Talakona Trek 2

Friday, February 13, 2009

Do you wanna hear "wow" from you and your friends.....?

Are u a beginner in trekking,
are u looking for a peaceful weekend?
wanna give your family a different weekend?

You need to visit this place....!! TALAKONA

I'm narayan.., this is my first trek with CTC., n.. the first trek with people whom i have never met... we started off from tidel park (5 am), met at koyembedu n i got in only in NH5 (6 am). 5 cars, sun coming up with slight drizzling. the day started so scenic n we enjoyed the drive. usual intros.. fun n laughs.. almost forgot i was new to the club. having breakfast at around 7am in a small shop. wonderful breakfast...!!! we pushed off again.. taking the tada route we passed through tirupati n finally we reached talakona after a few 'U' turns...!!!

We packed up everything. leaving a set of dress in the car., we parked the car near the temple and headed towards the waterfall. had a small photographic session n on the way we happened to see a 5 km long climber..!!

ahh... I totally forgot to introduce amal. He organized the trip n did a good job. I felt very comfortable with everyone. coming back to the trek, he was like packing his mobile n other accessories in his bag, not wanting to loose it in water. i started to talk with vinoth and we had fun along the way. we reached the water fall n amal was like jumping into water. i was not well for the past two three days n promised not to touch water. dint even take spare clothes. finally nature won...!!!! i took bath every now n then possible. having a nice dip, we all very sitting idle. looking at monkeys.!! amal lost a bread packet.!!! i lost my snacks...!!! we passed on time for a while. time s already 1.30. so amal n vedamoorthy, i guess took a walkie talkie n went in search of lunch which is supposed to have arrived already. we made fun talking in walkie talkie. lucky day.., they met the people on their way. had a great lunch.

We started off in spite having a tight stomach. hard to walk with my tummy. managed to walk. vinoth s a nice person to trek with. we reached the top most falls. some of us wanted to take bath again. having a dip, we started off again trekking uphill through a well laid path. chances that we miss the path s zero. hardly 30 -40 min climb, we reached the shed., (looked like heaven for me). the view from there was more like a bird's view. we dropped in our luggage n started to explore the place. aiming to see the top of the falls, we trekked down hill in another route. taking some wrong routes, we took the right path. we reached the pond with another fall.. this s the one of the most wonderful places i have seen. we jumped into water, swam around there for a long time. i am not a very good swimmer. so i was swimming around the shore. vinoth and karthick managed to reach the other end. as we were about to start, amal jumped into water. we all had god fun. we returned to the shed and had a small chat. Charged up again, we started exploring the place in another route aiming to reach the cliff... we started at 6 o clock. nice pleasant walk... we were rushing through the jungle.., took wrong ways as always., were walking very fast. the path was a never ending path...!!!! we rushed. set the limiting time as 7 as after that there s no meaning in going to the cliff. finally it was time for us to get back...., we walked back n saw karthick, ravi, joe .... we started to walk in the jungle with torch light. good jungle walk. missing the path s almost not possible... finally after a short break in the middle, we reached the shed.

GREAT SURPRISE...!!!! we had dinner with chicken...i usually eat well.. !!! i had a nice dinner. took a short break n slowly we had a wish to see the pond in moonlight. torches.. empty bottles...
What else we were 5 of us., heading towards the pond. it was quite easier than expected. the place was so romantic n scenic. diwakar, vinoth n karthick were enjoying the dip.. we filled in water n came back with little difficulty.

came back n slept off... morning i was told people went to the pond again.., had a nice time....
we had break fast., packed up n started off for exploring. some of us were very tired already n took rest in the shed itself. we started walking in the jungle.. nice n chilling. collected some water on the way. suddenly we took a deviation. started climbing down n walked along a stream n reached the top of the pond which i was speaking about before. had a nice shower. massaging n refreshing,....!!!! we had our regular photo session..!!!! had great fun..
we had to convince the guide n take him along the stream trying to explore the place. suddenly amal was speaking about 2 missing persons - narasimhan and ravi alagappan. we started heading back to the shed. we never found them there...
n now it was tough. amal started to explore them running. n came back. then we split in groups n searched them n finally got them,... having spent some extra time., we started immediately. we trekked down reaching the upper fall in 20 min. then some of had a small dip and we walked back to the car. we started to unpack very fast n started off. reached another place n had a nice lunch. typical andhra meals with gongura.
so that was all about it. we shared smiles n feeling very happy in making a lot of friends and hope to meet them very soon. we drove and reached Chennai safely.

Thanks to CTC for an amazing trek and looking forward for many more treks..!! good day...!!!

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