Nagala Mini Trek/1, 28th June 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

[R Vijay]
Day - 28th June 2009, the day which i was waiting for. yes trekking was my childhood dream. I will take you to Nagala again...
dsc00300 Previous day night Senthil called up and confirmed everyone’s list and drop outs. After the call i could not sleep.. Never tasted this before and so excited about the next day. Got up by 3.30 and packed up . My waiting time started for City bus.. finally it arrived by 4.45. I have only 30 minutes to join the team. Around 5.05 got a call.. its Palani i believe (one of the organizer). "You are coming rite we are waiting” this word hurried up. I was crushing the bus driver for being very slow.
The team already present in front of Nathen's Cafe. I could not believe my eyes.. the sprit, co-ordination and planning was amazing. My seat allotted in Vinod's car[which had our breakfast :)] We started by 5.20 from Chennai. Palani's car was in front others followed...Deeksha the youngest swimming coach for our non-swimmers in my car. had nice chat with Shreedhar, Paari, Vino and family. Got to know lot information about the trekking and CTC. Viki started his job (clicking snaps...).
We have finally reached Nagalapuram village and got a view of the nature queen Nagala. I got intro from Indira (the women behind the fun and stunt.. lol). The food packs were distributed to all and set ready to go. Palani, Ranjit, Anand were leading the crew and Viki, Sriram, Sridher were sweeping. The entire team involved and followed the ctc's policy well, specially "No littering". Amazing guys Its makes the difference for an ordinary and CTCian. Another Impression "Diya" the youngest in the team and Shilpa - 50+ year’s young lady.
We reached the temple and took short break. The cheering words all around " Move.. Move Move guys" its not from a single one.. its a team of organizers and ex-trekkers. I too joined with them to learn their wonderful techniques like lead, sweep and navigate in right path. We crossed the DAM and walking down toward the first pool. We sat near a stream for breakfast. After 10 min a announcement from Anand & Palani " Guys we will be starting in next 5 minutes. The team packed up & filled the bottles.
dsc00305 We started towards the first pool with lots of fun. Specially to identify the crews availability and navigation. We have reached the first pool by 10.30.The swimmers diving from the 10-15 feet rock and the non swimmers were playing with float. There was a water fall at one side of the pool. Thanks to all Swimmers helping out the non swimmers. Suddenly the entire crew was cheering.. "come on.. come on.." yes its an amazing that Vinod's wife was diving. Between a dive dedication to beloved wife. Yes that is Ananth. We enjoyed the pool and suddenly the question what is next? Decided as Dead end pool. Team got ready and again the announcement "Team if we id not reach the dead end pool by 12.30 pm we will be taking U turn". Team ready with cheer ups... Sweepers & navigators were taking their positions. After around 1-1:30 hour trek over the stream, ups and downs we are near the Dead end pool. Wow what fantastic pool by mother nature.
No delay in action.. Almost everyone started jumping and lifeguards were on Duty (Sriram, Ranjith, Palani, Senthil etc). After half an hour a team of swimmers started climbing and diving. Its a paradise for swimmers. Why not for us (this is the question came in mind). Indra put the magic word to all.. Guys behind this huge rock there is a wonderful water fall which you goanna miss if you are note dare enough. dsc00335Here we go.. Swimmers stated to climb and enjoy the kutti fall and fantastic view from top. I heard a voice " Do you wanna go there?" yes its Ranjith the man behind my swimming dream. Indra gave us confidence to move on... Myself along with couple of Non-Swimmers set ready to move on. with help of swimmers i have reached the next end. But challenge is i have to climb the rock where in very few supporting grip. i tried twice.. thrice to climb up. But failed and felt bad too for my attempt. "Come ono you can do it.. Try Again " - Ranjith, Sreedhar etc cheered up. The final attempt yes.. i did it. with support of all of them. Thanks buddies... After few climbs what a fantastic water fall behind the rock. We enjoyed a lot (i fell down when i refuse the help from few other guys). After few minutes i could see almost all the Non swimmers are in the hidden falls. Guys this is where we can test our ability (I have learned never ever under estimate anyone). While retuning from hidden falls, we dived in to the water (with help of swimmers). Its time up for everyone and announcement to pack up. Everything in time lines even your enjoyment too. We started moving back to our return path. We walked but heart left behind Nagala dead end pool.
On the way back Sriram(non - photographer) fell down and team managed to support him with first aid and third leg(strong walk stick) sponsored by Palani. By the time team reach the first pool on return, a small group already inside the pool. The conversation between Vinod & his daughter was awesome. Though couple of rushers return to the way, we had team click and moved on. We took a break near by the first stream and cracked some jokes on each others face. By the time Sweepers reach the car parking, palani, Anand & Vinod were busy in accounts settlement. We started from Nagalpuram by 6.45 and reached Chennai.
Forgot to mention about our trek guide. Two puppies were followed and guiding us from start to end of the trek :) Special thanks to puppies.
Hats off to one and all specially to organizers. Looking forward to support in all the way to like minded people. Its None other then CTC members.
               Nagalapuram was the place
               Which set our souls ablaze
               Professionals aware of Software
               People in the verge of health care
               A Cute Child so small to trek about
               A Smart Kid daring enough to dive & swim ahead
               Students who came to enjoy the nature
               Spouses with lots of love for their partner 
                Discovered with the help of few best organisers
               Some of the awesome places away from intruders
               Friends of the kind we use as pets at home
               Also joined us like the ones we tame
               Streams with splendid water fall
               From where people refused to answer a "come back" call
               Views that capture our heart's gaze
               Heights which makes one wonder of God's grace
               Depths that create a scared face
               Scenes which'll forever remain in our heart's trace
               Everything was available under no-roof
               Those are the moments with full-proof
               Which made us feel heaven-on-earth
               The impact so deep that'll never get erased from heart
               Strangers were some when the adventure commenced
               Friends turned everyone as the task got accomplished
               Here is one among those trekkers with a zealous feeling
               Who wants to join another trek of such kind in full-swing.
Dedicated to the organisers, the kids, every single member who was part of
CTC's One-day Weekend Trek to Nagalapuram on Sunday the 28th of July, 2009.
Written by: Vijay, Ranjitha
Organized by: Senthil
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