Mission OG Unlimited, Sep 2-5, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

60 members registered for the mission
34 got shortlisted
22 eventually joined
15 dropped out during the mission
7 survived the entire 4 day endurance
4 conquered the 4 target peaks - Ombattu Gudde, Jenkal Betta, Deepadakallu, Balle Kallu

Memories, experiences, photos and videos will be shared on our forum
(warning - sensitive members should be careful before seeing the leech/blood photos/videos)

The team at the start....


The bright green grassy slopes of the Kabinale Reserved forest covered by thick monsoon clouds


Steep uphill climbs above the clouds conquering 4 of the highest peaks providing awesome views on the valleys below....

Penetrating dense, dense jungle unseen in the Eastern Ghats

Challenging crossings of forceful streams during the monsoons - fighting hard not to get washed away by the strong currents...

Victory tasted sweet as we conquered each of the 4 peaks - the famous Ombattu Gudde at 971m

Battered by constant rains and chill winds, navigating with no visibility due to mist all around, the 7 final survivors conquered Jenkal Betta, at 1387m, the highest peak in the Kabinale forest range. A good challenge in the summer season, a tough mission during the monsoons....

Completely soaked by non-stop rains after 4 days... Extreme climate remains the main challenge in every trek, whether tropical hot in South, rains during monsoons or very cold in North. Constant rains, wet clothes, wet shoes, cold food, chill high-altitude winds, constant leech attacks... it eventually gets to you.... CTC "mind over body" style as usual...

More videos

Maps used for navigation

Survey of India

Shows topography, streams, peaks, trails, vegetation density. Scale 1:25K (1 cm = 250m)

Shows topography, streams, peaks, trails, vegetation density. Scale 1:250K (1 cm = 2.5km)

Photographic images. Scale 1:10K (depends on area). Shows vegetation density

Shows topography, streams, peaks, trails, vegetation density. Scale 1:200K (1 cm = 200km)

Shows topography. Scale 1:25K

Mission OG - maps used - Google Earth - Shows 3D topography, vegetation density



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