Tada Trek, June 21-22, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008
A few Trekking enthusiasts, 90% new faces, 4 Cars & 3 Bikes started from Chennai to Mt Tada early Saturday morning.

A 90Kmph drive, excellent 4 lane NH5, careful drivers with one target in mind, Mt Tada.
A heavy breakfast and short break near to the Tada over bridge to continue the journey.
A sad moment, A painful seen, First time ever to Chennai Trekkers, Geo fell down from the bike to wound his shoulder and knee heads back to Hospital.
Parking Tickets, Camera charges, and a drive through a road full of boulders and sand!
Parking the cars after 20 minutes of excellent drive.
A group making a head start and some waiting for Geo's mate.

A 40Kmph drive back to gate on a Unicorn to pickup Gopi who went to help Geo going to hospital.
Hasty start from the back to meet the head and making it within 15 minutes.
Jumping into every natural pool, no one missed even a single pool. Swimming, walking
& splashing water all over.
A long walk to find the source of water, to make it a 3Hrs walk
A desperate fall with Kalpana, mea culpa not to find a good grip.
An 80 degree climb to make all the way up, tied the ropes, pulled many, except 5 all made the way up.
A big pool, excellent water, chill, tempting, clear and sweet. No one could resist having a dip.

A swim to end of the 70 meter long pool, the depth was 20 feet minimum.
It was not easy to get out of water; was tempting and hard to part.
Giving a head start for some, had lunch to make a mad dash all the way back.
Again a climb down, useful rope, the last man removing the rope, and a rock climbing task :).
A gentle drizzle, cloudy sky, and an excellent walk back.
Making it to parking slot, driving the way back, having a hot tea, a slow night drive to Chennai.
A heavy dinner at Chennai Deluxe, a welcoming rain by Chennai, dropping people at home, a sleepy drive way back.
In a way an unforgettable trek- not a hard one, but had fun all the time. And waiting for next weekend trek"

Amal P

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Participants: Amal P, Yaseen, Gokul K, Karthik, Rama, Simon, Deepak, Vignesh, Diwakar, Simon, Poornima, Vani, Ramanathan, Geo, vinothKumar, Hari, Aanand, Karthik, Sai Ram, Kannan, Kalpana, Gowthaman, Shanthi, Gopikrishna, Vivek, Amal



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