Bike Trip/7 - Trek on wheels - Ooty - Wayanad - Coorg, September 11-12-13, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009
Coimbatore-Kothagiri- ooty - masinagudi - mudumalai national park - bandhipur national park - gundlupet - maddur - muthunga wls - sultan bathery - kalpetta - kuruva island - mananthavady - tholpetty wls – kutta - nagarahole national park - kutta - irpu falls – Hunsur – Bangalore
IMG_0124DISTANCE - 720 Kms approx
DAYS - 3 [11th to 13th September 2009)
3 Royal Enfield-Thunderbirds – 350CC
1 Bajaj Avenger – 198.8CC
1 Santro Xing Car
DAY 1 NIGHT-Sultan Battery
DAY 2 NIGHT- Madikeri Tq.
NH 47
NH 67
NH 212
Riders & pillions – Paari, Ramesh, Ram, Nachu, Karthik, Mani, VIshal, Suresh, Peter, Pradeep, Samyak, Nisha, Maya, Chitra, Hema, Divya, Vel, Balaji, Palani, Jeyakumar, Sriram & Anand.
Magnificent Men, Charming Women, and their flying machines
Day1: Coimbatore to Ooty 18 member team from Chennai & 3 member group from Bangalore with one Xing personality in the santro from Coimbatore started our Bike tour on the 11th of Sep, Friday 2009… The bikes were moved a day before to make sure it reaches safe at the destination to start our long Vroommmmmmmmm……drive…  I would take a line here to thank Balaji for his efforts and coordination to make this Amazing Bike Ride possible!!!
Team, let’s enjoy the Long Ride now… Here you go!!!
IMG_9856On a gloomy morning in Coimbatore, in a time when summer was making way for the winter dews, we,  the group of 22 young Men/Women gathered together to start our journey to conquer the “WESTERN GHATS”…
The team met up at Coimbatore station, from there moved to collect the respective bullets/bikes to start the long Journey. The riders rushed to the Motor Bike Stand to see their Lady Love, If she had reached safe and sound, with no damage and been handled with gentle care… Heard somewhere in the air, that one of the Lady love is MAYA, the Bike ;-) Rest of the riders wanted to keep the names “Secret”, I believe.
The riders filled the fuel post fixing their bikes, dumped all our back packs in the XING and were all set for the green ride… The pillions were thrilled to keep the riders engaged with their Interactive, thoughtful conversations.
“Life may begin at 30, but it doesn't get real interesting until about 150.”
P1030894 I felt this saying true, as we started our journey through Mettupallayam, passed by small villages, towns, like a parade show, one bike behind the other, in a series. It really looked like a trained Motor show and all the public eye were on us.. It really reminded me of “Neighbors envy, Owners Pride”.. Passed through smalls towns in Coimbatore, started riding towards the Ghat section, singing, whistling to the music of the buzzling air, little creepy noise of Sparrows, crows around, enjoying the ride through the lush green paddy fields, healthy vegetation, this really was a energy for most of us, who are tired of the daily pollution, dirt and traffic in the so called city life… In fact I remember Ramesh pronouncing “It’s been quite a while we saw sparrows” and watching one on the outskirts, was a twinkle to the eyes :) How can I forget the Stopover for a Mirinda ADD Show?? If I miss this, the team will sure not excuse me – I thought we were in for a Bike trip through the Western Ghats. It came as a surpise, that our SUPER HERO Karthik was kind enough to do a model Road Show on Viewers request… The highlight was his “Flourescent Jacket, which gelled with the hoarding in the small Bunk shop. Karthik is way beyond comparison/competition to “ASIN”… you guys agree??
From Orange, back to our green environment, the riders were pacing at a descent speed to get in to the pollution free, fresh air, lush greens, surrounded mountains, valley views, steep down views, halting for pictures in all scenic locations, Photo shoots of the top models (Nachu , Karthik in particular) in the team, view points, as we proceeded, reached to Kothagiri, halted for super Egg curry, parota, Dosa, idli, coffee,breakfast hog…. What a lovely hunger feeling to have Breakfast in a small joint, amidst cold weather.
IMG_8040Here comes another Hero of the Bike trip…MR. PALANI, so called Paruppu Palani, who for no reason, hates the HR…came with his lady love Yamaha, which all along created problems and made Palani’s ride miserable. Atlast we had to move the bike back to our city destination and Palani joined with the other riders. I hope Palani realizes now, where the curse is from ;-) Completing close to a drive of 70Kms, halted at a junction close to Ooty, where we were regrouping and waiting for Paari/Palani to return post moving the break down Yamaha back to its original destination, meanwhile… four culprits in the team plan for a hot hot… garam garam chai, which they skipped on the way, and got to hear from other riders who tasted and were pretending not to have. These four sneak their way out of the group, went on a ride all the way for that little HOTTTTT Tea, and in the whole sequence, missed the team, who started their journey after regrouping…. Not sure who these 4 daring, young riders were ;-).. But all said and done, the Hot Lime tea and the cardamom milk tea were Awesome.. Remembering the scene, can still sense the smell of the TEA.
IMG_0080Continuing the joy of riding, the 4 culprits made to the speed and joined back the team at a “Bison View Point”. Not to forget the CTCians style, the DSLR’s peeped out and all the Photographers were in action to click the best pictures of the view point along with the team, their lady love bikes, riders and the Pillions… After a good Photo shoot, started our journey, reached close to Bandhipur. As most of them were feeling not able to get a glimpse of even one wildlife in the dense forest range, there comes to our surprise “ONE SINGLE KING OF THE JUGLE” THE IVORY TUSKER, left alone in the forest, thinking of its strategy.. Huhhhh!!!!  Viewed one wildlife at last, was the happiness from the team, who back again, started clicking series of pictures of the SINGLE ELEPHANT… Some really wanted to play with the elephant by making noise, teasing with sounds, but at last we decided the distance for it to attack us was very less, and dare not risk our beautiful life!!!
IMG_0360Some wanted to play with wildlife, the rest with their life on roads…. Here comes back our QUICK GUN MURUGANS, Karthik & Nacchu, who wanted to risk their life in the Jungle roads, to check if a Lorry or a van can run over them, and they can still survive in their “KARATE STUNT STYLE”.. Out of the Jungles, driving all through the forest… after a very little Breakfast, the reminder call started for Lunch Break!! Chicken, Egg, Mutton, Biriyani, all these words all through in the air.. there comes a highway Restaurant, which said, come on Boyss!! We would serve all these for you….The only time the team gets disoriented is during the food feast, where the vegetarians disappeared in the group and the Non-Veggies rape the little chicks… I don’t have to describe how the taste of food was post eyeing this picture :P Good feast Matchan!!!! What a Biriyani? I am an EGGITERIAN!! But I eat Chicken/Mutton Biriyani without the MEAT (Karthik)!! I DONOT EAT NON VEG, says one from the group (Pradeep), but keeps the whole plate of boneless chicken next to him and silently chews… BUT THEN HE IS A VEGETARIAN!!!  MIND IT RASKALA :) So many conversations, quick witty jokes, more to go on Guys says the Captain and time to start our ride back to the 1st day destination.
IMG_5778Day 1 – Bandhipur to Sultan Battery (Its sure not LED BATTERY GUYS!!!!) PAARI this is for U ;-) Completed close to 200kms from the start point in Coimbatore, reached Sultan Battery, destination – Hotel Regency, 2nd Floor – I believe that’s the reservation we had! Long long ago, so long ago, no one knows how long ago, we made a reservation at this place called HOTEL REGENCY, waited, waited and waited….. no one knew, when we got the rooms…..All were expecting some rooms, may be three/four people sharing, could go take a shower, freshen up, relax, go for a Movie to the theatre opposite, deciding on which Malayalam movie to watch, tried hard to get the names of the movies, in the meantime ordered some sweet Banana Bajji’s, continues the waiting time…. Continues the thirst for Health, energy Tonic, Drinks ;-) Refreshing coke!!! We were waiting and waiting, and here comes the CTC Reporter, Vel, live from the studios of SULTAN BATTERY, with his camera shoot about the experience of the 1st day ride, about the organizers… I believe vel captured a good Review about the Organizers, who were always positive to get the rooms somehow by the middle of the night in Regency ;-) Thanks to Ram, Ramesh..Once again ;-) You guys were really PATIENT and NEVER LOST HOPE in reservation. The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Sure all appreciations to the organizers!!
IMG_0475 Here comes the scene in the wide area Hall, arranged with 22 beds.. the whole group jumps to the beds reserving their corners, beds, pillows.. some rushing to take a shower, some crashed on the bed..some grouped for a chat…VERY FEW WITH VILLAIN LOOKS waiting to choose the victim for BIRTHDAY BUMS!!! Ohhh, here comes the two BAKRAS – who got repeat, replay beatings… None other than our “PARUPPU PALANI” & “SUPER HERO KARTHIK”. Its like “singam da, single ah dhan adi vanguveen!!! HEHEE… The team grouped in to two, and went on to the Battery town on the look out for good food, as some enjoyed food alone, but the rest had energy tonics along with food, and returned back to the hotel. After all the fun, jokes & laughter, the team rested for some sound sleep, few really had a SOUNDDDDDDDDD Sleep, rest started the next day, pretty early, troubling, waking up others…. I am not sure if we woke up with a good SUPRABATHAM, but for sure, hearing the shouting & pain of Palani getting beaten up again…I believe, he asked for it and his wishes were honored!!!
DAY 2: Sultan Battery to Kuruva Islands, Wayand: Get set go!!!! Finished a lovely, wide spread Breakfast at the hotel, and riders went to warm up their bullets, and were all geared up to enjoy the high flowing water bed of Kuruva Island… “God’s own Country” blessed us with the pleasant ride all through to Kuruva Island, as the entire stretch of roads were smooth & the landscape was breath taking, except for one patch of ride where all the riders had their challenges to cross amidst the stones & mud, clay and bad path way to reach one of the best Island.. Parked our bikes, all set to jump and enjoy the force of flowing water, the team took a nature walk through bamboo range and reached the water bed..
If there is magic on the planet, it is contained in the water.Water is the driver of Nature. I think of this again and again, and still keep thinking the same, when will the CTCians energy levels drain? Will it or Not? May be? May not be?... My god, this team was simply amazing.. 2nd day start, full of energy, great adrenaline rush to jump into the water, sailed through the bamboo rafts, all our Stunt Masters, Super Hero’s were ready for their live performances, just was waiting form some one to say “Live, Action, Camera” and there starts the Birthday kicks again… This time in the flowing water, it was every one, target was coming in turns to most of them, and not to miss, sure Karthik being the leader of the show. May be in the Fashion industry Terms, Karthik was the “SHOW STOPPER” in the entire bike tour. We all spent about 2hrs in the island, enjoying the water bed, singing, laughing loud, posing for pictures, waiting for a BAKRA all the time and finally decided with no heart to leave the place to start our journey back on roads… All way through, if I don’t mention the lovely black tea, lime tea, then for sure I am missing something…..
Day 2: Kuruva Island to Virajpet, Coorg: IMG_0473From Wayanad, the plan was to reach virajpet, Coorg by early hours in the evening, as we could settle down at home stay and spend the rest of the evening with the group… Like a real movie, all this while was fun, green, Tea factor, laughing, giggling, pictures, models.. Hold on to your seat belts as the real adventure of the trail begins… This is a real story of a handsome young Man named “Ramesh”, who by all his dreams wanted to possess a Royal Enfield Bullet, Thunderbird. His wish came true and he did own one and his lady love was just about a month and a half…He loved his bullet so much and wanted to ride her all through the Western Ghats… Did his dream come true??? Watch out the movie sequence… The group was mostly eyeing at Ramesh’s new Bullet for a good drive along the Ghat range… Though he possessed the dream bike, never he got an opportunity to ride his Bullet… Naachu was the first to enjoy and feel the ride in Ramesh’s bullet, zipping through the ghat sections, making the rest of the crowd envy the ride….After a break from Naachu, comes our SUPER HERO, Karthick, who wanted to test drive the bullet with Ramesh as his pillion. Started their journey after Naachu handing it over, our Hero takes over the ride, shows his riding skills, he was scraping through the other bikes in the hairpin bends as smooth  as one could feel the bullet power…All way through, lullaby, fresh air, anywhere and everywhere, feel of green, here comes a patch of bad roads… Hero tried to control the spead along a long U turn and unfortunately applies the wrong break, which made the rider go out of control and the Bullet skids…. Sequence is pretty much like the MATRIX scene, but in Matrix the recovery is quick, but in reality, there were little injury, damage to the new bullet.
IMG_0135 Irony to this was, Vel all long drives enjoying the scenary, and very careful calculating the bad roads, follows karthik, but slips as HERO fell down, being unable to control the bike.. Vel too had severe rashes, but everyone was ok with no major injuries or situation to handle. To all good, the place where stargetically, the hero (karthik), pillion (Ramesh) and the 2nd hero (Vel) did the stunt was right next to a mechanic shop. Hero after the climax, took the bullet the mechanic shop to do some minor adjustments, to resume the ride again. I am not sure, after all these incidents…Can we still call it “Neighbours Envy, Owners Pride” ;-) or “Nothing is Impossible” The riders following vel stopped with the stunt team, applied first aid, made sure the guys were ok. With all these incidents, time was running a bit quick and with the gloomy weather around, it was looking the rain god would sure pour good showers… The team regrouped, with the message passed to the Captain on the heroic deeds.
IMG_0299 Lets start our ride again team, was the call from the captain, who took a decision to skip the Iruppu falls on the way as it was getting dark. The soldiers followed and it was quite a pleasant cool ride to reach Virajpet, where our home stay was arranged. Riding, riding and riding, finally reached our home stay place… deep inside the thick coffee plantation, where the lovely sweet little terracotta home was all arranged for us to rest for the night…The group was starving in hunger as we all skipped our lunch, had some junk food all through the way, munching the wafers, cookies, whatever we could get through on the way. Deciding to go for dinner or few of them will order get to the town and pick up the food for the rest of the team, finally all of them ended up moving to the town in search of hotels.
East End Hotel is the rescue for the starving CTCians., where we ended up ordering all food on the Menu. This was a real feast on Coorg delight, specially cooked food in the typical coorgean style ;) Ofcourse to add… sure nothing without “Tonic water is the secret of My energy”…. The group split in to two again for dinner, and few stayed at east end and the rest ended up to a nearby Andhra mess.. Food order took a long time as the hotel was packed with customers, waiters behaving very pricy to take the order at the first place, some literally pulled the waiter to better take an order at our table, finally we get some starters to smell and taste. Whats like a typical conversation over a good dinner table? Something about Cricket, politics, about bike trips to Himalayas, Girl friends, Boy friends……….
All your guesses are wrong guys!!! Here comes “THE MAN” Mr. Palani, who pulls the string between HR and Operations in the IT world..
I believe he really had some bad experience in his appraisal cycle with the HR or really got into some fight with his HR team… Poor Palani, all said and done, HR always rules over Operations.. That’s what the Bible says :D Post our heated arguments, good food, amazing Dhal, Chaval, Biriyani, what not…. We cleaned up the hotel and they had nothing more to offer from the kitchen… We walked out of the hotel, played some good music, danced on the town roads around 12:30AM, enjoyed to glory, drove back to the Home stay, where the other team had already winded off, called it a day and were in deep sleep… As we reached, the camp fire was still inviting the warmth, heat, and we all wanted to play some music enjoy for some more time displaying the talent of our guys dancing. With the total satisfaction of enjoying the days ride, evening little party, we decided to take bit of rest to start our Motor gears the next day..
Day 3: Virajpet to Dubare Elephant camp: IMG_1803 Look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the clouds, look at the stars... and if you have eyes you will be able to see that the whole existence is joyful.  Everything is simply happy.  Trees are happy for no reason; they are not going to become prime ministers or presidents and they are not going to become rich and they will never have any bank balance.  Look at the flowers - for no reason.  It is simply unbelievable how happy flowers are….
Ok lets hit the reality show again… Starts the 3rd again, with all the great energy, but with the Hero, Hero2 and Pillion who had a fall, were feeling a little pain due to the bad crash, rest all with same adrenaline rush, gathered, got ready to hit the roads back. The plan was to visit Dubare Elephant camp, do some white water rafting, head towards Bangalore. Team regrouped on the main roads, filled fuel, did a recheck on the Bikes, and were set to make people turn back eyes at our charming 10 bikes/Bullets… As we continued on the roads, there was a bit of confusion whether to visit Dubare or just continue straight into Bangalore to wind off for the day. In the whole confusion, the happy couple who just enjoyed the music in the car, went all through to Mysore road (Vel & Balaji) wherein the whole group waited for them to have some breakfast and head to Dubare.. With a long wait time, unable to control the hunger, we cleaned all the food at a small Parota join on the hills. I am sure Chetta made his money for his week’s survival…
IMG_5579 Post our Breakfast, after the long wait, the car arrives with Vel & Balaji totally drained, driving all the way back to dubare. Once again, regrouped, started heading towards Dubare Elephant camp. The actually plan was to do little bit of swimming and may be river rafting. As we reached Dubare, as it was a weekend, we had difficulty to get reservation for River rafting and had to skip the same.. The team decided to do swimming in a little high current running water, and here it starts….. The entire team, except for a few non swimmers who just wanted to be as audience to watch the fun, stayed back and the rest jumped in to the running water… The team crossed the line area where after a particular point the water has powerful current and could wash the person along with the running water. How can I end a story without the final heroic Deed!!!! Here comes our MAN, Karthick who says “Guys, if you cannot do a good swim or rather the one who doesnot know to swim well, refrain from coming to the danger zone…. Its only for the Extraordinary men who could do Hero stunts….He said this and started swimming as the team stayed a little before the danger line, and watching our Hero… Suddenly the group could see Karthick jumping out of the hide tide water, shouting and waving his hands, as you know he is a hero, the team thought he was showing some stunts with his excellent swimming skills, but few minutes later, realized Karthik was stuck in a high current range, and was getting drowned….
There comes the rescuer, saviors, none other than peter, Balaji and Anand, who rescued our Hero from the High Current zone…. As all story has a happy ending, thrilling climax, so did our Bike trip.
IMG_0069 The whole team was out of the water post this incident and we were all making fun of Karthik’s daring statements all through the way… Winded off from Dubare, journey begins as the final day on roads comes to an end, as the riders hit the roads, ride on the highways of Hunsur, Mandya, and back at Bangalore. Way through the team was guided by routes to enter the Bangalore city and as in between, Peter’s bullet had minor problems, nacchu stayed back to get that rectified, the others reached the destination to leave the bikes, and rush to the railway station to catch their trains…… Ravi Ghosh, who made a guest appearance in the reality movie and made all the Riders/pillions happy with his Set Dosa Treat!!!! You really deserve Birthday Bums Ravi…..How can we end a story without a Moral?? Should we really say some moral to the Hero’s in this bike trip………..I think, let’s leave it here, and rest is for the readers to decide on the Moral and enjoy!!!! Before I call it a closure…I take this moment to thank the Organizers, Ram, Balaji, Ramesh who took their time off to arrange such a lovely Road trip all through the Western Ghats.. Without you guys, this wouldn’t have been possible. Amazing Coordination, Support, Group, team spirit… What not… Let’s look forward to more and more Road trip Guys!!!!
I am signing off with my last appreciations:
Three Cheers to the awesome team, Our Leader Peter, Captain Ram & Ramesh for the wonderful road maps, routes, last but sure not the least Balaji for an amazing Support!!!!
Hip Hip Hurrah!!!  
Hip Hip Hurrah!!! 
Hip Hip Hurrah!!!
Hey Biking Freaks,
Hope you all reached home safe and sound....
Me and my bike Maaya reached home safely. I think my bike Maaya enjoyed her last trip with me :)
wow, what a crazy biking weekend with such an awesome group. i just couldnt come out of the memories of this weekend.
Superb hairpin bends at Nilgiris
Nice view points of Kothagiri
Awesome roads of Masinagudi
Painful Bday Bumps and Pillow fights at Wayanad hotel ;)
Chill waters of Kuruva island and water splashing game
Very tough rock road leading to Kuruva island
Bad roads of wayanad to virajpet and a bike accident bcos of it
Thrilling drive to Coorg on a pitch dark evening
Funny drunken monks at the bar
Nonstop DJ nights along with Campfire at the homestay
Much awaited falls and classy bath out there
Much more monkey actions and monkey photography wherever possible
Superb Parotta and fish curry lunch at a Chetan shop
Swimming at Dubare and 2nd life to Karthik after drowning in there ;)
Riding to bangalore in good speed on a state highway
wow..... lots more memorable events in just 3 days. i love CTC just for this.
I am still laughing like anything, on remembering the funny events of these 3 days
Especially I remembered some dialogues and did rotfl.
I'm summarizing only the funny events of these 3 days
In Kothagiri-ooty road someone told this.....
(translated in english) "Hey Nisha, you get down from bike. (to that ooty lady) Madam you please come, i'll drop you".
And, from then, that lady also started to talk in english..... highlight is "may be she thought karthik is a NRI". Karthik went a step ahead in social service and dropped her at her home itself ;)
And then on that day night, i still remember how much Palani got excited when he started explaining OG3 stories. Though i was enjoying it initially, when i got a nice knock on my head from him out of his excitement, i forgot what happened thereafter. head spinning, eyes popped out, I am crying "mummy..... save me from this monk"
And on saturday morning 4.30 am, we heard the dialogue of the month.
"Basically I'm a Villain". The very moment this dialogue was uttered, we heard the person who told it, started to cry. Because people started giving bday bumps, and he was trying to escape from it. There came our Shriram with a pillow to block him and continued the bumps. Btw, who is that Villain.... Palani again
We were getting ready from Wayanad, and we could see everyone is getting pricking sensation. It was by a porcupine's bristles ;) And Karthik told whenever he wants to slow down other bikers, he just asked the porcupine to throw her bristles over others. What an Idea Sir ji!!! Who is that porcupine bristles girl..... Maya
We were driving from Wayanad to Coorg, someone was driving the bike, and Suresh was sitting behind her. And there came a big pothole in middle of the road. Bang !!! Bang !!! The tyres of his bike almost got punctured, then the bike got stopped very next to the police checkpost. Suresh said "Amma, Thaaye...... Aaniye pudunga venaam..... Naane vandiya oottikiraen"..... who is that amma..... credit goes to Divi
On road instructions..... "Guys drive carefully.... Vandiya paathu ottu.... Road is bad, be slow.... Dont drive in right, come to left da"..... Immediately one sound ..... Dhamaallll...  Dhamaaalll..... Someone's shouting "Ayyo..... Pochae....". The one who was giving instructions lying down in road, and counting some coins there.... who is that coin counting guy. He is "Born 2b a SuperHero SuperZero". You know who he is.... he is Narain Karthikeyan of CTC. He didnt even care to help Ramesh who has fallen down in road bcos of him. Immediately he got from road and said "Machi, i'll go give the bike for repair in that mechanic shop da". Ramesh wanted to give him a tight slap. Karthik just escaped
IMG_7885 Monk1: HR people doesnt do any work at all..... they just come to office to screw up others life. They dont have any work
Monk2: Software Engineers are dumbos, we only give life to them, without us they cant live at all
Monk1: If we are not there, HR's dont have any work, they just do browsing, chit-chat, timepass, no other work, just screw up others life
Monk2: Without HR's, you guys wont even get a job at all. Mind it !! (Quick Gun Murugan ishtyle)
Discussion is heating up, all others are enjoying the conversation, especially Nachu and Ramesh adding fuel to the flame and having fun to the core. Who are those monks - Monk1 is Palani, Monk2 is Chitra
13th Sep 12.00 am - calling Balaji sesh over phone.... Balaji picks up the phone. Everyone sings songs "Happy birthday to you... ". Everybody wishes him. Balaji talks to Nachu and says "Hi da, thanks for the wishes.... Muaaahhhh..... "
Thats it, everyone was waiting for that moment. As soon as this things happens, everyone's pouncing to tease Nachu for one whole day. Nachu runs away from everyone and says "Nooooooo, I'm not a gay. I'm straight. Please leave me". Infact Nachu is about to cry saying that "Now only my mom is initiating the marriage talks, please dont spoil it by teasing like this". Nisha and Maya having fun by teasing him
Dubare elephant camp, high water current, people reached middle of the river,
Peter: "lets go to other bank of the river"
Karthik: "Only confident swimmers try it, others pls dont take risk" (he thinks risk edukkuradhu ellam enakku rusk sappudra madiri)
They start swimming across to the other bank of the river. Someone's swimming sideways instead of going forward. After getting washed away by high water current, she shouts "Papa....Papa"
Peter rushes to save Divi.
Right behind him, someone's very thirsty and drank all water in that river. He wanted to drink more, but his tummy is just so small for it. Balaji is pulling him out with his hair. Then Balaji shouts "Peter.... Help". Peter rushes to save Karthik and gives him 2nd life
Rest of the group is planning go back to car from middle of river, Shriram is confident enough to swim, he starts swimming, but he couldnt move at all. Though he was alright, someone's pulling his hair forcefully. Shriram comes back to same place and asks "i was confident to swim, but who pulled me back". Brave man Palani says "See, i saved you"..... everyone laughs
Peter's helping everyone to reach the shore safely. Ramesh and Nachu broke the human chain, and Nachu says "i'm ok, i'm confident". Ram says to Ramesh "Machi hold the hands of Nachu properly". Ramesh says "Nachu is confident, then why to hold hands". Ram gets angry so much and shouts "adinga, kaiya pudida". Ramesh and Nachu dont want to more scoldings, they hold hands immediately
Oh man, what a funny weekend.... one needs to be really be there to enjoy all these funny moments of life..... i just couldnt come out of those happy moments of life
Eagerly awaiting the next bike trip...
Written by: Chitra Subramanian, Nachu
Organized by: Balaji NJ, Ramesh, Ramkumar
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Thanks sandip for such a beautiful explanation, I could actually imagine me at ooty when I was reading that...

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Very nice blog with pics. Me and my hubby are also planning to visit Coorg and Wayanand on our pulsar after monsoon. Was wondering if the ghat roads were safe to ride thr? Did you guys used to switch off the engine downhill? Need some tips, Regards, Kusum


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