Tada Bike Trek [7-Jan-2006]

Wednesday, January 16, 2008
The kick start of the TADA trekking was a few weeks before the D-day. The number of emails and discussions that went around to decide on various attributes including trek date, bikes & pillions, start time (we hate getting up early!!), etc was huge. The D-day was decided as Jan 7th 2006 and the starting point was none other than our great Tidal Park (we miss u badly).

Before the dawn of the D-day, the biker boys and pillions started to pour in to our office and were actively sharing their "Hi"'s and making "friendly reminder" phone calls for the birds who have not arrived. At 0630 hrs, the entire gang has arrived with their vaahanas and assembled just outside the Tidal gate.

How do we start every trek?? Yeah, with a CLICK!!!

The gang included Peter, Srikirshna, Balsu, Prem, Ramesh, Rajeev, Shetty, Shibu, Anand, Raja, Ramkumar & Binoy. Our first pitstop[0700] was @ Koyambedu where we were joined by Maruthi. Every one said "Lets ride!!" and we did. We took NH5 and had varieties of fun during the drives including mini races, last one becomes first, stunts & clicks. Just 2 bikes crossing each other was fun!!

Our second pitstop[0745] was a click-stop and the result is ...

We continued further till the TADA sign board welcomed us to our third & most important pitstop[0815].

We had our breakfast and packed our lunch (man, the mini-hotel guy had made his day). The highway run has ended and we get into narrow roads till we reach Peter's favorite (no roads). It was hard and tough ride for the bikes to cross the few kilometer of stony roads in lower gears. We reached a small house where we parked our bikes[0945] and continued our journey on foot.

Our journey was a long one through paths which were eroded by rain. We had lot of small streams on the way which proved as test beds for our balancing (and also bridge building:-) ) skills.

We continued further with the normal forest floor getting CTRL+H ed by stones of increasing sizes, till we reached a big stream accompanied by rock boulders.

We had a rest & photo break and continued further up till we reached the first falls with reduced energy levels. Whats up now? Just a few meters which proved to be a testing ground for our ancestor's skills.

A picture is worth a 1000 words. A video is worth 1000 pictures. Some like these with audio are worth 2000 pictures :D
Climbing Video

With loads of support and motivation, the entire team reached the peak[1230] where we were welcomed by a beautiful environment with mountains on all sides holding a stream of water. The stream makes a L-bend to end in a small & beautiful waterfall(not visible until you plunge into the water). The enthusiastic gang jumped into the water to be greeted by a spine chilling cold the moment one touches the water. The Brave-5 had the guts to swim to a small rock in the middle of the stream where one can st(r)and on while the rest had their fair share of fun near the banks where we can keep our heads popped outside the water.

After freaking out, our batteries needed recharging. We climbed down and had our poories[1345]. We had ancestory visitors waiting for food to be shared with them.

Couple of our OE (Over Enthu) guys got into the falls and had further fun which resulted in one of them fainting :D

Overwhelmed with the pride of conquest, we traced back our path to our bikes, then roads, then highways, until we got back to the starting point. 'Hi''s are met to end with 'Bye's and so it did.

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