Nanmangalam Forest Walk, October 26, 2008

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
It was yet another initiative by CTC-Photographers. The first Photography trip was to Pondicherry which was a great time for all of the participants. This one was planned as a trip to Nanmangalam. Our main idea was to head towards Nanmangalam for photography. Nanmangalam was not the destination, but Photography was our vision.
We had 5 seats vacant for this trip and we got 4 registrations ( Rithwik, Shubhra, Aditya & John ). Since it was raining very bad on the previous day, Shubhra and Aditya had a little of making up this trip. With more energy we were able to convince them that what ever be the case, we would head towards Nanmangalam, and if it rains, we would go elsewhere and do some rain photography in the busy streets of chennai.
With all set, John and Aditya reached Koyambedu busstop to meet Rithwik at 6.20am. Parked their bike and boarded into Rithwiks car and headed towards Velachery and picked Shubhra on the way at Vadapalani.
The climate appeared to change and it favoured the team a lot. We headed to Velachery and took the Tambaram highway and reached Quagid-e-Millat college canteen and started our trip/trek into the Nanmangalam reserve forest.
We started the day with Rithwik clicking a few shots of the local village boys, and it became a menace for the team in the later part. The kids were actually alerting the birds with their shouting and talking, ans so we somehow left them behind before entering into the forest.
We started climbing the small hillock and were able to click some butterflies on the top of the hill. We climbed down through the other side of hill throught the dense bushy forest. Within half an hour we reached the stagnant water reservoir and clicked more pictures. Those who participated in this trip, made use of all the opportunities and clicked more pictures and added more life to the pictures with their different styles.
We were able to learn and explore a lot from each other. At the end of the day, we had the satisfaction that we have learned some basic lessons Practically, which we would not forget for our life time.
Stay tuned for a more detailed writeup by Shubhra.
IMG_4463 copy " Rithwik taking a small nap in front of the quary after a long photo session "
IMG_4457 copy" The Nanmangalam abandonded Quary "
IMG_4454 copy " The Big Bug "
IMG_4440 copy " The Little Flutter-by "
IMG_4436 copy " A Caterpillar "
IMG_4428 copy" A well camouflaged Spider "
IMG_4367 copy" Photographers lost in the forest "
IMG_4370 copy" The hunter and the Hunted "
IMG_4426 copy " A well camouflaged Spider-2 "
IMG_4417 copy " Water Reflections "
IMG_4411 copy" Dragonfly in flight "
IMG_4408 copy " A Test shot with back-light "
IMG_4400 copy " The stagnant water in front of the Quary "
IMG_4338 copy " The Butterfly " ( Actually it is called Flutter-by, and as time passed by, people started calling it butterfly - funny is it.. )
IMG_4343 copy " People in action "
IMG_4332 copy " The morning dew on the grass "
IMG_4329 copy " Rithwik in action "
IMG_4321 copy " Adams ladder "
IMG_4394 copy " The little Rock agama "
IMG_4387 copy
IMG_4386 copy  " Colourful Spiders "
IMG_4375 copy " Gloriosa Superba "
IMG_4346 copy " The Little Flutter-by "
Written by: John Immanual
Organized by: John Immanual
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giusippe on: September 1, 2009 at 1:54 AM said...

awesome photos!


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