What's going to happen on March 6?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alright. Enough teasing during this last week. Let's end the suffering. Time to raise the curtain on "What's gonna happen on March 6?". We are CTC and whatever we do, we do it in CTC style - different, unique, with passion and always pushing the limits. Expect no less this time.

CTC turns 2 on February 22th - the same day the blog was put online and anyone could join the group two years ago. In its short existence it has created waves and made history. CTC has become a well known and respected name in the outdoor community. We converted conservative and relaxed Chennai into a large, active trekking group of close to 6000 passionate members who go out exploring non-stop every weekend. We all know CTC is not the usual group - we are run by selfless volunteers, we share tasks and expenses, we explore the unexplored, everyone is welcome to join us, we create our own trails, we have discovered some of the most beautiful natural locations, we spread environmental awareness, we care for the less privileged in our society, we love to learn and educate (workshops) and there is probably no better place to experience true team work, overcome challenges together and make many like-minded friends. Can't think of any other place where one can experience all of this... For many of us, CTC has changed our lives. And believe me, this is only the beginning...

As CTC enters its third year, we want to celebrate this significant milestone. We are planning two unique events for this - on Feb 20-21 the maximum number (430 and counting!) of trekkers will be going out to explore several beautiful locations across South India - the largest ever trekking event in one single weekend. The second event on March 6 will create waves again, this time in our own home town Chennai. We thought it is highly time for all our members to meet up and celebrate together in one place. And while we do so, why not - at the same time - make it the largest trekking event/exhibit South India has ever seen? We are planning state of the art presentations on CTC, its past accomplishments and future vision, interesting workshops and demos on various related topics, a professional photo exhibition showcasing the most beautiful moments captured by the best talent in CTC, cultural events and of course a yummy buffet (sorry, no Maggie noodles this time ;-)!


We have rented a big hall in the center of the city and expect thousands of visitors to attend. We are planning to transform the venue into a beautiful forest-like decor to surprise and expose the general public to what we experience every weekend. An event of such huge proportions calls for eminent people to befit the occasion - no one less then the Mayor of Chennai and the Union Minister of State will be presiding over the event. Expect extensive media coverage and large visibility in our local community. Our aim is to increase awareness of trekking with the general public, a healthier and more adventurous lifestyle, bring people closer to nature to build more environmental awareness and get more people infected by the unique CTC spirit!

Organizing an event of this immense scope will require significant resources and efforts and we will need all the help we can getfrom you to make this a success. If we pull this off then Chennai will remember the name of CTC for a long, long time to come. More info on how you can contribute will follow soon... Below an initial draft of our agenda -
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March 6th – CTC’s Celebrates its Second Birth Anniversary


Afternoon Agenda - Workshops ( 2pm to 6pm )

1. Navigation & GPS – (2pm - 2:30pm).
2. Flora and Fauna – (2:30pm-3pm).
3. Snakes – (3pm -3:30pm).
4. Trekking & Camping/tenting – (3:30 pm - 4pm).
5. Mountaineering – (4pm - 4:30pm).
6. Survival & first aid – (4:30pm -5pm).
7. Ham Radio & emergency communication – ( 5pm - 6pm)
Evening Program ( 6.30pm to 8.20pm)
1. Welcome Address. (6.30pm - 6.45pm).
2. Presentation of CTC’s Treks. (6.45pm - 7pm).
3. Social Trek Presentation. (7pm - 7.10pm).
4. SAVE Tada Campaign. (7.10pm - 7.20pm).
5. Beach Clean-Up Campaign – (7.20pm - 7.30pm).
6. Diversified Activities of CTC (7.30- 7.45pm) – All the Five Presenters will be on Stage and one by one give glimpses of CTC’s other activities
a. Biking Trips.
b. Ladies Trek.
c. Seniors Trek.
d. Photographers Digest.
e. Educative Workshops.
7. Address by the Mayor of Chennai- Mr. Subramaniam. (7.45pm - 8pm).
8. Union Minister of State for India - Mr. Napoleon Presides over the function. (8pm – 8.15pm).
9. Thanksgiving Speech. (8.15pm to 8.20pm).

Night Program ( 8.30 - 10pm )

1. Q & A Session – By Peter & Panel. (8.30- 8.45pm)
2. Cultural Events. (8.45pm - 10pm).
BUFFET opens from 8.45pm Onwards..

Brought you by EVENT ORGANISING TEAM – Peter, Ansar, Bala, Nara & Palani.


Ashok on: February 2, 2010 at 8:21 PM said...

Saw the March 6 msg on gtalk status msgs of mayn trekkers. Searched for March 6 Chennai and bang came CTC Blog on top of the search results. Here there is a lot of interesting hype, but whats the news guys? I stopped emails from CTC to my inbox and hardly visited the blogs too. I guess am missing many things and something great on March 6.

krishna on: March 4, 2010 at 9:38 PM said...

venue details not given...

Palanidaran on: March 5, 2010 at 8:25 AM said...

Its at Periyar Hall, near Anna Nagar West Bust Depot.

ARBI on: March 6, 2010 at 8:01 AM said...

hi guys.

Hope atleast today you people (the so called professionals) will spend a second for the fellow trekker (bodi-munar) who drowned in the stream. and died (news report from the indian express)and do remember him.

Life is full of happiness and sarrow , when we boast of happiness.. we should atleast spend a few second to share the sarrow also..


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