steeply rising up  from the plains we pitched our tents on, to  form  rapid strokes of mountains and valleys - Majestic and imposing are the himalayas - let none doubt that;and under our feet the terrain was mossy in patches,slippery rock surface some,craggy boulders calling out deceptively  - "come step on me,i won't give away until you pass" - teaches you to stop,stare,doubt and change course and quickly teaches you to dart from rock to rock in confident moves...the himalayas,a teacher all the way.A visual treat - where do I start describing - The flora... flowers of such rich colour,one could swear it was the work of a painter just filling in fresh paint,the violets,blues,greenest of greens and haziest of greys and browns - they came in all tints and hues!
The Beas - rough and unruly many times,soft and playful at other times,lazy and dragging herself almost like still water that you need to look closer to detect a motion there when she divides into many weaker tributary-like formations ... in forms and moods of all kinds! The rough,unruly waters of the Beas challenged us to cross over;many such brooks had whole trees laid across them and you doubtfully looked down at the scary pace of the water running beneath.... one slip and you are history!One learns to rely on one's good sense and confidence.AT one point where the river cut our paths yet again,this time challenging us without a possiblity of a bark,we formed a strong human chain to steadily and surely have each transported to the other bank... yet another lesson of trust in humanity - "We are, our only hope" Alone and single,none could have hoped to get to  safety - Comradeship of first grade amongst total strangers - has the few days in the severely strict Himalayas.The Himalayas -a teacher all the way ....   The beaming sun ,a special beam this, partnering with the Himalayas, now like a huge torch that shone harshly down and overcast grey next moment threatening to pour down,again switching in the next many seconds back to a sunny aspect even as the trekkers quickly grapple with their 'barsati' over their rucksacks..  ....all the way it was raw nature teasing us earthlings that tend to cling to the cozy,secure nests we call home.It teased,it tested and it taught...
  The huge expanse seemed to indicate that whatever trial you may be going through in life is so small and inconsequential.Life is a journey and that road of life beckons further beyond our immediate small contexts,towards what is possible and the possibilities are beyond all scope that we currently imagine.The huge,belittling, but assuring and constant presence of this truth that has withstood the test of time - The Himalayas is truly a legend! 


Eat, Sleep, Sleeplessness, Drink, Pain, Friends, Love, Care, Understanding, Team work, Laughter, Stomach ache, Depression, Water rafting, Cold, Headache, Rain, Beautiful clouds, Mules, Sherpas, Dinner in tent, Stream Crossing, Weight lifting [backpack], Fear of heights, Tasty food, Camera snaps/pose, Confusions, Misunderstanding, Sense of achievement, Feedback, Wet cloth, Ice cream, Shivering, Dearness, Carelessness, No fixed goal. Well among all these we were also in Hamptah Pass.

The above sentence is just enough for this post and rest to follow is merely hints development.

My mother asked me if she can Steam Iron my new Track pants [people always call it this way] minute before i set my foot into the cab to airport. In response [most importantly] i gave her a stare maintaining my cool image.

I reached airport quite early and met Sam. In fact we both were staring at each others backpack and weird sleeping mats. Everyone in airport gave me a strange look. And i too gave them back the same and i had no other choice. Sam approached me with his fingers pointing at me and i knew we both are going to tent and carry the backpacks in coming days. First time in the history of treks we first lifted each others backpack and checked the weights. Mine was lesser than his. But still never less, this guy looked very fit and he can carry my backpack too. Sam's backpack looked very nice and it was nOt aN InDian make by first look. On the second look i could not make out really. Like in school we do, i was eager to look at other backpacks coming soon.

Slowly people started assembling in front of krishna sweets near the departure 1. Dr.Raja, Harsha, Prasanna and Pavan were waiting. I had seen Pavan before so i just moved towards him and shook my hands. He is a strong man and not a person to give your soft hands.

We then entered the departure and then it was the arrival of Dr.Sudhakar. This guy was wearing a light weight trousers. Rest of the weight were in his backpack trying to come out anytime. I believe he carried the heaviest backpack among us. Sushanth introduced his friend at airport to our group. This guy hardly smiles but its worth waiting for the moment. He does it quite handsome.

Prasanna was merely out of the world already and this guy is loaded with excitement. Power house with backup. If you are near him, you would also feel the same. He is like a healthy sickness. Never say die attitude. Tries out new things. Mohan and Vignesh are friends and room mates. They did not talk much. But both the guys were waiting for their moment. Relaxed and ever smiling. Arun joined us late and this is the one whom i used to call quite often before the trek. I used to discuss with him on what to purchase and how to pack. I at times remind him that his outgoing is not barred and he can call me anytime. Later never happened but ! Arun is a confident person and moves well with everyone.

Am going to spend next 9 days with these people [and 4 more to join at Manali/Delhi]. We bought few water bottles in a shop before the security check. Few people had bite to eat to bite. We all then boarded the plane. I was quite excited to travel in plane and prayed for oora [corner] seat. My wish came true i got the corner seat. But only the number really. Problem was there was one human being already sitting. I felt like complaining Air hostess akka. But you know cool image is as important as the oora seat. I compromised on the later though !

But thanks to the oora seat guy [Dr.Sudhakar], He gave us a nice company. But the problem was i was sitting in the corner seat and quite rightly cornered by 2 doctors sitting near. They started discussing medical and all i could do is nod my head. Thankfully i also nodded my head to the air hostess and the result.. a tasty sandwich. Pavan gave us the liberty and more necessarily the money to fill our stomach. Dr.Raja is a soft spoken person. I wonder Sudhakar's voice is audible even to the pilot in the cockpit. Its not about the loudness but it is the clarity and strong tone. Sushanth was missing and said to be found somewhere in the cabin. He moved inside the plane like an invisible man. Courtesy the air hostess.

We landed in Delhi airport around 3:00 pm evening and collected our backpacks + sleeping mats + tents. Used the trolley to help ourselves till the road. Pavan had booked 3 cabs. We knit out bags on top of the cabs and moved towards Karol bagh. This is the place where we catch our bus to Manali. This place is calm place and not much traffic. Its unlike delhi. The group started to mingle well. We took few snaps. Arun was quite enthusiastic and moved well with everyone. I was still in a dormant phase. As an ice breaker i accompany Harsha to buy Mineral water and burger in Mac Donalds. Few folks went out for eat and rest were looking at the luggage.

Anu had just arrived from Singapore -> Delhi airport -> Karol bagh bus stand ended near a Bunch of Backpacks [most likely in this order]. She looked really busy and was carrying way too heavy luggage. One would wonder if she is for a trek or had just vacated from hostel. Jokes apart, she looked all set for the trek and well organized except for the heavy backpack.

The bus had just arrived at our road [in fact its a road backside of a complex and not a main road]. So were were able to aaraamsae load our luggage in to the bus.

Coming very soon... the next part + bus travel + cold weather + rain + water rafting etc.., Stay tuned.



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