Turtle walk, Feb 13, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Call this a first timer's luck or what? 22 participants turned up for the Turtle walk at the Tree foundation with much enthusiasm. This was my first trek/walk of any kind with CTC, and other experienced Trekkers from CTC also had their first Turtle walk. Participants please excuse me if I could not hold up to the benchmark set by CTC in organising these events. We managed to see a Turtle which had come to lay eggs and decided against it at the last minute. It seems she can hold it for 3 days and will make many attempts. And we found a nest with about 140 to 150 eggs which was laid about an hour back. These were relocated to a nearby place to keep it safe. We had the opportunity to touch and feel it. It was like a ping pong ball. It was amazing to see a pot shaped hole dug by the turtle of about 2 feet long. Cant understand how she dug it up so nicely. There are cases of people having 9 or 10 Turtle walks and yet to have this kind of an experience. This must surely be treated as the first timer's luck. :)

Before We started, Tree foundation played us a short documentary explaining about the difficulties the Turtles face when they come for the Nesting and the work they carry out to safeguard them. And we were joined by two other groups and it looked a bit crowded.

This is the link of the photos taken in my cam.


Special thanks to Pramod for having the belief in me to carry out the organising part of this Turtle walk. I still don't know how he had so much confidence on me. Thanks to Nachu for taking over the responsibilities after meeting at the Tree foundation and explaining us about kind of the activities done by the CTC. It was an amazing start with CTC.

Cant wait to enroll into some first timers trek soon!!! Until then Bye.

Thanks and Regards,
Navin Srinivas. G



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