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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Chennai Trail Marathon 2014 - Sep 7th, 2014

Register Here

The third edition of the Chennai Trail Marathon organized by the Chennai Trekking Club sets itself apart from the typical city marathon in several unique aspects:
  • Non-commercial event focused on passion for running (economical registration fee)
  • Focus on active/experienced running community (21K entry level)
  • Challenging trail run on dirt tracks amid beautiful natural surroundings
  • Unmatched running experience around a scenic lake, forest and canyons (major contrast with running on concrete city roads)
  • First Ultra distance marathon in Chennai
  • One of the best supported in terms of volunteers
  • Most complete (free) photographic coverage
  • Elaborate post-run timing stats and rankings

Running Categories include:
  • Half Marathon (21K) - start: 5:30am, cut-off timing: 3:15 hours
  • Full Marathon (42K) - start: 5:15am, cut off: 6 hours
  • Ultra Marathon (50K) - star: 5am, cut off: 7.5 hours
Cut off timings are not applicable to physically challenged and veteran/senior/super veteran runners (see below).

The location is Cholavaram Lake near Red Hills at the city outskirts, a 40min ride from Koyambedu along NH5. The venue is GOJAN Institute of Technology with proper facilities for parking, dining and toilets. There will be an option for overnight stay to eliminate early morning travel before the run.

The base registration fee is 500Rs and includes BIB, breakfast, refreshments, medal, e-certificate (excluding t-shirt: 220Rs - select "Running t-shirt" add-on ticket). Students base registration fee is 350Rs (select "Student" discount code). Bulk registrations for groups/corporates are possible (email: info@chennaitrekkers.org). There will be no kids run this year. Registration closes on Aug 27th. There is no price money.

Race kit distribution will happen on Saturday Sep 6th at The Westin, Velachery. Pre-event practice runs will be organized inside the city. Separate post-run rankings will be published for male/female and different age-categories
  • Open (16-42 years)
  • Veteran (43-53 years)
  • Senior veteran (54-63 years)
  • Super veteran (64-74 years)

Elite and economically less privileged runners who cannot afford the registration fee please contact info@chennaitrekkers.org

Hospitality Partner

Venue Partner

First Aid Partner

Hotel accommodation for out-station runners nearby the venue:
Queries - info@chennaitrekkers.org

For regular event updates please follow our CTM Facebook Page

Social Cause

Through CTM 2014 we are creating awareness and raising funds for Anbu Illam, a registered organization started in 2007 located in Manali, Chennai. The home looks after orphans and physically handicapped children. For the past several years the home has been struggling to find funds to move to a more spacious facility to accommodate the increasing number of kids in the home. We request kind souls among the runners who feel for this cause to extend their support through a small contribution. Together we can make a big difference in the lives of these less privileged children. Choose the "Support the children of Anbu Illam" add-on ticket while registering to extend your help. Below a group photo  of the Anbu Illam kids during the 2012 Buckingham Trail Marathon

About the Chennai Trekking Club

The Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) is a volunteer based, non-profit outdoor group. With 21 thousand members and hundreds of outdoor and sports events organized throughout the year it’s one of the largest and most active groups in South India. Weekly events include trekking, cycling, biking, running and triathlons. The group is active in environmental conservation - on June 6th, 6000+ volunteers participated in the Chennai Coastal Cleanup across 10 cities in South India in association with The Hindu. 

October 2013 more then 1100 runners participated in the second edition of the trail marathon. CTC has organized 8 Triathlons including the Full Iron distance Triathlon in Nov 2013 - one of India's first. CTC was co-organizer of the Dawn 2 Dusk 2014 Kids Run in which more then 4000 kids and families participated. The group has actively volunteered in other large running events including the WIPRO Chennai Marathon in December 2013. The group has been featured in more then 180 media publications.

Hashtag - #ChennaiTrailMarathon
Partners & Sponsors - brochure

The Choolavaram Trail - a Mutli Terrain Marvel

Over the Dam,

Along the Lake,

Through the Woods,

Inside the Canyons,

Across the Grasslands.

Prabakar - 9840130464
Durai - 9840807457

Sunday, August 3, 2014

First Aid workshop by ALERT, Aug 2014

Little Gods

Life is all about mending broken things. Be it a relationship or your bones. If you don't fix it or intend to fix it its bound to be lost forever. When I attended the First Aid session conducted by ALERT - we care NGO(I almost quit attending it as I had trouble finding the ePagemaker place and reached by 11), I felt how much ignorant I have been on my common sense of medical emergency. Something more important than my codes, my bike, my smartphone etc. 

But then I felt something more. Who are these guys from ALERT? They are just random common individuals like you and me, just a better sample among us. A lot, more inclined to helping the society. These are little Gods who fix, faceless and nameless people at their most crucial moments. Some may live to see the day, those unfortunate may not make it. But being there when an idle crowd is gathered, commanding the situation, calling 108, giving first aid to the injured, curbing panic and a thousand suggestions - Its actually tough playing God. The face of a trained stranger who applies pressure to your half severed hand when you're spitting blood and swearing at him out of pain. But he/she does the necessity of the Golden Hour and walks away when help arrives.

I left from there on a well spent Saturday morning, feeling awesome and better prepared for medical emergencies. There is a volunteer page on the ALERT site. Those who wish to part of this wonderful team can register and train yourself to help others at the most testing times and spread the word. I have registered to be one, may be a selfishness to play God.

Like Rajesh said at the session, we need something ten times the service of 108 ambulances in a complex country like ours, until then we can become torchbearers and equip others. Nothing is better than a well informed independent society across classes and masses.

Sincere gratitude to everyone who have been part of this session, from the first mail till the closing group photo.

Have a great day ahead!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chennai Triathlon - Enticer, Sprint, Olympic, Half Iron categories - July 12-13 - post-event summary

Last weekend 170 people participated in CTC's 12th Triathlon. More then thousand people participated over the past 2 years across 6 categories/levels from Enticer to Full Iron Distance:

Around 170 people participated last weekend across 4 categories, both men and women, young (7 years) and senior (67 years):
  • Enticer - 300m swim, 10K cycle, 3K run
  • Sprint - 750m swim, 20K cycle, 5K run
  • Olympic - 1.5K swim, 40K cycle, 10K run
  • Half Iron  - 1.9K swim, 90K cycle, 21K run

The entry levels Enticer/Sprint categories happened at the Velachery aquatic complex while the mid-level Olympic/Half Iron categories took place at the open water quarry near Ottiambakkam just outside the Southern city limits:

Our Triathlon appeared in the The Hindu Metro Plus today - http://www.thehindu.com/features/metroplus/three-times-the-challenge/article6209498.ece

Enticer/Sprint - Saturday July 12th

Photo links

Finisher Timing Stats & Rankings

Olympic/Half Iron - Sunday July 13th

Photo links


Meet Chennai (India's?) Youngest Half Ironman 12 year old Aditya Sharmaembraced by his proud father Iron Distance man Anil Sharma. True Inspirations to the world! #ChennaiTriathlon

Meet the Triple Tri family: three generations of Triathletes: Subathra Jeyaram, the only female Half Ironwoman in Chennai, her son youngest Enticer Triathlon finisher at just 7 years and dad Jeyaram Ramasamy our senior most Half Ironman at 67 years young. Feeling inspired?

Meet Chennai's Half Iron Triathlete women Deepa Bharatkumar and Krithika Chidambaram. These are Chennai's elite athlete women. They stand next to Subathra Jeyaram as Chennai's only 3 Half Iron finishers. Respect for these inspirational sports women

I am extremely happy to see more and more kids participating in our recent Enticer and Sprint Triathlons - many of them are part of families where both parents and kids participate in this sports events. Ambassadors of active and healthy sports families!

I have always admired Ramachandran Venkatesan - any sports event is a double endurance for this man who has to cover both distance and extra body weight. His immense dedication and infectious enthusiasm is a real inspiration to many out there


We thank Bay of Life, Safety Partner for the Chennai Triathlon on July 13th. They arranged 5 life guards on surf boards to ensure safety of the participants in the Ottiambakkam quarry. Bay of Life is social enterprise working along with the local community in promoting surfing, stand up paddling and marine conservation. BAY OF LIFE is Chennai's first surf school and the only accredited school.http://bayoflife.com/

We thank ALERT, First Aid partner for the Chennai Triathlon July 12-13 for providing trained volunteers to take care of first aid issues among the participants. ALERT is a group of young professionals who have come together to make basic medical life support available to all in times of need. ALERT has undertaken Emergency Response Management (ERT) as its first and core project. http://www.alert-wecare.org/

big thanks to the volunteers, many of them participants on one day and volunteer on the other day, for making this event possible. 

I want to appreciate this man who has been instrumental behind the scenes for many of CTC's major sports and awareness events in recent years. He reflects the true spirit of CTC - passionate, dedicated, selfless, silent worker behind the scenes, amazing organizer and human being, admired by many: Prabakar Meyyappan

Below a nice compilation photo of all materials used to organize our Triathlon - 

For more experiences, photo links, feedback check our Chennai Triathlon FB Group.

Stay tuned for our next Triathlon scheduled for December this year - meanwhile keep practicing your swimming, cycling and running!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Chennai Half Iron Distance Triathlon - July 13th - Finisher Timing Stats/Rankings

Hope everyone enjoyed the Triathlon challenge on Sunday. Please do share your experiences, photo links, feedback and more in our Chennai Triathlon FB Group

Photos taken by CTC's photographers will be shared shortly.

Even tough participation is more important then winning, it is always interesting to understanding your relative performance in comparison to other participants to understand whether you can further improve on your swim/cycle/run timings through more practice within the current Triathlon level or whether you are doing above average and area ready to step onto the next level in December.


1H01Krithika Chidambaram1:045:293:4810:21
2H09Deepa Bharatkumar1:265:333:3310:32

2H08Sai Harsha0:443:553:027:41
4H07Prabhakaran M0:574:123:158:24
5H03Sanjeev R1:064:143:088:28
6H22Ashwin Govindasamy0:463:454:048:35
8H16Aditya Sharma1:084:094:229:39
9H17Anil Sharma1:084:094:229:39
10H14Ramasamy Jeyaram1:045:153:379:56
11H04Sathish Kumar1:064:563:5810:00
12H24Rohith Saikrishna1:164:474:0310:06
13H11Yuvaraj P1:454:383:4810:11
14H15A C Elavarasan1:105:063:5810:14
16H12Arun John1:126:013:0210:15
17H23Ashokkumar S1:174:554:1110:23
18H28Sundraarama Ravichandran1:106:073:2710:44
19H10Kabbir GKM1:265:154:3411:15
20H25Nachiappan Chockalingam1:225:244:4811:34
22H05Senthil Murugan K1:265:545:1012:30

Min/average/max finishing timings

Individual finishing timings

Category-wise average finishing time comparison

Chennai Olympic Triathlon - July 13th - Finisher Timing Stats/Rankings

Hope everyone enjoyed the Triathlon challenge on Sunday. Please do share your experiences, photo links, feedback and more in our Chennai Triathlon FB Group

Photos taken by CTC's photographers will be shared shortly.

Even tough participation is more important then winning, it is always interesting to understand your relative performance in comparison to other participants to see whether you can further improve on your swim/cycle/run timings through more practice within the current Triathlon level or whether you are doing above average and are ready to step into the next level in December.


1O09Chiai Uraguchi0:321:511:043:27
2O10Nithya Srinivasan0:512:141:134:18
3O19Eswari Andiappan0:562:311:445:11
4O39Vidya Krishna0:533:081:495:50
5O08Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh1:233:051:536:21
6O12Saroja Parameswaran1:463:282:057:19

2O05Thomas Brouns0:351:431:233:41
3O47Vishwanath Narayanasamy0:501:301:333:53
4O38Parthasarathy Srinivasan0:541:441:244:02
7O27Yohan Chacko0:392:051:334:17
9O32S Sathish Kumar1:092:061:134:28
10O42Shiva Reddy0:541:531:464:33
12O15Mahendran Sadhasivam0:512:171:394:47
14O35Gautam Sambhare0:472:081:574:52
17O24K Ravikumar1:042:311:265:01
18O17Srihari Subramanian1:002:131:585:11
19O22Nagarajulu Aerakoni0:482:441:415:13
20O13D. Hemanth Kumar0:552:391:405:14
22O30Avinash Kumar0:542:341:595:27
24O14Vibin Dhamodharan0:512:472:055:43
25O34Raghul S1:042:422:125:58
27O20Girish K1:132:452:126:10
29O02S Samson Oliver Abraham1:003:352:236:58
30O06Suresh Veerasamy1:123:542:017:07
31O26Prasanna Surendran1:004:141:537:07
32O04RA Aravindh1:173:432:147:14

Min/average/max finishing timings

Individual finishing timings

Category-wise average finishing time comparison