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Friday, September 19, 2014

Javadhu Hills Ultra, Nov 2nd - Registrations Open

A flat tar city run is a good start....
A trail run is running bliss...
An ultra run separates the men from the boys...
A hill ultra trail run is absolute running nirvana...

(registrations limited to 250 only)

Event Summary

Event - Javadhu Hills Ultra
Date - Sunday, Nov 2nd, 2014
Organizer - Chennai Trekking Club
Type - Ultra running, trail running, hill running
Venue - Jamunamarathur, Javadhu Hills
Timing - Reporting 5am, Start 5:30am
Location - 4-5 hours from Chennai/Bangalore, 1.5 hours from Vellore

Terrain - off road trail through rolling green hills, tribal villages, paddy fields, cool mountain climate
Altitude - 700-1000m
Elevation gain - 800m (50K)
Categories - 25K, 42K, 50K
Entrance criteria - HM (3 hours), FM (6 hours)
Headcount - 25K [150], 42K+Ultra [100]
Aid stations - every 3km

Registration - 750Rs + optional t-shirt: 200Rs
Association - Tamilnadu Forest Department, Environment Ministry, Tribal Welfare Development
Cause - create awareness and conservation of local bio-diversity and tribal welfare
Elevation profile - link (first half of 50K route)
Contacts -  Durai - 9840807457, Krishna - 9962486076

How to reach, Where to stay?

Runners can choose between three convenient travel options either through private or public transport:

1. Free overnight stay at venue on Saturday evening

St. Joseph Higher Secondary School, Athipet, 5km from Jamunamarathur, Javadhu hills 
Route from Chennai (4.5 hours)
Route from Bangalore (3:30 hours)

2. Accommodation at Polur

3 hours drive from Chennai on Saturday, 1.5 hour drive to venue on Sunday
Hundreds of clean AC and non-AC rooms available in 9 lodges
Runners staying at Polur can avail the option for bus drop to venue and return on Sunday (300Rs)

3. Accommodation at Vaniyambadu 

3 hours from Bangalore on Saturday, 1:15 hour to venue on Sunday
40 rooms available in 3 lodges

Detailed information on travel, stay accommodation and time schedule can be found over here.

What about food?

Saturday dinner at venue (optional 100Rs)
Saturday dinner at Polur/.Vaniyambadu - available at hotels
Sunday breakfast - free for runners, 50Rs for guests

About Chennai Trekking Club

The Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) is a volunteer based, non-profit outdoor group. With 22 thousand members and hundreds of outdoor and sports events organized throughout the year it’s one of the largest and most active groups in South India. Weekly events include trekking, cycling, biking, running and triathlons. The group is active in environmental conservation - on June 6th, 6000+ volunteers participated in the Chennai Coastal Cleanupacross 10 cities in South India in association with The Hindu. 

On September 7th 2014, 1200 runners participated in the third edition of the Chennai Trail Marathon - a multi-terrain trail challenge and first Ultra distance run near Chennai. CTC has organized 12 Triathlons including the Full Iron distance Triathlon in Dec 2013 - one of India's first. CTC was co-organizer of the Dawn 2 Dusk 2014 Kids Run in which more then 4000 kids and families participated. The group has been featured in more then 180 media publications.

Javadhu Hills Ultra, Nov 2nd - Travel, Stay, Schedule

Welcome to the Javadhu Hills Ultra (JHU) organized by the Chennai Trekking Club (CTC). CTC is a non-profit and volunteer-based group which organizes outdoor and sports events throughout the year. We promise you a wonderful hill trail running experience on Nov 2nd amid beautiful green rolling hills, scenic paddy fields and small tribal villages of Javadhu. This run is supported by the Tamilnadu Forest Department and associated cause is to create awareness on local bio-diversity and tribal welfare.

We recommend you to Follow our JHU Facebook Page for regular updates regarding the run.

You can find photos of the trail over here to get an idea of the location or check out our promo video.

Find below information on travel, stay and schedule to assist you in planning your journey to running heaven.

A. Travel

The venue (start/finish point) for the Javadhu Hill Ultra is near Jamunamarathur, Javadhu hills at  St. Joseph Higher Secondary School, Athipet, along the Jamunamarathur Main Road.
(3km before Jamunamarathur when coming from Polur side)

Own transportation:

Route from Chennai (4.5 hours) - Bangalore Highway - Ranipet - Polur - Jamunamarathur
Route from Bangalore (3:30 hours) - Chennai Highway - Vaniyambadi - Jamunamarathur

Public transportation:

From Chennai take any bus to Vellore (Bangalore Highway)
From Vellore take any bus to Polur (Thiruvannamalai Highway)
We have arranged private bus to pick up/drop the runners between Polur and Jamunamarathur on Sunday morning (choose Polur transport option during registration)

B. Stay


We have arranged free overnight stay on Saturday evening at St Joseph Higher Secondary School (start/finish venue)
Bring along a sleeping mat, thick blanket or sleeping bag (night will be cold) and torch with you. 50+ volunteers and runners will be staying here.
You can also bring your own tent and pitch the same at the starting point to have a wonderful outdoor camping experience. 


There are lots of clean AC and non-AC rooms available at Polur. Please make your own advance booking:
  • Deepam Lodge, 9442415844
  • Ramanuja Lodge, 9965527503
  • KK Lodge, 9943163733
  • APS Lodge, 9092650872
  • Sabari Lodge and Raja Lodge, 9442673994
  • Mani Lodge, 9843474451
  • Kanna Lodge, 9944303933
  • SRM Lodge, 9244288678
  • Raja Lodge, 9443687354
From Polur it's a 1.5 hour drive to the venue (starting point)
We have arranged private bus to pick up/drop the runners between Polur and Jamunamarathur on Sunday morning (choose Polur transport option during registration)


A number of AC and non-AC (average) rooms are available at Vainyambadu. Please make your own advance booking:
  • Sri Vetri Lodge, 9791317731
  • Kanna Lodge, 9787385574
  • Babu Lodge, 8754749441
From here it's a 1:15 hour drive to the venue.

C. Schedule

We recommend runners to reach the venue or Polur/Vaniyambadi on Saturday evening to minimize travel on Sunday morning
From Polur a private bus will start at 3:30am on Sunday morning and reach the venue at 5am (choose Polur transport option during registration)

Reporting at venue: 5am Sunday morning
Flag of run for all categories (25K, 42K, 50K) at 5:30am

D. BIB distribution

Runners from Chennai based running groups will be given their BIBs/t-shirts in advance through their respective running group coordinators
Other runners can pick up their BIB/t-shirt at the venue near Jamunamarathur on either Saturday evening Nov 1st or Sunday morning Nov 2nd

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Write up - Ainthinai Tree Plantation event on 23-06-14 @ Madhya Kailash

A tiny step to improve eco system at Madhiya kailash

Since the time I have joined the Chennai trekking club, I used to see different initiatives taken by Ainthinai [Grow your Own Oxygen group] to plant more & more trees and create awareness among people for a sustainable development. Initially I thought it’s more of a show off then really a contribution to the environment. How can a few trees really make any impact to such a big environment?
Seed for change
During one of my trek’s to Nagalapuram, I met Ra Aravindh. His commitment and passion for growing more and more trees changed my opinion .I decided to contribute for these environmental changes.
When I saw a notification for an opportunity to contribute at Madhiya Kailash on Monday Morning, I was reluctant to join specially being a week day. But when I shared the same thought with my daughter Ashna, she was adamant to join for the occasion and contribute. To my surprise, she woke up at 5 AM (regular 7 AM) without any follow-up.  So I didn’t have much of a choice but to take her to Madhiya Kailash.

We were 15 minute ahead of time, and were roaming around to find our Kurukshetra (battle field) for the day. Suddenly one red car was parked below MRT station and a gentleman came out. I approached and asked him, if he is from Grow your own Oxygen Club and his answer was not really but was from Chennai raising Club and came for the same cause. We waited for few minutes to get other team members together. Then Aravindh and Sinthu brought saplings that were mission for the day.

Realty, better than imagination
In fact then I understood, bigger hero for the day was “ The Chennai Rising ” team, who really made this areas suitable for use, few days before, by extensive cleaning of areas and surroundings. Previously, these areas were dump yards and required quite a lot of imagination to think of its productive use. But volunteers from Chennai Rising team had done a fabulous job and need a great applaud.


Good foundation is necessity for strong building
Shovels, iron rods, gloves were out to dig holes. 15 Peoples got busy in cleaning the soil, preparing it, digging holes, putting saplings, filling the soil and putting barricades. Within next hour,we planted 6 Pungai Saplings. We had a very harmonious environment and a good teamwork where the people were committed to contribute.

Together we succeed
Few passerbies were watching us with surprise, hopefully eyewitness to changes and carrier for the message across society. A few people came out with advice and suggestions. These Saplings are not only going to generate oxygen but are also going to create a shadow in couple of months for the nearby bus stand. These are just the small seeds for changes our society needs and hope more and more people will join hands.

It was time for us for shake hands with each other and say good bye, so can join school and office on time. Task for the day was accomplished but the mission is still on.

Yes Soiled hands and Satisfied Souls................................

Write up - Ainthinai - Tree Plantation event on 23-06-14 @ Madhya Kailash

Date: 23-06-14
Place: Madhya Kailas Signal
Time: 9.30 am
                It’s me on my way to office and I am late as usual. The traffic police sure has some special power to sense the day I am late and turn the signal red and thus, I am stuck in the signal. If it were any other day, I would be cursing all those I see. Today I wanted the signal to turn red and I wanted to stand there at least for a few mins. All this, with that curve in my lips and sparkle in my eyes.
 Date: 23-06-14
Place: Madhya Kailas Signal
Time: 6.00 am
                My sister and I woke up in the middle of a good night sleep and rushed to Madhya Kailash. Aravindh and Nambi were waiting there with saplings and few new people. Few of them were namma CTCians and few others were volunteers from ‘Chennai Rising’- a voluntary group in Chennai inspired by The Ugly Indians of Bangalore. They are a bunch of people who are striving to save ourselves from ourselves. They fix ugly spots and clean them overnight. They do not take credits but only wish people see the change and start behaving responsibly. They had cleaned Madhya Kailash bus stop few days back and surprisingly, discovered some soil still existing there. And here enters Ainthinai. 

The Chennai Rising had decided to plant some trees in the soil they found and had approached Ainthinai for the job. So there we were- sleepy but masking it with an enthusiastic smile. We planted six pungai saplings on that day. Four on the dump-turned-neat spot and two opposite the railway station entrance. The Chennai Rising Volunteer promised to do the needed mulching for the saplings and arrangements for watering them. 

After the planting work was done, there was the regular chit chat and then Nambi pointed to us the Ainthinai statue near the Madhya Kailash temple. Five tamil women symbolizing the five different landscapes i.e., the Ainthinai were nicely carved out of the stones. 

What other joy than taking a pic with the symbolism of the name you are working under? For some time we attempted to figure out which landscape each woman symbolized failing which we just resorted to taking a pic. Like any other event of ours, we left for the day to start the day with a light heart and huge satisfaction.

That was the reason for my smile. That feeling when you look at a sapling you planted and make sure it is still living- it is nothing less than a mothers feeling towards her child. And that few min stand at the signal gave me the chance to relish that feel.

Date: 26-06-14
Place: Madhya Kailas Signal
Time: 8.30 pm
In the morning, when I was on my way to ofc I had noticed that a sapling was missing from its place. As it kept bothering me, I made a short stop at the spot on my way back from ofc. The sapling, which was the tallest of all that we planted, had gone missing. Feeling bad, I called Aravindh to inform the same and he instructed to remove the mulch from that spot and apply it over other plants. This is not what I wanted to record here. What happened as I started doing what I was asked do, matters much!

I parked my bike and was checking out each sapling we planted. An auto driver who was observing me for a long time came to me and asked if I had missed anything and was looking for it. I told him that I was checking out the plants and shared with him my concern abt watering them. He readily said he will do the job. And as the auto left, I picked up the mulch from the other spot and was putting them for the other plants. A girl who was sitting inside an auto and looking at what I was doing slow moved towards my end. She started telling me how to do the mulching. And then she came out to help me do it. As I was about to finish, she took her water bottle out and poured all the water she had for the plant. And she sent me off with a smile.

I don’t know both of them and I might never meet them again in my life. The auto driver might or might not water the plants daily. But when I was doing something that I believed was right, they both were able to understand it and come forward to do more than just looking at me. All this tells us is-there is hope left. With all the good work we are doing, may be not today but one day we will be able to make a huge impact- a big change- a change that is needed.

I personally feel this two is the count I am starting with. I wish to make an impact on much more twos.


Write Up -Saplings Maintenance at Ayyangarkulam, Kanchipuram - Sep 14

Wonderful Write up by Gayathri: 

Dear Green Warriors,
  Well this is how I want to acknowledge all of you  with honour and pride. Thanks to one and all for the great deed and wonderful expedition in conserving our nature for the love of mother land. On observing  the involvement and spirit in each one of you participated at the Ayyangarkulam event, it was more inspiring and captivating myself into the Tech Gen Green Revolution.
 Whilst the commotion city was fast asleep, at 4am, along with the early birds in dawn, the curtain raiser for the event began,when I joined the ecofriends around 4.30am. The thrill of the expedition began in me, as soon I was introduced to Mr.Ela, and Ms.Sathiya by Abirami during the long brezzy drive. 

On reaching AYYANGARKULAM around 6am,I was amazed with the grandeur architecture of the *SANJEEVIRAYA HANUMAN * temple and its 150 acres spread

 *THATHA SAMUTHRAM*; a definite eye treat to any heritage lover like me.
As the maintenance work began,every one got readily occupied with pleasing smiles,like the chirping birds around; giving a pleasant fielding ambience.
 In due course, I learnt about, mulching,manuring, fencing and other PLANTATION & MAINTENANCE events of AINTHINAI TEAM.

 A real hero on field, Mr.Chanderasekar.A.K sir, I salute with due respect, for his perseverance. One mighty knight like him at every event, would drive any weak warriors gallop on their own, seeing his persistent perspirating efforts.

For the ecofriend Mr. Ponraj Natrajan, who innovatively dealt the shortage of tools by reforming the stem of palm leaf into a saw to easily cut away the lemon grass bundle for mulching; and the two ecofriends(Yuvanik Vikram ) who were enthusiastic and over sincere in clearing away the non biodegradable litter around the premises of saplings in the entire stretch=> SINCERE APPLAUSES!! 
The boostups with coffee,guavas,paneer soda,apples,fruit cake, water bottles and the raggi porridge with steaming sambar rice for lunch, deserves a high thumbs up.     
Ms.Brinda's B'day cake cutting and the group photoshoot was a lovely curtain fall to  mark the end of AYYANGARKULAM-sep 14th event.

I take the privilege of thanking personaly, each one in CTC -AINTHINAI crew; GREAT TO HAVE MET YOU ALL. I had great joy in joining  the team in the quest of executing social responsiblities. I would love to work with the team in the forthcoming events. I hope, I could make it to all events without missing any. Acquired the personal rapport with Mr.Vijay,Mr.Tavethiya Yogesh,Mr.Ra.Aravindh and wish to know all the other dedicated green warriors too.
Each one was unique indeed, but the unison in diversity was a splendid bouquet garni of happy hearts ,scented with graceful smiles. Thanks a ton RAMESHKUMAR, KUMARVEL SRIRANGA for the wonderful captures of the event, which was the icing for the cake.
Phot links

with warm regards,
Dr. Gayathri Devi Selvaraj.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

CTM14 - Accounts Summary

CTM is a non-profit initiative by the Chennai Trekking Club to create awareness on sports, active and healthy lifestyle. The group strongly believes in focus on passion which without any commercial angle. We believe in transparency and sharing the accounts publicly.
Find below a summary of the CTM14 accounts which will also be published on our web site. Total event inflow is 7.48 lakhs, event outflow 5.48 lakhs.

The total contribution towards CTM14's associated social cause Anbu Illam is 2.38 lakhs or 32% of the overall event inflow - 63 thousand donated by the runners and 1.75 lakhs by CTC Trust. Remaining event balance of 25 thousand will go towards future non-profit initiatives of the club. 

The total event expense (1200 runners) is 4.85 lakhs or 404 Rupees per runner



Ticket Sales
Runner Items
Spot Registration
Stage/Aid Stations
Donation received for Anbu Illam
Refreshments for runners

Food for runners/Volunteers

T-Shirts for runners/Volunteers

Donation given to Anbu Illam

Misc Expenses

Total receipts
Total Payments

Balance available

Social Cause

Anbu Illam is a registered organization started in 2007 located in Manali, Chennai. The home looks after orphans and physically handicapped children. For the past several years the home has been struggling to find funds to move to a more spacious facility to accommodate the increasing number of kids in the home. Through CTM14 we wanted to create awareness and help the home in raising funds. Find below a group photo of the Anbu Illam kids during the 2013 edition of CTM.

We again thank all runners who donated towards this cause. Further donations can be made through Anbu Illam Charitable Trust children's home contact - Mr.Senthil kumar - +919176456789.