Save Tada

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Save_Tada_Poster_choice1The Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) is a 4000+ member non-profit group of trekking enthusiasts. The club is run by several passionate volunteers who organize treks nearly every weekend to nearby and further away places around Chennai. It's one of the largest and most active group of outdoor enthusiasts in South India. They completed more then 150 treks through various locations in South and North. All their adventures and photos are published on
Tada is a well known trekking and picnic destinations just 2 hours North of Chennai. It is known for it's crystal clear water streams, lush green forest and beautiful mountains and falls. It used to be frequented by many families and trekking enthusiasts from Chennai and other surrounding places. In recent years however this scenic spot has become mutilated through pollution and a dangerous place to visit due to the presence of drunkard gangs. Tada's clear water streams have become a dump yard for garbage - plastics, broken alcohol bottles, families and innocent visitors are being harassed by drunks, cars are being broken into and valuables stolen.
CTC has decided to step forward to expose this mutilation and restore Tada to its original beauty and to create awareness among the locals on the local eco-tourism project. On November 1, 2009, CTC will organize a "Save Tada" mission, more then 200 volunteers will collect all garbage, take photos and videos of the pollution and drunkard gangs and expose the same in the news. We need help from the press in three possible ways - one, before Nov 1, to publish our mission before to the general public so more people can sign up to join our effort. More details on the trek and how to join are in the link below -
Secondly, we require members from the press to join us on Nov 1 to cover the cleanup event in Tada. Thirdly, we need the press help after Nov 1 to publish the experiences, photos and videos taken during our cleanup trek and draw the attention of the concerned authorities to take action and prevent further deterioration of Tada.
A signature campaign is also being run here - - Please cast in your signatures and support the cause.



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